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  1. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: jujmental wrote: "On the charge of": assuming that LL doesn't mean exactly what it says, assuming that those who have to interpret what it says are literate, the existence of a vindictive reporting campaign ..., using ratio decidendi as obiter dicta Ah now, see, I refute that any of these are valid charges as there are no such offences. In precedence I quote your earlier obiter dictum "There is no mention in the Terms of Service nor the Community Guidelines of ..." Please can we have a new ruling or, failing that, a new judge? On the charge of confusing charges brought by plaintiffs with charges of contemptuousness - not contempt - raised by the Judge Mental himself: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: I am the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. On the charge of contempt of court by requesting replacement of The Judge: NOT GUILTY Obiter Dicta: You said "please", which is polite. Request Denied
  2. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Nice one. "Trolling" may be taken as a term-of-art though, so no win there. I particularly like the defence of the outrageous to be outraged themselves. On your third point though there is no hint of a campaign or mention of any individual or gang-reporting. Anyway, aren't your obiter dicta meant to be ratio decidendi? On the charge of assuming that LL doesn't mean exactly what it says: GUILTY On the charge of assuming that those who have to interpret what it says are literate: GUILTY On the charge of the existence of a vindictive reporting campaign, a threat repeated in at least one other thread: GUILTY On the charge of using ratio decidendi as obiter dicta: NOT GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Is whatever The Judge feels like saying; he don't have to justify anything
  3. I am The Judge. I am here to pass judgment on the morality, stupidity and naivety of forum participants. Think before you post. Then think again. Before you are GUILTY of wasting time. The Judge
  4. HexiDecimal1 wrote: As the saying goes "Earth without art is just eh!" Here come the Judge! Obiter Dicta: Without art, a fart is f all. The Judge
  5. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Hell, even Dres didn't notice him, while he's still (s)trolling the forums as we speak. On the charge of failing to discern sarcasm: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Sentence mitigated by reason of ESL status.
  6. Phil Deakins wrote: It's now my intention to read his posts when I come across them and, if they contain insults or barbs (any trolling), I'll report them, and I hope others will do the same. Here come the judge: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Just-to-clarify/m-p/2262975#M133549 The Judge
  7. Here come the judge, here come the judge, everybody know that here come the judge. On the charge of trolling, The Judge finds the Defendant NOT GUILTY. Obiter Dicta: There is no mention in the Terms of Service nor the Community Guidelines of Trolling, and it is a principle of every legal system that you can't be convicted of crimes that don't exist, just because a self-humiliating bunch of vigilantes are upset by something. That's what petitions are for. On the charge of Flaming, the OP and their supporters are found GUILTY. Obiter Dicta: Flaming is defined in the Community Guidelines as "hostile or disruptive posts, or messages intended to incite an angry response." There is no mention of any exceptions for inciting angry responses by any classes of Community participants, and those who might be branded Trolls by the hypersensitive convenors of a kangaroo court fall into this category. The OP and supporting posts definitely fall into LL's definition of "Flames" and accordingly should be subject to disciplinary action. On the charge of Abuse of Moderation or Moderators, the OP's principal supporter is found GUILTY Obiter Dicta: "Frivolous or malicious use of the abuse report feature" is considered abuse by the Community Guidelines, which also state that there will be no toleration for "any post that encourages others to violate any policy of Linden Lab". The malice aforethought expressed by a campaign to gang-report an individual's posts ahead of their occurrence represents abuse of moderation. The Judge
  8. Order in Court! I have been away for a while because I was annoyed that a famous (for not being rude to someone, probably for the only time in his life) philosophical quote by Oscar WIlde was considered to be inappropriate comment. I have, following extensive cognitive behavioral therapy, now recovered my sangfroid, and I shall, for the near future at least, be sitting in judgment on issues presented in these forums. Accordingly, I have reviewed the cases made for and against the OPs thesis, and find: On the charge that there is a fear of child avatars: NOT GUILTY. Obiter dicta - Nobody is scared of kids in SL or anywhere. On the charge that there exists hatred of child avatars: GUILTY. Obiter dicta - But only by a minority The Judge
  9. Emma Krokus wrote: Hi Rc:) I had the same issue and found some advice - I think here in the forums - to mute something: an object / a person. That has done the trick for me. And then unmute again - hope it works for you too! Happy Christmas Emma:) So which person should I mute? The Judge /wonders if it should be a Linden?
  10. Porky Gorky wrote: Can't you just get their bank details and do a direct bank transfer? This should be free even if the payment is international. Banks do things for free? The Judge /Maybe in your virtual world, but not in the real one. //Foreign transfers are EXPENSIVE! ///And then you get investigated for money laundering . . .
