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  1. SL is SL, RL is RL for me this is like "Take it or Leave it" In SL, I don't tend to talk about my RL, however, if I do is just limited and not too personal. I don't mind showing my photo which is also limited. I always post my RL photo in my profile since I really don't mind or care. It is what it is. But if I like someone (which is rarely) or if someone likes me, then let's keep exactly where we started, in SL. I will not cross the wall from SL to RL. (unless if that's what both of us are looking for then is a different story) Yes, we can talk about RL things, why not? We say o
  2. Sometimes im dark, sometimes im soft.😇
  3. Thank you so much! I really love hairs 🥰
  4. Absolutely. I met my friend thru another virtual game. I met her cause she used to had an agency there and I used to be her model. We got pretty closed and I ended working as her graphic designer (which in RL is what I am, Im a Graphic Designer). We got bored to the other game and we both came here to SL years ago. We loved it so we stayed. We still friends. even though right now she's not login to SL anymore as before, we are still friends and talk on the phone.
  5. In conclusion... You are bitter and boring. You think that everyone has to be like you and you think or pretend to know it all. Your experience only affected you not anybody else, so trying to spread your bitterness to the SL world that tell them if you're ignorant in SL you lack as a human in RL. If people wants to "hide" behind SL, what's the problem with that? Let's make it more clear, its call "Virtual Game" NOT a RL game, and that my friend, give those people rights to hide if they want. Many people know how to separate what's real and what's not. However, let me inform you that
  6. So far my fav photo. I really love the hair. Could you please tell me who's the hairstylist if you don't mind? I would love to see if she/he has light browns. Thank you
  7. Wohooo Im back again 😄 Glad to see new faces and familiar faces as well. I hope everyone stays safe. The COVID 19 has turn the world upside down and I dont think this will be over soon. Its going to take a while. I really hope for all of this to end. Remember, wash your hands often for 20 sec., don't be around to many people or talk to close too them. Dont rub you eyes, nose or mouth after touching any objects that someone else used or touched. Be safe. As for me well...in SL I'm the same o same o. Well maybe a gain a little bit of weight😅
  8. What is the purpose of wanting to have a "rich only" ladies group? Do you mean rich as in RL or SL? Are you looking for someone to filled your SL needs or your RL needs economically? Cause that what it looks like. But then again, it is SL. Anything is possible.
  9. These are such a cute toddlers. Im want to adopt. 😊
  10. Love the color blend of this photo. Beautiful
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