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  1. I will stubbornly disagree with anyone who claims that it is easy to roleplay as an evil character. We disregard ‘bad’ roleplay as a base standard. It is easy to be a mean character but to be a genuinely evil character that has fleshed out motives and a lethal skill set. A lot of people who roleplay as an evil character fall into clichés and tropes and becomes a moustache-twirling villain one would see on a morning cartoon. There is more to being evil than trying to conquer the world or trying to be another Darth Vader, Sauron, or Voldemort. In a recent roleplay – a few months ago – I was a
  2. I have searched high and low. I cannot find it. It was essentially when someoneone bumped into you your avatar acted like he was hit in his private area lol, clenched it and fell down.. I saw it the other day and had no money so I couldnt get it, now I cannot find it.
  3. It's rezzing back in, this can either be instant or take a little bit depending on where you are (heavy sim will take longer)
  4. Are you using PayPal? If so it has to be in USD. Read this: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Billing/ta-p/700037
  5. I have never in my life actually pirated something, I buy all my games at EBGames and all my music at iTunes/in-store. Quit your assumptions, I asked if the outfit was avaliable to use, am I using it? No. @Sassy Thank you for actually being kind and making your post like a mature human being. !
  6. You're as surprised as I am, as all her stuff is quality. I havent tried detaching then reattaching. I'll try that when I can.
  7. Alright, hi guys. :) I have an issue with my avatars butt, now before I continue I will be posting a picture, so if you don't want to see a low-quality picture of a males butt then please don't click it. I'm just warning you now. (Yes I have tried increasing quality to see if it goes away). I bought the shape from Emilia; and yes I have contacted her about it and I'm not sure if she got my IM's due to her being flooded by others and I would rather not harass her! So I took it upon myself to try and fix it but having no luck, you guys are pretty smart in the sense that you may know a fix!
  8. Jesus, we're going in circles, all 4 or 5 of you are deadset on the fact I want to steal it. All I wanted to do is see if one was in the game as I couldn't find one. It'll take me a total of about 5 minutes to log into FF: ARR, find one of the many Square-Enix employees I have added as friends and then ask them if it's cool to use her in Second Life, while I may speeding up the process that's all I'd need to do, maybe send an email and sign a contract that I wont re-sell it or whatever. But instead you guys insist I'm dead-set on stealing the clothing and committing some kind of copyright
  9. I can see it, but it's a very minor thing. Took me about a minute to realize what you meant.
  10. Slightly, as you're calling me out on something that I know. How is it not legal? I simply asked if someone could help me find a set of her outfit etc. and apparently I'm stealing, well goddamn! Sorry for asking for help, on the matter. @Jkim. Nothing I said was rude, if you read what I said as rude then that's not my issue, they stated their point and I stated mine, yet I was rude when they started it by treating me like I'm 8. @Perrie. "I realize people would breach copyright by remaking her, but I cannot see the issue with it." I explained this, simply because half the stuff in t
  11. Sorry, but none of them were helpful at all, I got someone calling me bad and another trying to correct my spelling. @Drake. http://gyazo.com/88d81f1fa98c50fde626920599ffb653 Yes, spelling it wrong. What a joke. So wait, where was this when I first made the thread? What if the outfit I buy, the maker has gotten permission. Learn your place, kiddo. I didn't ask for stolen content, I asked for helping finding the outfit, are you that daft? asujhbdj sadb sajdsa -- spellcheck OP, clearly failed. Lmao. http://gyazo.com/a0ce0837051114e693352e4749dfafe9 And the one person I thought had
  12. I'm just going to type everything in one reply. So let's hope their isn't some kinda limit. Hey, Amethyst Jetaime! I realize that it breaches the copyright law, but Square-Enix isn't going to charge in and start throwing around lawsuits; if that's the case then 90% of the marketplace is going to be sued as everything in that is ripped from something. @Ohjiro Watanabe It wasn't a case of giving up easily, I have searched for awhile. And yes, I have done extensive searching on that subject. @Drake1 Nightfire It's not stealing.. as I said to Amethyst; everything in the MP essentially b
  13. Sorry for the abrupt title. However that's how I feel searching the Marketplace! I finally convinced my friend to join in, we're both huge Final Fantasy nuts and then it hit me, why not meet him as Lightening! He'll love that. Thus my quest to find her started and it has been met with dead-ends every single time, I realize people would breach copyright by remaking her, but I cannot see the issue with it. So I need your help, having a few other looks would be helpful! I need her gunblade (sword), outfit, skin, shape and hair. I know this is a lot to find, but it's also hard for me to find i
  14. That's false, I doubt girls want to see female dancers in their clubs nor do gay males want to see females. Regardless, this is Second Life, pretty sure we can do whatever.
  15. Hiya, I've had a look about in-game & on the Marketplace that my male can wear while poledancing, something sexual but not showing any frontal male parts, butt is okay. This is something I'd love to pick up as it's fun, I just cannot get a good outfit for it, I'd hope around clubs trying to get some funds. :) Thanks for any assistance.
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