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  1. What is the purpose of wanting to have a "rich only" ladies group? Do you mean rich as in RL or SL? Are you looking for someone to filled your SL needs or your RL needs economically? Cause that what it looks like. But then again, it is SL. Anything is possible.
  2. These are such a cute toddlers. Im want to adopt. 😊
  3. Love the color blend of this photo. Beautiful
  4. Yellow always has been my favorite color. I think yellow is the most beautiful color ever. Nice pic!
  5. Well, it has been a while (not that long) but I missed this thread. I missed my SL home, so I took these pics in my sweet home, where I considered is the best place in SL. I love being at home.
  6. I've been seeing your photos like probably a year or 2 (dont remember), and this is the first time I can finally see your face very close. I really like it. You do have a pretty face.
  7. Im back!!! Wow, that is why I love this topic better because it just goes and go and go forever. I'm glad I'm back. I see some familiar faces and also some new faces and great photos 🙂 Well I haven't changed much, just gain some pounds 😀
  8. lol when I read this I don't know why I started laughing nonstop lol?
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