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  1. Looking to do some custom mesh commissions. Examples of previous work available here. Details and payment can be discussed. Please contact me inworld at this username.
  2. subOceana might have what you're looking for. Disclamer: I am in no way, shape, or form associated with the above-linked store.
  3. Does there exist anyone who does art of avatars for L$? If so, what are their portfolios and rates?
  4. I was told that I should probably include images of past work. Here they are.
  5. Offering custom mesh on a case-by-case basis. I retain the right to accept or reject work at my own leisure, as I am mainly doing this for my own enjoyment. Details and payment can be discussed - contact in-world.
  6. As the title suggests. Willing to do most things, with the stipulation that they pay. Inworld jobs should accept furry avatars. Inquiries on creation are welcome as well. Please contact me inworld if interested. (I retain the right to turn down any work at my whim.)
  7. Script finished, for In-World pickup.
  8. I'm interested - let me see what I can do. Do you happen to have an in-world copy of the content to play around with?
  9. Hello there. I am looking for some sort of in-world employment, as the title suggests. Willing to do basically anything, as long as it pays, and accepts newer players and furry avatars. I have some skill in scripting, as well.
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