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  1. Thanks for the reply, i knew that i was hoping for something that makes more or all of them
  2. Hello, thanks for taking the time to read me :DD If i want to put my items spring prices 90% off for example - at my marketplace shop. And i do not want to do them one by one or page after page. Is there a way to change them all with one click or with one command? (Ii know in world i can do it with casper vendors but how about at my marketplace page?). Thanks for helping me out!
  3. Hello, where can I find the Discord of Maitreya? Does they have one? My best friend (does not know Eng. ) is trying to find it and I am trying to help her out. Thank you for your time to read me.
  4. Hello guys first of all I want to thank you all for being so helpful and supportive to me and to everyone that comes here asking for help. I am going to work with some friends and start making our own mesh clothes. At least try to make. One of us knows marvelous design program. From all the mesh bodies out there which ones can be added in to this program? Thanks for reading me. Stay safe.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. My head is classic. I think I had use the color option of the old hud to make the skin tone more near to my head …… that’s why the skin tunes are not so close to the ones I have in my old hud. I was so stupid not to think to keep the numbers (((((
  6. Hello, I have not used my hud body for years and I do not remember the numbers of the skin tunes I have saved. I used the body’s skin tunes back then. Now that the new hud is out I have no idea how to transfer the skin tonus from one hud to another. Is there a way to do it? Thanks to all of you that take the time to read me and maybe to reply: D
  7. she is freaking out because she does not know why this has happen LL did not let her know.... and she lost a lot of money from the sales she will have done those days since her shop is only a halloween one ......
  8. She siad to me she has nothing she looked manytimes but there is no email from LL
  9. Hello my best friends account has been cancel so is her marketplace page. Fenia Nirvana I am going to write to you what she is telling me about this problem. She has send many tickets to ask why but LL is closing the tickets without replying to her. She try to call them but all she got is a voice recording saying send a ticket. She had never got money outside sl from this account of hers. Therefore, she had not activate Tilia. Yes she has another account so she can have another MP page with other kind of items. When she panic she try to send her real life papers that ti
  10. Thank you all for your answers I truly appreciate it :DD You rock!Ty! To answer to some that ask me about it : I do not make the mesh items I buy them so if the creator that made it made it not to be worn without alpha I cannot undo that. All I can do it always provide free demos so the costumers can try the mesh item and see how it moves with their ao , how good it is on them or if it needs for them to use their alpha hud, if it fits their shape and so on…. I stop using a script to auto hide the mesh body because I had 30 costumers complaining about it and being rude
  11. My eng are not perfect so its hard to be sure I understand what you try to tell me. So please be patience with my questions. think long and hard which layers you're going to use for your product = what do you mean? (keeping in mind potential conflicts .. = meaning? All I want is to learn what is all about so as a creator I will be update on what needs to be done on the clothes + tattoos I sale Script wise it's as easy as applying a specific texture to an item.
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