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  1. I quit racing years ago but here the Snipe with racesails
  2. There are a lot of jazz fans in japan. Here is the full album "Jazz impressions of Japan "
  3. I agree with you. Richter was very impressive but I prefer the more romantic approach of Horowitz.
  4. John Field has long been considered an epigone of Chopin. Completely wrong. Field was more or less the inventor of the "nocturne"
  5. From the album Doo bop. Released posthumously on June 30, 1992
  6. I mainly read Dutch literature and occasionally Nicci French 🤓
  7. We Dutch are crazy I will never forget this happening on the beach
  8. There were years I went to almost every piano recital in my home town. Heard a lot of world famous pianists. That changed after I took saxophone lessons This version of Chopin's nocturne op.27 no. 2 was the best I could find on you tube
  9. Michelangeli was a remarkable pianist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arturo_Benedetti_Michelangeli
  10. Just heard it on the stream on my land So beautyfull. It makes you even forget the poor sound quality❤️
  11. Dutch avant-garde musicians playing Monk's Bye-Ya
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