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  1. Im back!!! Wow, that is why I love this topic better because it just goes and go and go forever. I'm glad I'm back. I see some familiar faces and also some new faces and great photos 🙂 Well I haven't changed much, just gain some pounds 😀
  2. lol when I read this I don't know why I started laughing nonstop lol?
  3. If you both don't have any intentions of meeting up, then don't. Why thinking too much? If this is something that both agrees or feels comfortable, then settle with what you enjoy best. If the best is a long distance relation, that's not weird, considering that there are tons of couples in the same situation. If both get to have the intentions of meeting up, then go for it. The point is... both have to agree and feel good about it. If one of you disagree and the other one pushes it, that's when the problem will start. So leave it as it is, and go with the flow.
  4. Oh well, if you'll think that the person is the only one on SL, then yes your ability will be affected. Or... you'll always have the option to go with the flow
  5. There could be thousands of reasons why a man would play as a woman in SL. All the mentioned reasons on this post may also be true. But the reality is that If SL gives you the option to select which avatar you want, then the person can choose the role they want to play in SL. If a man took the option to select a female avatar, who are we to judge when it does not really affect us? Now, if his personality or intentions is being a compulsive liar, then the person around him can be affected. If this is not the case, then why is the gender of the avatar in SL so important when what counts is the heart of the person inside? But then again, It's just my personal opinion. ?
  6. In case if someone does not know what "Cuckoldress" means, then read below: In short definition... he's just looking for a whore in SL and RL ?
  7. For a better definition: A "Cuckoldress" is a man married to an unfaithful wife, especially when he is unaware or unaccepting of the fact.
  8. I think this is a nice shot. The only thing that is missing is some shadows. But its dramatic nice.
  9. Beautiful colors. Right for the coming season
  10. Thanks I agree I can always switch. But for now im gonna stick with short hairs for a while since I've been having long hair for a long. Got kind of boring
  11. So far, I have not had the need to update my avi since I still feel very comfortable with how I look. But I made the drastic change of cutting my hair and returning to blonde again. Feel free to say which one looks the ugliest or which one looks the best Enjoy the rest of the day!
  12. Love the face especially the eyes. Looking nice!
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