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  1. VERY Happy Birthday! You're 22 with 29 years experience ;-)
  2. Hmm, I'm biologically older - but I'm generally Adult-Rated, which is a step beyond Mature......... It would be just *wrong* to take advantage of a young and inexperienced avatar :-)
  3. To refer to pop culture in order to better get the feeling across; -Bladerunner/Aliens Universe is always at the top of my list. Dark, dystopian, altered humans, shady dealings, conspiracies. -Zombie Apocalypse does it for me too :-) Think "Walking Dead or World War Z" - trying to rebuild in the ashes and battling the undead and other humans alike. Big pluses for me; -No "godlike" player-characters. -Focus on developing players as opposed to exclusive cliques that run off the new people -No meters, rolepayed action scenes -Strong sense of community is
  4. Housework! So I can molest SL from a clean living-space........
  5. /me gets frisky and adds all those activities to her "to-do" list for Saturday.... Its a big list, but with a safe-word and access to a hardware store; anything is possible.......
  6. I guess I'm the blue-bird of happiness this morning. Based on my own experiences with LL and Griefers, I think it would be overly optimistic to expect relief from LL. That leaves you with the "life is tough, wear a helmet" fallback. Or perhaps to quote Sun Tuzla; "When a battle cannot be won, do not fight one". I finally opted to give up an (based on today's date) 11 year old Avatar just because that made more sense than fighting a hopeless battle with no effective assistance from the owners of the virtual world I was in. I gave up a huge Inventory but I did gain some insight;
  7. When you say "trolls", are you referring to males trying to cut in on the women and cut you out? When I think of Trolls in SL, I think of People blasting hate or trying to stir conflict in general.
  8. That's pretty much it :-) Its not limited to three, but beyond that it takes some managing. Even those relationships can be "open" if everyone consents (that's how they add more members). The big pitfall is when Third joins who only really wants to be with *one* of the two existing Partners - meaning they didn't really want a Poly family anyway. One way this can work is to kind of balance out the emotional and sexual needs within the family as well.
  9. That's sad :-( My Partner and I have an open-ish relationship, and I have never caught grief for it - but I tend to hang out around places and people who are OK with the idea of Poly. My issue with Poly in SL is that its hard to find a Third who really wants to be in a Poly "relationship" as opposed to just being a regular sexual partner with no other commitments. Still, looking is fun :-)
  10. Aislin has a good point! I've seen the Cartel Hangout and all it needs is peoples!
  11. ......and in Rhonda's case, who have smexy forum avatars..... Really though, I'm afraid to make a list just for fear of leaving someone out :-) There are a few of you though.....that's why I keep coming back here.
  12. I'm really attracted to people who give good SL Prose........
  13. From one perspective, this is hugely impacted by the ease with which Alts can be created and used for Bad Behavior. I'm guessing that this is related to $ in two ways; 01..LL sees a financial benefit to the inworld economy by keeping "easy Alts" a going concern. Probably by keeping them available for people who want to sample "adult" areas (funded by their Premium avatar) or in the hope that this will lead them to -make- a premium avatar and spend $. 02..LL lacks the finances to procure the technology and staff to adequately police this issue. I feel your pain. I was driven
  14. As a general note, all content I have posted here is intended to provide inspiration for (comical) historical role play in Second Life.....
  15. My only fear now is that other topics will be axed
  16. Out of curiosity, where might I find those cats? :-)
  17. I suppose my real vexation is just that no one likes having their hand spanked for doing something as benevolent as "talking to friends". Disciplining people for griefing, trolling, being hateful, spamming - all of those are germane. Discipline for "talking about cats: when some of us probably have BEEN cats in SL....it seems rather narrow. Oh well :-)
  18. Thanks Cheri, I was sitting here thinking pretty much the same thing.
  19. When my longtime black-cat housemate finally passed, it took me a long time to even think about another. Reguardless of whether I was infected with some obscure cat-illness or just had a little fuzzy soulmate, I was very happy with Snowball. (My daughter named her). I grieved less over my divorce than over her finally heading to the Afterfields.
  20. I love my striped orange kitty very much :-) Him attacking my ex on sight has nothing to do with that.....
  21. I have friends who would insist that all human interaction is about the Power Exchange and Dominance or Submission. They worry too much :-)
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