  11. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: Whilte not detrimental to me, my prior post includes a scenario where it can be extremely detrimental for someone dealing with genuine harassment. So, you want pretty names only. I understood that. At this point, it's your wants over other peoples' needs. Don't worry. I've seen the lab do less for more. ()y No, it would not be my wants over other peoples needs. How would having an unfollow button be bad for anyone? In your scenario, it would still be the person pressing the unfollow button who is making the choice to press it or not. Also, if a person is going to harass us more because we unfollowed them, they are a harasser to begin with. Our removing them doesn't make them a harasser. They can Google and research us whether we remove them or not. I am not placing my wants over others needs. Why would you say that? Oh dear, please make up your mind! You had almost convinced me that it was for cosmetic purposes that you were pursuing this mindless quest to improve the aesthetics of your profile display - and then you go and say this, which confirms my suspicions that in fact, you want to attempt to prevent others from following you. The Judge /disallows all the OP's testimony as being vicariously misleading.
  12. Charolotte Caxton wrote:, that pretty picture is ruined by one ugly gray blob. And you believe it is an appropriate priority is to remove just one ugly grey blob from a list which you do not have to look at anyway, as opposed to using the time of a coding resource to mitigate the much more widely irritating occurrence of millions of grey blobs which occur daily inworld because of mesh, lag, ugly buildings et? The Judge /finds against the complainant.
  13. Linden Lab wrote: Just did a test on the feeds and they seem to be working This reminds me of a call I once made to our Building Maintenance department to tell them that the overhead light was broken in my office. Their response: "The light in our office is working perfectly". The Judge
  14. Keli Kyrie wrote: I know who Linden Lab is I know who Linden Lab is... "Linden Lab" is a hydra-like community construct designed to avoid personal responsibility, which would be against the ToS if a normal resident used it in such a manner. Viale Linden has been caught posting as "Linden Lab" in a moment of indiscretion, and the style - or lack of it - is indicative of other marketing and support Lindens. Lexie has forgotten that she should toe the coporate line as well. The Judge /is tempted to register an avatar named LindenLad
  15. Perhaps you might consider what George Best said had happened to his considerable fortune earned during his football career: "I spent most of it on booze, drugs and sex; the rest of it I just wasted." The Judge
  16. Having read the thread at some length I have now come to a decision. I am ruling the OP and the main prosecution witness as vexatious litigants Their arguments are self-serving, tenuous, self-contradictory and as upside down as their antipodean habit (per the claim of my erstwhile acquaintance, Nina Stepford) of making a statement then quoting the post to which it refers. Their postulations should be set aside in the actions which need to be taken by the higher courts to which we apparently do not appeal. The Judge /finds it astonishing that someone would claim on the one hand that they wanted the facility for a nice private breakfast discussion (despite it being conducted on accounts which are positively set to be universally accessible, rather than restricted to "Friends" - which perhaps is the best argument for restrictions at Group level), and then to complain that it was being ushered off public display by posts which were useful and informative, pace romiluka et al.
  17. 100011 years working in and around the software industry has confirmed to me the close correlation between the accuracy of marketing material and dependability of the associated code itself. I can remember one superb press release that had been spell checked, but not reviewed for sense (always dangerous to have too much confidence, even if there is a grammar check as well) which said that a product "was not available for purchase"; amazing the difference that typing a "t" instead of a "w'"makes, isn't it? Especially to some idiot marketing manager's future career prospects. I also remember reading that MIT had done a survey of material produced using Apples against PCs, which said that the average reading age of the "computer for the rest of us" was ten years below that of the "business computer". Spelling error rates were also twice as high. You have to remember that different standards apply in different communications channels. Whereas I would not expect a corporate press release to fail to correctly differentiate "its" and "it's" I would be less concerned in the context of an IM chat that failed to have the correct number of "m"s in a row to indicate the appropriate level of ecstasy, or even whether there was a final "h" on the end of a string of "o"s at the climax of a particularly vivid personal interaction. As others have commented, the availability and speed of a spell checker for any but the most informal of communications gives no reason (laziness or haste are excuses) for mis-spelled words, although mangled grammar might be another question. I have seen After The Deadline recommended, and at first glance it seems to offer considerable benefits (regarding style as well as grammar) without being intrusive, both to native speakers of a range of languages and also those attempting to get their message across in something other than their mother tongue. The Judge /chooses his words very carefully.
