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  1. Too bad I've been banned and nobody remembers why... I could have fit the score...
  2. They are where they are, and certainly not willing to serve you. You've been banning everyone not sharing your views, so don't play the one who's surprised... You've even been banning those who could be customers... The 2-years-after-banned ones salute you :-))))) The fact that you still try to recruit after all this time and at such regular times shows that your dictature over your place is unproductive.
  3. Not only they don't pay a salary, but I can see it's a rule now to cut tips 80/20.... Where will they go ??
  4. Moreover, stating what style of music you want for your club would be nice, not an option....
  5. In other words, you want David Guetta or Armin Van Buuren or Tiesto... Keep on dreamin' :-))))))
  6. You post this message in the Commerce forum, inworld employment.... Needless to say how you consider a friendship is. I better believe you got it wrong when choosing the right forum.... Anyway, this shows how careful you are when acting... You'll certainly gain in credibility out there lol
  7. Unless this was a personal attack, I can't see any point in your reply, Mrs Viva la tease .... Did I talk to yourself in this post ? I'm afraid I didn't. So ?
  8. If you love empty and useless places, then this one's made for you ! You'll have not much conversation there, as I tried it several times and unless you enjoy robots' conversation, there's not many things to do out there. Apart from this, this place is a multi-store, so you won't spend your time doing anything else than BUYING.You're good to go there if you love it.
  9. And when are the people at your club ? There's not even a living soul in it just one 5 minutes after your ad.... If it's the way you want to attract people, this is not the way you'll succeed lol
  10. I'm taking a LM just in case. Not as a DJ (I have no interest anymore), but as a customer ! :-) I love the mix that you propose : dance, rock, country (maybe some 80s music too, hey, that would be nice ?). Very good choice. I wish you plenty of sucesses ! :-) Cheers (and btw, all people who post here for a position or whatever should think of publishing LM of their venue. That would be great)
  11. So you're taking everything, everyone, but me ROFL
  12. I managed to enter the place... But nothing interesting was in there....
  13. Can I be part of your staff Viva ? It's been 8 years since I joined SL ! :-)))
  14. Ohhh first time you are hiring Tallulah... ROFL
  15. Salut Aryem, Cela aurait été super si tu avais donné quelques détails supplémentaires, pour éviter à ceux que cela pourrait intéresser de poster inutilement ! (Comme : horaires, style musical souhaité, et pourquoi pas, un URL du Landmark... et oui, ca plaît pas mal aux gens de visiter un peu tout d'abord avant de faire un premier pas...). Il me semble que ces informations auraient été cruciales... mais bon, tu fais ce que tu veux ! :-)
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