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  1. More old stuff... LA 1970 I was born too late Watch Larry Bunker the drummachine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Bunker
  2. I am hardly in world anymore but I used to be an avid sailor and pilot from 2007 untill around 2022. For sailing I preferred the small racers and for flying the vintage planes of various builders and the heli's build by Shergood Aviation.
  3. I grew up with classical music. Both parents professional musicians. In my early twenties I took my first saxophone lessons. My teacher was a Charlie Parker fan. Every saturday I went to the music library and copied every LP of Parker I could find on cassette. 52 LP's. Even some Bean Denebetti recordings. I stll have that collection. The sound quality is bad but I cherish it. I have a classic taste for jazz. bebop, hardbop, west coast. I tried Ornette Coleman and such but always go back to my old heroes. About Dean Benedetti : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Benedetti
  4. Great album ! Sun Ra is a band you should hear live. I saw the band twice. Somewhere in the late 80ties at the NSJF when the festival was still at the Hague and again in 2014 when the festival was in my home town. Found a nice video from the Hague 1979 :
  5. Long ago when Stan Getz used to play Bebop ❤️ Watch the expression on Gary Burton's face at 1.42
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