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  1. Firestorm asked LL to block 4.4.1 because there was code left in that was flooding LL statistic servers. LL was apparently helping Firestorm by letting them load test SSA on 4.4.1. 4.4.2 was released last night with the code removed.
  2. Your rudeness is not welcomed. You don't like being a guinea pig, we get that. Don't go off on me. I said that most of the Firestorm releases are stable and you are probably just a little whiny biotch. Goodbye!
  3. The Firestorm Dev team are human. Some code got overlooked for the SSA testing. It happened, they owned up to the mistake. Firestorm releases are usually pretty stable, atleast for me. Some people just expect too much. Glad I am easy to please. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  4. Firestorm 4.4.2 is now available. YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO LOG IN WITH 4.4.1. UPDATE NOW!
  5. Emergency 4.4.2 Updating Coming During our beta testing of 4.4.1 we were also collaborating with LL to help them load-test the Server Side Appearance code while on Firestorm. In order to accomplish this testing we had to enable special data logging which sends quite a bit of additional information to the LL servers as well as user logs for LL to analyze.... Please see blog post for further information Firestorm Blog
  6. Firestorm does hold classes today still. They are always free. A very wise choice for someone who wants to know about everything in the Firestorm viewer.
  7. I posted this before back on Page 2. Seems it was forgotten so I am posting it again. Firestorm with the Phoenix UI. Just clikc the picture on the page it opens and you can full in a larger size. Firestorm Phoenix UI
  8. Save your money. It is not needed. If a Shoutcast board is present, they can be set to broadcast artist and title into chat. It is also a common function that the viewer will announce artist and song also.
  9. Not all V1 viewers are going. Singularity and CoolVL will still be around. It has to be getting harder and harder to keep hacking V1 code with this current code being released. Sooner or later it will not even be feasible to keep backporting current code to old technology. People will be up in arms come July 9th anyway. Most everyone knows that SSB is coming and yet people are still going to **bleep** up a storm about it. /me gets ready for said date as he has the popcorn and popping oil all set to go.
  10. Maybe you have a bad linden hairbase? Is your inventory completely loaded? ETA: have you tried a character test?
  11. Syo Emerald wrote: I would never buy a Mac. No matter how well SL would ever work on it. 1. Its damn expensive. I can get a similar PC for less. I'm not going to pay just for an apple symbol. I agree with the pricing. I can't really see myself paying $2000 for a Mac when I can build a kick ass Windows machine for half as much. Each OS has it advantages and disadvantages. Without stating too much...it is probably not the best of ideas to get into OS Wars on these forums.
  12. It doesn't matter. Anyone can be ejected/banned for any reason or for no reason at all. That decision is made by the estate owner and who they have given rights to. If you feel uncomfortable with this, then I suggest you do not frequent this particular place.
  13. Czari Zenovka wrote: I haven't used the official viewer after approximately my first six months (if that) in SL. Firestorm is very popular for those who like the V3 look. I may try it as well, but using the Phoenix interface that I prefer. Edit: Weird errors Czari...Firestorm with the phoenix skin mode enabled is simply awesome! Feels just like the old V1 style. Here is a screen cap. Full shadows and lighting models are enabled. File is too large so I am tinypic'ing it for you. Location: Boystown - BLU Nightclub Firestorm Phoenix Skin
  14. Open the dialog alerts and make sure that the program asks you before logging off. "Confirm before I quit" is what you need to move to "always show."
  15. That card is an OEM model Czari. I had an old HP Elite machine that had a GT9300SE or something like that in the chassis. That was a few years ago. LOL, now that I think about it...that system had a AMD Phenom Quad Core in it...first gen. That thing ran hot hot hot. Could cook and egg on it!
  16. You need to upload it to the forums. This is not connected to your in world profile for textures. Click on "My Settings" > "Avatars" > My Images Page. From there you can add photos. ETA: DOH! I am so stupid! What I said was for the smaller "avatar" picture. Malanya is correct. Disregard my posting above. /me facepalms.
  17. Exactly, because if this so called insurance was worth anything why are we only hearing about it from you and only just a little bit ago?
  18. Scam, end of story. Not even worth reading. Story is dated July 2011 also. >->
  19. The 9000 is an older card actually. Older OpenGL framework, and all that good stuff that most people do not pay attention to. A good quality card for SL is going to be a GTX 650ti Boost 2GB. I was looking earlier and noticed they are around $175 USD with $15 rebate. This one on Tiger is $160 after a $15 rebate. MSI GTX650ti Boost 2GB No reviews on it yet. I would link you to newegg but the site is currently down for me.
  20. Madelaine McMasters wrote: I always run with max bandwidth as high as it goes, but I do recall reading that might result in packet loss if you have a slow connection. The "Statistics Bar" under the advanced menu will show you packet loss. I've never seen losses, but you might. If you do see packet loss, try reducing bandwidth. I run Firestorm and don't see a texture bandwidth setting, but wouldn't be surprised if the same thoughts apply there. Good luck, Kelley! There is no point in ever putting bandwidth over 1500kbps in preferences. Linden Lab servers run at max of 1500kbps, nothing more. You are just wasting bandwidth if you set it to 10,000kbps.
  21. I personally have the GTX 650ti card and love it. My card is dual slot, but not overly long. Fit right into my case without problems. Nvidia has just released the 700 series of cards also. The thing that really matters right now isn't necessarily the GT or GTX. It's the number 640 and 650, etc. They just use different letters (GT or GTX) to make it more easily identifiable which is low-end and mid/high-end. What is your price cap going to be Czari?
  22. Must be related to GothGirl. Are you her long lost brother?
  23. Typical, you say something that people don't like and you are called a troll. Trolling is coming to the forums, posting a rant and then saying "please don't flame me."
  24. So you come to the forums and post a rant and then expect not to have people give you a difference of opinion? LOL, what a new concept! NOT!
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