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  2. Hello, thanks. But do you mean that it is recommended that I use a 3Ds Max software between 2011 - 2013? I have 2014 and there is only 1 option for FBX in the export menu. Or am I supposed to save the file as something else, export to FBX in the FBX converter, then export to collada dae?
  3. I cannot get UV map textures to load on my DAE correctly when importing into viewer. My process: 1st I tried to use the OpenCOLLADA file extension for 3Ds Max 2014, exported as DAE and imported into viewer. Mesh will upload, but textures are messed up. UV Map info not accepted. *See photos 2nd I tried FBX converter 2013. Saved as FBX and converted to OpenCOLLADA. Tried to import into viewer and I received a DAE parsing error. Can you please help me? Tools: 3Ds Max 2014 FBX Converter 2013
  4. My 3DsMax 2011 OpenCollada extension will not keep the UV maps I unwrapped and bitmaps I applied. There are a total of 6 mesh items I need to have UV unwrapped. Head Jaw Horns Hair Spikes Maw These files are NOT individual, and are grouped in 3 different 3DsMax files. I can convert to OBJ if needed. You set your price. You tell me how much you want to be paid. I can pay via L or Paypal. I do not want help doing this. I want to hire someone to do this for me. End of story. Please, I am looking for someone to take my 3DsMax o
  5. Aw okay.. Thanks for the tips. I hope someone rescues my project...
  6. Chic, Here is the quaded high-resolution alteration I made for your consideration. I only make the textures after I have the UV Templates made. I need these made. You think you can unwrap these pieces now that it is to the right standards and has symmetry?
  7. I am hiring an experience mesh developer to unwrap UV templates on my 3D models. They are in a 3Ds Max file because that is what I am experienced using. Here is an overview of the project: - Must use 3Ds Max - Each object in folder needs UV templates that make sense for each component - Finished project must be sent as a .DAE File that can be uploaded - Finished project must have all UV templates sent - Everything will be emailed to me (I will send you my email privately if I hire you) *Payment: Post your desired payment I will determine from the list w
  8. Fine, I realize that now. I edited the payment section and have offered people to give me what they think they should be paid and just leave it up for further discussion. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. That is cute. But I am hoping to reach out and gain a community from artists who make avatars like iMonster's dragon. With a nice hud, large size, playable usage, etc. This I think is something that has been waiting too long to be addressed. And I just hope others can feel the same way considering how many avatars we have, and yet, the oriental dragon idea has not actually been done in the same method (of avatars that are complex with an animation HUD, etc.)
  10. Greetings, If you are a developer for Mesh, Animation, and Rigging, I am looking to hire a person to train me in Blender. Someone who has experience training is a plus. What I want to Learn: Only the tools I need to rig models to the new animesh skeleton, unwrap UVs. Specific to Second Life common creations such as a mesh rigging. It can be very simple to teach me this. I am not interested in animation. I am not interested in learning anything else in Blender besides very specifically rigging mesh and unwrapping UV on mesh. I am doing this because I am transferring my knowledg
  11. One. Simpe. Wish. Is. All. I. Ask. Of. Thee. Great. Master. Please, can someone make a large (various sizes?) animesh asian/oriental long-bodied traditional styled dragon that doesn't just stand on two legs. Please.... Please? I will worship you if you make this. Let me live my childhood dream.
  12. When I switched between 2 different viewers, Firestorm and Singularity, I get a glitch that looks like the photo attached to this post. It never goes away even when I try to clear my cache or switch between the viewers again. It shows up in every viewer I log into. What is it for, who did it, and how do I get rid of it? It appears to be some kind of HUD attached to my screen. So only I can see it. If you encountered this and found a solution, let me know please. I am just a humble little graphic creator on Second Life trying to make a living off of my texture and mesh items. No har
  13. LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO RIG MODEL FOR ME I have spent the last 2 months trying to use my 3DsMax program to rig a VERY SIMPLE mesh to my avatar. It constantly deforms, or looks broken because I simply cannot wrap my head around how to select the right weight values on the vertices. My program constantly messes up my selection, and I have spent over 5,000L uploading all of these messed up rigs. I need someone skilled to do this for me, please. I do not have time to learn blender and 3DsMax is clearly not letting me properly flex the movement of the mesh. This model is a simple Cobra ho
  14. I reset my password on my account, and waited 24 hours before logging into the Aditi Beta grid. I see my inventory on there has been updated to my current inventory, however the linden I have on Aditi has been reset to the amount I have on my actual account. I lost 15,000L this way, and I needed it whenever I make textures for the products I submit to my shop. I now have 700L on there but it may not be enough for future projects. How do I get the linden I lost this way back? Is it normal for this to happen? Thanks.
  15. I bought this texture pack from the marketplace, I unpacked it. Now everytime I try to apply it to the mesh it was actually made for, nothing happens. There are NO visible changes on the mesh at all. It DOES NOT upload. I can apply other textures to the same mesh, and it shows up. But NONE from the pack I got work. I changed viwers, still nothing. Why do some textures not work at all? I can clearly see what they look like so why does the editing menu not register the texture as anything? It literally does not work at ALL. This goes for several texture packs I bought from the marketplace. how d
  16. I need help resetting my developer settings due to the fact I have clicked a great deal of options trying to get my world to load better, and now I keep seeing gray blobs for way to long; much longer than I used to before I screwed around with the developer settings. If there isn't a reset button for the entire viewer (As if to install a fresh new one, which saddly doesn't seem to work when I uninstall and reinstall the viewer) what are all of the default settings of the developer menue so I can reset it manually? I.E. check what I need to check to turn on/off. Thanks
  17. EXAMPLE: So I want to be able to use my AO item freely, and I set it to have "Random walks" and everytime I move, text showing what walking animation is being enabled in the chat window. This happens for all loading scripted items as well, and it is a great nuisance to see when I am trying to read what people type. Please tell me how to DISABLE all of the text that is ONLY VISIBLE TO ME in the chat window. Not the green text that is visible to everyone. This if for the basic SL VIEWER 3 AND I DON'T LIKE OTHER VIEWERS, I tried them all and they are all rubbish.
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