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  1. I doesn't have nearby chat people list in Firestorm. I tried everything and I don't know how to enable? Can anybody help? Here is screenshot.
  2. How to make make male avatar jiggle, belly, butt, chest..? Need some stuff from markter to attach or some scipts? I'm still new with this. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I mean profile wall But thank you, its good to know. It's strange why second life didn't fix this bug with snapshots on feed?
  4. I bought some stuff for avatar and one t-shirt. I found and save texture from t-shirt (from game) png file to my pc. After that I changed in photoshop, save and upload to game. But how to use my new texture?
  5. I made some screenshots from game and save in my PC as jpg files. I want post this pictures on my wall in second life? How to do that I can upload in folder in second life, but how to post on profile? Thanks
  6. I tried Slink body and Lena Lush body. This is a great body but if modify to plus size, isn't so good. And also tried some clothes, and they dont fit on plus size avatar.
  7. "...purchase a mesh body like the one at slink" Can you give me a link for this? Thanks
  8. Hello there! I'm new on Second life, and I tried to make fat girl avatar. I created avatar with default body shapes and textures but I not satisfied. I see rounder and better shapes on internet, so can you tell me where to get fat girl shapes and more clothes pack? I found second life market, but every item have price. And items with zero price I cannot buy too. Is there some place to try for free? Any another sugesstion? Thanks
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