  18. Since apparently many forum participants are unaware of the existence of an Adult Forum (it was originally hidden from public view, and now resides way below the fold - beyond even the strange lands of the foreign language forums - in a position which would be the equivalent of hell in most legends) I thought it might be useful to make a post here suggesting that it be raised up from the depths, particularly since it is - as far as I know - the only remaining place where feedback (hence this thread in the Forum Feedback forum) is actually acknowledged on a regular basis, albeit by the ubiquitous Hydra (oh that instead it was Cerberus) that is Linden Lab, except when the mask slips. The Adult Forum still has User Meetings (although attendance has diminished as the contributors have realised that lip service is all that seems to be paid to the consultative process) the latest of which is documented here. Selected highlights of the meeting include: Viale Linden: I am not seeking traffic to forums. Just another transparent device. Which seems not to accord with the recent disastrous initiatives promoting Spampires, Games, WInter in South Africa and the location of the official Linden Lab black hole that is Support. Counter Landfall: if anyone sees a need for a new category, suggest tit in the forum Which seems entirely appropriate for an Adult Forum, but unfortunately falls foul of the need for the Adult Forum to remain PG/General. Mind you, Counter went on to ask Viale: Counter Landfall: do you want to run listings for escorts in the forums? Which surprised me, as I did not realise that Viale had a thing going inworld as a bordello owner. Oh, and as a heads up about the direction that LL is taking: Viale Linden: I would like to consider putting age verification in the Registration. Attendance is open, I understand. Perhaps Adults that used to attend CTUG meetings might wish to pop along to future meetings. The Judge /is interested in the facts, just the facts.
  19. Canoro Philipp wrote: im gonna bring this in order to have more perspectives over the possible uses and misuses of the trending feature of the feeds: griefing lets say someone have something against someone, she was cheated in a relationship, or has a business competitor, and decides to post something really negative (griefer style) about that person or company, has some alts to love the griefing a lot, and that post remains top trending unless some other post have more loves. advertising a company offers a promotion that anyone who gives love to a product post, get a discount over it. and the more people love it, the more it stays for everyone to see. Mr Philipp, a point of order. I understand that it only requires two loves for a post to Trend, and that further loves make no difference to its sustained exhibition on the Trending feed, and it is when newer posts are loved that it gets pushed down the display. :matte-motes-grin: The Judge /insists on accurate forensic evidence.
  20. Caitlin Tobias wrote: I use the trending tab mostly to see if there is a nice place to explore, which is often the case. My own 'trending' snapshots, feel free to check them. I have very few 'self-loved' ones and if I did: those were pics I particularly liked myself, on how they turned out (playing with shadows and windlight and such). It's nice if other people show their appreciation by pushing the 'love' button, but not needed. I use the feed because I can and because I like to share my adventures - same reason I have a blog. The negative and whining stuff, I skip. Easily. Thank you for a succinct explanation of the basis for your participation in the feeds, Ms Tobias; it sounds as if you might be channelling the thoughts of Chairman Torley there, actually. :smileyvery-happy: The Judge /Would you care to comment on the nature of your association with that redoubtable fellow? //Please remember that you are still under oath.
  21. Why has this thread been moved here? I have never used an official LL viewer and it is unlikley that I will ever do so unless they proscribe the use of third party viewers. I access the Feeds via the web on my.secondlife.com. Is it not then nonsensical that discussion of the facility should be restricted to this forum? The Judge /sends the case to appeal
  22. Pussycat Catnap wrote: jujmental: take the drama baiting elsewhere please. I am certainly not indulging in "drama baiting", merely requesting that you substantiate your own possibly tendentious and insulting charges against enthusiastic feeds participants. If you are unable or unwilling to offer any evidence to support your accusations I am afraid that I am going to have to rule against you. :smileyfrustrated: The Judge /offers a level playing field to those who respect the rules.
  23. Genn Moderator wrote: Blocking unwanted followers as a feature makes sense. From my own reading of the evidence introduced into that thread it seems that Genn has come to an incorrect conclusion. :matte-motes-frown: The only way to block unwanted followers is to restrict your feed to SL Friends only. If it is open to more than that then anyone in SL can see what is on the feed. :matte-motes-agape: It seems to me that what the OP of the thread was asking for was a way to prune who is actually displayed on her Followers list, which is a completely different requirement. :matte-motes-wink: The Judge /sums up the argument succinctly. //It's his job.
  24. Pussycat Catnap wrote: the people who are at the top of the trending, half of them are the ones here complaining about this thing and all of the other negative posts they've been making since VOID drama-quit. So, do you think that these people are mindless hypocrites or that they are making an obviously successful point about the inadequacies of the feeds? :matte-motes-sour: Please make your arguments substantiating your preferred viewpoint. You may also wish to elaborate upon the significance of your reference to Void. :matte-motes-evil-grin: The Judge /invites a "top trender" to offer an explanation for their participation in the feeds; perhaps romulka or Caitlin?
  25. Venus Petrov wrote: Nicely played, Judge. +1 Kudo Miss Petrov, you shouldn't have. The Judge /No, Miss Petrov, you shouldn't have! //In my rl court that would be a seven day sentence for attempting to bribe a court official ///with counterfeit funds! /\/And you have probably noticed what happens to those who disrespect the authority of The Judge
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