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Found 10 results

  1. is there a script to rez object on touch but near the avatar that clicked it? and also with a menu would be nice to chose which to rez from contents? if a scripter would give a quote for a custom one please IM me!
  2. Looking for either advice on what mesh/models i should use to make the following avatars OR if anyone can do customized avatars id also be willing to pay for the services. 1. Absol / Mega Absol (Female, Anthro Pokémon) 2. Arctic Fox (Male, Anthro) (may add more once the need arises for more) The first one I'm looking for is a bit of a difficult one as I don't see many of them, but the ones that do exist are usually all custom made. There is also a bit of a theme with this one (also it is going to be a gift to a friend) The second one is more of an update/upgrade to the current Bento Fox i have now. Want something that looks good but is less impactful on the world if that makes sense I have References to go off of with both of these avatars so it will make things a bit easier if a custom model is required. SFW / NSFW versions of both
  3. Hello! I've not been here in a very long Time! I'm a very experienced Professional Lead Environment Artist working in the Game Industry. I've got Several years Experience working on both AAA and Indie Titles with multiple game releases. I've written curriculum for both a Bachelors and Masters Degree teaching Game Art at Escape University in London. I also have written and created new techniques within the game industry for creating photorealistic and advanced techniques for creating assets. Here's My Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/haytch Here's an Article I wrote for Allegorithmic (The Leading Industry Standard for Real-time Graphical Art) https://store.substance3d.com/blog/henry-kelly-processes-his-photogrammetry-workflow-substance-designer Here's the University Details of myself (this May eventually be taken down as of January I'll be leaving and venturing back into the Industry as a Lead Artist.) https://www.pearsoncollegelondon.ac.uk/escape-studios/meet-your-tutors/henry-kelly.html Here is some of my Students work too: https://80.lv/articles/001agt-006sdf-007gai-warhammer-defiled-lands-translating-tabletop-world-to-3d/ https://origin.80.lv/articles/recreating-the-tidal-basin-location-from-the-division-2-in-ue4/ https://origin.80.lv/articles/diablo-2-fan-art-recreating-the-kurast-docks-location-in-3d/?comment=4940 I offer full services, Custom work which includes but is not Limited to: Full buildings/sims Weapons (Knives/Pistols/Assault Rifles/Swords/Shotguns/Futuristic/Sci-fi/Stylized ((Cartoon))) Avatars (Have access to a wide range of 'cosplay' avatars). Jewellery Animals Clothing Amongst my services I also offer Services of custom work I also offer Tutoring Prices vary depending on what is requested and how long I have to created, what permissions you're requested and if you're requesting exclusivity or just commissioned work. You can contact me Via: Email: Meshcore@Live.co.uk or Discord: Cereal Killer#9496 (yes I know it's an awesome name!) Prices: I usually Charge GBP (Great British Pounds) For my work as I am a UK Resident and money will differ between countries in terms of cost. In return I offer amazing service, great contact and availability and professionalism, a Guarantee you're happy with my work and Future work too. Tutoring: £60 Per Hour (1-2 hour sessions at a time that is best for yourself) (I can also help with access to programs if there are any issues) Commissions: £30 per hour or an estimation depending on the size of the product. Exclusivity: £50 per hour or an estimation.
  4. I am in need of someone to aide in creation of original mesh clothing for the Vtech Femboi chest. I request the ability to commission to have my designs made at any price the person willing to help out sees fit, as long as it does not exceed 6k.
