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  1. The complete Birth of the Cool album Remastered ! All ins and outs : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birth_of_the_Cool
  2. It took me hours to complete the tour. The Estate is huge You could roam here for hours
  3. It starts with a rehearsal of the Thad Jones Big Band Skip to 8.00 to hear one of the best versions of Dexter Gordon playing Fried Bananas and his best quartet ever.
  4. Nice. I love that. Will join next time when on eurofriendly time
  5. Dutch Jazz musicians, except the trumpet player. Dexter Gordon's "Fried bananas"
  6. Yes, I will do that. It is a small house on a small waterland parcel. My "sailhome" at Second Norway.
  7. Well, it has become a horror story, Yesterday after rezzing a transparent floor above the original floor the problem seemed solved. Today I only could rezz basic prims. When I rezzed a radio, the radio just disappeared and came back in my inv after a relog and I can''t rezz mesh furniture. The creator does not react anymore. It is a shame because he build very nice houses.
  8. Yoy can add me but please read my profile before you do. I am Dutch SLT +9
  9. I am playing the Eternal City game. Had to pay the expensive fee for the group but the game is nice.
  10. They don't want spoilers in the groupchat, that is understandable. Help has to be given in IM.
  11. I used to play a lot of Madpea games. I remember very good ones. But that is years ago. I tried the one you are talking about and had the same experience. Very frustating game and I felt like an idiot. I am playing Eternal City and had to join the unlimited group with a fee of L$ 6.000,-....and now I wonder what is so unlimited about it....for another game I had to pay again L$ 1.000,-
  12. I agree. When one wants realistic sailing the IF is still a good choice Most vehicles don't have a redilivery, they are all copy
  13. I used to play the games of Madpea. I remember very good games from 5 or 6 years ago. The actual games I find boring and no fun anymore.
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