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  1. Seems its alot of people, I was at a sim, started walking on the stairway to avi heaven than crashed, been stuck on logging in and cant access the secondlife.com website either, only the forums. Partner is still online, didnt crash and can access the website. Shes from Canada im a few hours away in the US so im wondering if that has anything to do with it. If you noticed the in world users count at all on the viewer, about 5 mins ago it was at 31k now its down to 24k and keeps going down.
  2. Yeah, you linked something that gives information about maintenance that doesnt start until tomorrow =/
  3. Marianne Little wrote: Oh, you both look great. What a striking couple! :matte-motes-inlove: lol she says thanks Marianne. Yeah she does alot of picture editing and has just been getting better and better so I wanted to show off some of her stuff. Will probably post more as she edits more. We have others but alot are for my eyes only ^^ the rest though I can post here eventually.
  4. Hey all, always checked this post but never put anything, figured id throw one of me and my wifes new pics on here. Shes been loving the multicolered hairs lately and I just switched up my avi a bit with a new shape and stuff.
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