  5. Hey everyone! I'm an Admin at newly created prison sim and our sim is currently looking to commission a creator for a new set of uniforms. We are looking to base these new uniforms off the Bob Barker Tri-stitch prison scrubs that are used currently in the US correctional system. https://www.bobbarker.com/products/uniforms/shirts/big-tall-uniform-shirts-striped.html If anyone is interested for this commission, you can reach me, or my partner in-game at JessicaEC or charmander.clarity Or directly to my discord: Not The Rabbit#7900 Our usual in-game times are 2am SLT to 10am SLT. Discord is 24/7. We appreciate your time! Thanks heaps! Jess
  6. First of all I want you to know you will be paid for your work, talent and skill. I realize scripters can be quite undervalued and abused, and that is wrong. I would like a "chore" basket scripted that has the appearance of roses in it. The basket, when touched would present a menu of 3 options: 10 Roses; 20 Roses; Reset. Choosing either of the first two buttons would cause a visual (it need not be 10 or 20, it is an effect) of a bunch of roses falling down upon the ground, in a random seeming spread from the basket out to 5 meters. Those would disappear. Then an actual 10 or 20 stemmed rose objects (as per the menu button pressed, they need not be overly complex) would be placed upon the ground around the basket out to 5 meters radius. A timer would begin to count upwards (appearing visually above the basket). An Avatar (the rose collector) would be able to collect 1 rose at a time (selected by mouse), that rose then removed from the ground and appearing held in mouth, to bring to the basket (rose disappears). Once the 10 or 20 roses were brought to the basket, the timer would stop, but persist above the basket. Pressing the RESET button in the menu would make that displayed time disappear, clean up any roses not picked up, and allow for the "chore" to be played again if the basket were touched. Thank you for reviewing this request. Please contact me if interested. Thank you, Submissa69
  7. So I recently got a notification that someone had purchased my product. And when I went to go read the email, I noticed that the price of the marketplace commission had went up! Isn't the percent of marketplace commission 10%? Is there a new policy I don't know about? When I sold my product for L$750 dollars before, the commission was L$38 that they took away which leaves me with L$712. Now that I am looking, I have put up the same price for my product which is L$750, and now the commission is L$75 which now leaves me with L$675. Can someone please help, I'm confused.
  8. i look to get a custom skin made for me and my sl friend, it of Minda form twilight princess, in her imp form, the skin that can be either worn normal or use omega applier to applied to some mesh body. both normal style and one where the green marking on her body are a ruby red color, can anyone help me with this i am willing to pay for it please contact me in game about price and for more information
  9. So, I've been looking for a specific hair for hours, there have been many similar hair, but none that is truly exact. One of my favorite characters from Tokyo Ghoul is Uta, I have his tattoos, but I've been wanting the hair as well. I'm wondering if someone out there is able to make it, I am willing to pay, reasonably of course. The photo attachment is the best I could find of all the angles, and yes the side is shaved. Reply here, or message me in world, thanks in advance.
  10. Ah hello, fellow comic book villains or pesky heroes. I am looking for someone, who would be willing to put an avatar together for me - And receive a reward of course! Someone told me that my price point was a lot higher than what is usually charged .. so I will make no price indication but know that I am willing to pay well for this. I am not asking for a completely new mesh avatar but for someone with great experience to help me find the best parts available on the marketplace. I doubt that a fitting head, staff or armor can be found without adjusting them or modifying them for this avatar. So you would need advandced modding skills OR maybe even make some parts just for this avatar. I think in a first step you would have to search the marketplace for possible parts and in a second step modify them or design some new parts if necessary. But I am very flexible and open-minded, so we can find out the way that works best. This is the very first time I am asking someone for a commission! So just tell me if there is missing information or you have questions after reading this! The main idea behind this avatar is to have a cartoonish, childish, slightly rediculous, funny and cleraly insane comic-book-villain. Elements that I want to have for this character: The skull head (Possibly with an exagerated grin, that makes him look like he is always smiling like in the picture below. Would be great to have those fangs too ) Shiny, blue skin that has this smooth, sweaty look to it. Beast-like, reptilian claws as fingernails and two (duuuuh xD) three-clawed feet His staff: That is made of this ram / aries (I guess?) skull and the pole A single piece of armor that covers his shoulders and connects to the hood. The bone 'X' wrapped to his chest. Following the style of the leathery stripes that cover his shoulders we should also cover his groin for the most part Some kind of multiple plate shin protection Optionally a long dark coat (possibly with torn parts at the lower end, or signs of abrasion running across it) So just to have a comparison to what I don't want this character to become: I don't want this character to be something that is truly ferasome and can be taken as seriously as the dark entity below, neither would I want something anywhere close those levels of detail: This is the first time I ask someone to make a commission for me ever. I hope the task is not completly impossible Of course I am willing to discuss every question you have and will cooperate where I can. My name in SL is Dragonmate66 . Answer below or alternatively, ask for my E-Mail . Thanks a lot for reading
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