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  1. I lost two dear friends in SL that passed away. A girl and a guy. I was partnered with the girl for almost 4 years. We bought land together and had our home there. It is 3 years ago since she died and I still miss her. The guy was a close friend. He was DJ and a jazzfan like me. His RL wife is still in SL. Loosing close and good friends in SL feels the same as in RL
  2. Still available on MP : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Disturbed-Birds-Seagulls-BOX/123790
  3. Re-arranging my land at Second Norway. I found the "disturbed seagulls" in my inventory. I bought it long ago and did not rezz it for years. They sit quietly together and make cute bird sounds As soon as you come close they fly up and make a lot of noise. When you move out they become quiet again The second picture shows what happens when you come close. Made this picture long ago in 2016 while sailing.
  4. Sometimes you find a gem on you tube Nicki Parrott on bass. Scott Hamilton tenorsax I download it right away for my stream 😁
  5. A classic one, the President ( Lester Young) plays with the Oscar Peterson trio
  6. Exploring Second Norway on my Erbarcher motorbike build by good old friend Picasa Vella. She left SL and RL years ago 😪
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVpnr8dI_50 For some odd reason you tube does not allow me to embed the video, just click the link
  8. Only senior SL sailors will recognize this boat
  9. I use the firestorm AO and Vista animations
  10. When I think back to the early years of SL, I especially miss the sense of wonder we all had back then That will never come back.
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