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  1. Considering a good majority of content makers on SL use blender, seems like a rather useless bragging rights on their part. That partnership with Marvelous Designer Linden Labs has for sansar, now THAT's a bragging right. As horrifying as those vert numbers are, texture memory can play a bigger role, and the bel used for that snippet apparently has 19 of em. Though it's not the textures that will make the entire game freeze if you try right clicking on a body, and when there's more than one of those carelessly subdivided monsters together, that high density can still cause issues. I will give em credit though, having seen the vid linked showing the deformer thing in action, that probably required some heavy amount of scripting trickery to get it to work, and probably the only excusable feature for having it tethered to outside servers, but then that still goes back to the other questions, what happens when those servers are no longer available?
  2. Well, surely someone will eventually want to redecorate or move stuff around. Can't exactly do that with some strangers junk unless this person is just giving mod rights to hundreds of people.
  3. I'm honestly surprised they still exist and even got their own "newbie island" of sorts linked to the Portal Park. They were all but abandoned the last time I stumbled back across em since they were quarantined from the rest of SL. I do share the confused amusement at slot machines being called "Skill gaming" as there's none of that going on at all in RNG based things.
  4. Would be nice if there was a way to have like a blacklist of stores and/or keywords that automatically get filtered in search without having to rely on NOT in the search bar. I'd probably use it to filter out gacha named items and resellers the most personally.
  5. Well, already did the UV and textures before hand, I made em have different UV's so they can be used with other stuff if people wanted to. But I suppose that is an option if I really wanted to
  6. One downside of this stuff though is, there's only so many slots on the body to attach stuff to, Lower, Upper, Head, Hair, and Eyes. My avatar I been working on would need 6 slots to be fully linked up to it, the whole body itself, head, ears, tail, eyes, and the mane. The two oddballs out for me atm is the ears and tail, and the only free slot I got left is the lower body. I know there's the auxiliary slots, but I don't wanna hog up too many for just the base avatar. I know it's in the release candidate phase now, but it would be nice if it was possible to add in some "aux" slots in the skin itself for misc stuff someone might want to be apart of a base avatar.
  7. I suppose that is true! --------------------------------------- The future of furry avatars is gonna get wild 👀
  8. Well, I suppose the aux stuff will be handy for non standard bodies then, though toggling on the BoM thing seems to treat the mesh like it's got a PNG texture on it, making it default to Alpha Blend, and had to fight against it a bit to get it to stay on none, but that might of just been a bit of lag and clicking about too much to quickly.
  9. So, what about those of us with avatar bodies that aren't using the SL body template? Are we just kind of stuck with the 'onions', or having to find some complicated work around to even make use of this? 😩 ------------------------------ After a bit of testin, seems like making use of the Hair and Skirt as the source could be a possible way to use em for non standard UV bodied avatars.
  10. Assuming you're using the default viewer from the site, go to preference, find the graphics page, and turn off shadows. For some reason they thought it was a good idea to have shadows be on by default, atleast that tends to be the case anytime I've used it in recent years, and shadows are quite a heavy drain of power since it's all real-time
  11. Chaser Zaks wrote: H1H stand for hyena 1st homeport. It's a hyena continent dedicated to hyenas because every time I post something in SL, Linden Lab sees hyenas and has decided to build a shrine for hyenas. Each one of those boxes on the map is a hyena den. Can confirm Source: Also a hyena
  12. Amchai wrote: Could the collaborative ventures provide affordability in what seems like an expensive hobby ? It's worked out quite well for MadPeas in SL with those fancy game things they like to make
  13. I like to imagine that Sansar will eventually have ways to build/work on things collarabtly if not already, specially as more and more people start to get in along with their friend or even forming up into a team with some of those already in aswell
  14. Sansar Questions: Can you tell use anything about what sort of in-game tools we might have in Sansar for creation/editing? And how in-depth will the character creation be in Sansar? Will we still be able to mod items and/or wear things as attachments with the ablitly to adjust their placement? Any details on what sort of measures ya'll have planned with Sansar to help counter sub-par content some users might try to create/upload? Can I be a hyena? Any hint at when we could be on the look out for alpha/beta?
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