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  1. Thanks Bitsy, i have at teleporthub-nessmark-sl hunts but i put it in here too :DD
  2. At my shop from 1 of December until 24 of December I will be giving each day a different gift! If you miss one days gift you will not be able to get it, the boards will give the gift only for 24 hours! You will need to wear my free to join group in order to take the gift! The gifts are not xmas fashion items. They are shirts-pants-dresses-shoes that you can wear anytime of the year. You will find many more free group gifts (men + women) in my shop in scrolling vendors at the back of the shop where the xmas gifts will be! Taxi: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Retreat/168/217/24
  3. Small Halloween hunt + Halloween Bazaar prices (10-25-30L) The hunt gifts are old Halloween clothes. Hint & picture of the gifts can be found only at my facebook & flickr groups. flickr:https://www.flickr.com/groups/amazing_creations_shop/pool/ Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/groups/1081794845192009/ Taxi:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY%20PRIME/111/54/22 I hope you will enjoy the gifts and the low prices! You will find many free group gifts! + Gold bar + Win 100L per day! Have an amazing week hugs!!
  4. Ty for telling me your thinking. Its hard to find full perm men stuff that have extra sizes for mesh bodies, when i try the demos i try them to a lot of the demo men mesh bodies i have to see if they fit and i buy only those that i see they fit. When I ask how much a blogger want to blog the prices are way far from what i can afford and because i know that my bloggers do it for free i never but deadlines or tell them to blog every week. I ask them at the form they fill to tell me how often they want to blog so i will know, only that, i ask so i know who does what. I ask them to tag my name so i can see who does blog and who came to just take my stuff for free. When someone scam me i loose the hard work and all the long hours i put to make stuff to learn from tutorial and it makes me sad. Some full perm cost 1700L a simple shirt and for me to get my money back it may take a year and I do many fabrics on a hud. And the result is that i stop giving them my stuff by mail system (I never had a group for that because I know how hard it is to have empty space for a group) as i make them and now I ask them to view my new stuff and ask for one item per blog from my social pages thats all, i just stop sending them stuff every week even if they do not blog them because they blog one item per 30 days. If I could pay someone to blog yes I would want deadlines and if they say I will blog 1 item per week to do so but since they do it for free I let them work as they want to on their time and I never ask why you did not blog this month , I just let them be. Sorry for all that big response’s I write or if I write as if I am apologize for something, my Eng. are not so good.
  5. I am very sorry you feel that way, i never bloged so its hard to feel bloggers shoes, i started looking for bloggers after other creators told me that this is how you promote and get learn and i read their aplication form so i can have mine near to what is been done because i never had bloggers, even bloggers help me make my aplication form, only from people who came and ask to blog something they pay for and loved it or from blogs about free stuff for my group gifts. i had many people asking me to give them my work so they can start blogging and learn and i did i never cared if they are old bloggers or if they do an amazing job on blogging in my mined it was "oo they like geting free stuff from creators they like" i never looked at it in any other way. i am happy i read your point of view,thanks for it,have an amazing day and week
  6. Thank you for writing your thinking. Its not easy to know how others feel or think about it or what to ask from a blogger. I had many come take my stuff and never ever blog anything so that made me think again and not trust as i did before. I always let them choose they way they wanted to blog for me and I did it by their rules but i had to find a way to protect my hard work from those that come take stuff and never blog because they are a scam and all they want is free stuff. i do not want them to see it as hard work thats why i let them choose items and when and how much they will blog, its from their free time and from their good heart. I never choose those that do only good blog but i gave my stuff to those that they are just learning how to blog clothes so they can practise and learn. I do not know what else i can do so i can make it fun for them. I never ask them why they have not blog for weeks or ask them to blog every week. I have a few that told me they will blog only when they feel like it and said ok and gave them my new items every week so they can blog 1 item only per 30 days. I think is fair for them and me to stop sending them stuff and just wait for them to choose an item per blog from what new stuff i do so that way i will not feel i am giving my stuff for nothing and they will not feel that someone is over their head pussing them to blog. But this is how i see it and it may be bad or even rude thinking for some people. So i am open on reading their thinking on it.
