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  1. Notice the solo of Harold Land at 1.25. Harold Land, a forgotten name but a great tenorsax player.
  2. Time flies... A year ago I was building a jazzclub. In the following months I had some health problems. Things are better now and I started again with the new club. The build is almost finished. I am still working on the stream. The club will have its own stream from my RL collection.\ I expect that the opening will be within 8 weeks from now
  3. Two books. Sophie's world in a Dutch translation and Sophisiticated giant in English
  4. Those were the days Rolling Stones, Netherlands 1964
  5. Keith Richards once got a turtle for his birthday. He asked: "How old will it get". They told him: "About 300 years". He said: "Now you see why I'm against it, you get attached to such an animal and then it dies."
  6. I don't understand Gaelic but I love to hear it. I heard it at the West Coast of Ireland near Spiddle and sometimes on Irish radio and television 🙂
  7. Merry Christmas to all of you Keep healthy and swinging ❤️
  8. Most folk music is based on a simple structure. Everyone who is familiar with that structure can play along. No rehearsal needed.
  9. Happy music from Scandinavia. It reminds me of Ireland as well
  10. The inventor of the first electronic musical instrument, the ondes-martenot, is Maurice Martenot (1898-1980), a French cellist with an interest in radio technology. Like the theremin, this instrument, which can sound like a musical saw, was used in science-fiction classics. Avant-garde composers were also keen to experiment with it. Here you will hear an early piece by Olivier Messiaen: Oraison (1937). Olivier Messiaen composed for organ as well. Very Avant Garde style music.
  11. A short translation : The Martini Church has two high-quality historic organs. The main organ is very famous. Organ enthusiasts from all over the world come to Groningen to hear the instrument or even to play it.
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