  7. AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS is looking for bloggers-if you are interested come to my shop and take the application form and fill it Taxi:https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY%20PRIME/111/54/22 or AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS is looking for bloggers. Get fashion clothing for free and return the favor by blogging about them. if you are interested send an in-world notecard to kalliopi Ziplon with the following information: * Your avatar calling card: * Your blog url if any: * Your flickr url must have: * How many items you can blog per week: * i am looking for bloggers that will also post their work to many Flickr + Facebook groups and not only at their own pages. Can you do that? * At how many groups (facebook, flickr, etc) you will post the items ? * You need to use bottom + up fashion clothes from me when you blog my items and not a skirt from me and a top from another shop, do you understand that? * you will not post at my social media work of others , only if they are poses, accessories of others, do you understood that? * Will you be posting every week for me or when ever you want? (i am giving my new items as they go out for sale to those that they are truly active ones, if i see someone is not then i stop sending them and they must ask me for 1 item per post so i can see they have post it in order to send them another one) * Will you be blogging for male or female or both? * Tag my name so i can see where you post and how often you do so, are you ok with it? * From now on in order to get an item to blog you will need to view my work + my group gifts from my social pages and send me a notecard with the item or group gift you like to blog and i will send them to you. Are you ok with it? Name your notecard as following: Interested in blogging - your name
  8. I am a creator I buy full perm clothes and make fabrics and put them for sell. I never play to win items on gachta or have any idea about gachta and I do not want to make any mistake on my first attempt to put gachta at my in word shop. Most of my clothes I sell them with color huds and some with fabric huds. I ask 2 friends who play and told me that in the 2 shops they have play they put the clothes with no huds as no rare items and they put the huds as very rare and very expensive. And that they put a dress in red-green-white as normal and the huds in very rare item. So I wanted to know how this goes, how the creators put the prizes on their gachta items , what kind of items do people like to try to win from the gachta and so on. Everything there is to know as a creator about gachta if I want to put in my shop using items I sell or i need to make new ones that i will not sale them anywhere else but only to the gachta Ty so so much for taking the time to write back all of you
  9. Hello I want to put at my shop gatcha but I have no idea how this goes. What kind of item people like to get from those gatcha? How do you decide how much it will cost? Do you put items you already sale or it must be items they can only get from there? If you put a pant and it has a color hud , how much will you put it to cost the color hud, the pant in white color, the pant in any color? Ty for those that will take the time to read and help me
  10. Taxi: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY PRIME/111/54/22 Win 75L$ every day by adding your name to the raffles board!
  11. Win 75L$ every day! Join the free raffles and add your name every day!! The board gives the money to 1 person in a random way as all raffles do. Taxi: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY PRIME/111/54/22
  12. Win 500L$ or 50L$ every week! A new board is added for those that cannot afford to pay to be at the V.I.P. Group to win 500L$ every week. This board gives 50L$ per week to 1 lucky group member in a random way every week!! To learn more about it come to my shop go back where they group gifts are. Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY PRIME/111/54/22 Instead of paying money to ads i chosen to give you the money & all you need to do is add my place to your pics!The group you need to be in its my new one the V.I.P. that is created as a thank you to those that buy & support me all those years by giving them gifts, new releases as a wining price & now the opportunity to win 500L each week! The group is this one:secondlife:///app/group/c9acfe32-33ac-3a97-feda-761fdd3951f3/about its not free to join , it costs 300L but you are getting so many fashion stuff & the opportunity to win money! You can come and click the board every day so you can add your name more than 1 time! When the winner is found, it goes again automatically for the next weeks round so you need to go and put your name in again: DD i hope you will love it as i do thinking the smile on the faces of those that will get to win every weeks money!
  13. AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS is looking for bloggers. Get fashion clothing for free and return the favor by blogging about them. if you are interested send an in-world notecard to kalliopi Ziplon with the following information: * Your avatar calling card: * Your blog url if any: * Your flickr url must have: * How many items you can blog per week: * At how many groups (facebook, flickr, etc) you will post the items (must do, must have or see mine and join there too)? Name your notecard as following: Interested in blogging - your name Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY PRIME/97/40/22
  14. Ty all for reading me and trying to help me!!!!!
  15. Hello i would like to ask 2 things 1) how can I apply to a mesh full perm clothes item a see-through lace so I can make it look like an underwear sexy item and to look good? What technic shall I use? Is there a tutorial I can find on this? I want the skin to be shown under the mesh item I will apply the see-through lace fabric but do I only cut the shadow map where I want to apply it and save it as png? Or do I do it jpg and then lower the mesh item transparence? or is it another way? 2) Hello I need some help if anyone knows: In some full perm items for clothes, when I use a transparent background (even parts irrelevant to the clothes) and apply it on the item the item gets meshed up with random holies and such. Any idea why? Because I want to texture some items with see-through lace and I cannot 
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