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  1. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: 3-24-21-7-17-25 4-30-17 4-21 30-24-8 3-30-30-13 :smileyvery-happy: 31-30-1 26-17-8-25 14 13-31-25 27-17-8-6-25
  2. steph Arnott wrote: http://www.britannica.com/search?query=druid%20rituals The 19th-century Klan was originally organized as a social club by Confederate veterans in Pulaski, Tenn., in 1866. ref: Encyclopeadia Brittanica http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/324086/Ku-Klux-Klan The first Klan was founded in 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee, by six veterans of the Confederate Army ref: wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan Your attempt to besmirch well respected sources is a disgrace. Your facts were incorrect and misleading. You don't get it do you? I make EVERYTHING most things lots of things some things a few things the odd thing up. In fact, you will probably be shocked to learn that IANAL. The Judge
  3. steph Arnott wrote: ACTUS REUS: "True Druids don't wear ANY clothing during their rituals." INIIQUUM. Druids wear robes. On the charge of dual irrelevance, as a) you say nothing about "True" Druids and b) you say nothing about "during their rituals"; GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Just the facts ma'am, just the facts. steph Arnott wrote: ACTUS REUS: "those who didn't conform being deported to America where they established the KKK." INIIQUUM. The first Klan was founded in 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee, by six veterans of the Confederate Army. On the charge of believing everything you read on the internet: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Auctoritas non veritas facit legem - you got it sweetie! The Judge
  4. Laurin Sorbet wrote: To all of those letting their bloomers billow in the wind, I return the salute. FIC! Hooh-rah! May I interject that anything you say may be taken down in evidence. The Judge ETA: If you were mildly surprised at Love's long overdue return, you'll be absolutely shocked when Brenda turns up to complain that you have stolen her meme!
  5. On the charge of appearing to form a claque: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Close but no coconut; get the 'ell out. The Judge
  6. Darrius Gothly wrote: Out of curiosity, what evidence are you using to arrive at the conclusion of "three different ... databases"? Apart from the necessity to sign in separately for each of the three functions, even though you may be already signed in to the others, you mean? Also, it's extremely unlikely that LL would allow Lithium direct access to their inworld database; if I were the LL data custodian I certainly wouldn't. The apparent inability of the moderators to remove spammers promptly nor to gang-delete their postings would imply that there is a data linkage problem as well, which tends to be supported by the historic failure of inworld muting being carried through to the feeds. And speaking of the feeds, the repeated cross-corruption cockups there, where avatars have displaynames and postings from the feeds of other avatars attached to theirs, tends to support my view. I suppose, however, the biggest contribution to my perception that I might be correct is LL's precipitate reaction to my stating that having three not-quite-synched identity verification databases was a serious security weakness - almost immediate deletion of several posts with no explanation. If this post disappears then it will add fuel to the fire of my suspicions. Of course, these are all suspicions based on external observation. I would never hack into other organisations' servers. Unless they asked me to. And paid me. The Judge
  7. Phil Deakins wrote: I'm pretty much done with this thread now but, just for the record, I have never said that I hate anyone, and I certainly don't hate anyone. Strike this from the record! The plaintiff clearly expounded, in a now deleted recent thread, upon his hatred for an individual based upon a false or fabricated memory of events which have been proved never to have happened. His amnesia is now affecting his short as well as his long term memory. On the charge of being persistently risible: GUILTY On the charge of apparently reducing his stated commitment from exit from the forums to exit from this thread: GUILTY The Judge
  8. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: Here's the crux of it Phil. You so hate (or dislike if "hate" is too strong a word) this one person, what your views of others are colored by how you see this person interact. On the charge of hating - as Phil has admitted in print, in public - someone on the basis of an event that he now admits may not have even happened, with the version of events existing in his mind being contradicted unanimously by those with better memories and records: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: One of two possibilities exist. Either Phil is genuinely losing his marbles and should consult a medical professional, in which case everybody should feel sorry for his pitiful state, or he has a hidden agenda, consciously or even subconsciously, prompted by feelings of inferiority and insecurity, which may be a more acceptable diagnosis from the point of view of anyone in contact with him in real life, but is just as unacceptable in terms of harassment in these forums. The Judge
  9. I have "Toot if you had sex today" as a bumper sticker on my official limousine. It may seem undignified, but it stops all those yellow cabs making a din. The Judge
  10. Obiter Dicta: I understand that Phil's registration plate is 4GO10. This makes it awkward when he's asked what it is by the police. Although it's probably the truth. The Judge
  11. Freya Mokusei wrote: how much of this was broken by LL in-order to accomplish instant registration and single-sign-in, I don't know On the charge of mistakenly believing there is a single sign-in: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: There are at least three different sets of verification databases; you sign in separately to the forums, the profile feeds and inworld. A considerable amount of the corruption that has been observed in the feeds is almost certainly because of poor maintenance of multiple identity databases which have got out of synch. With regard to the principal topic, Lithium appear to be serving out the basic contract to which they are committed without making any attempt to enhance the basic facilities which LL has purchased, presumably because the latter don't want to pay any more - hence the absence of sophisticated spam protocols and the intermittent and inefficient moderator removal of spam. The Judge
  12. On the charge of an ESLer asking if what she wanted to say was relevant: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: The question was: "What do you get if you cross a rhino and an elephant?"
  13. Phil Deakins wrote: I'm actually considering not bothering with it any more. Silence in court! If there is any more of that disgraceful display of cheering, whistling and tumultuous applause . . . I will join in! The Judge
  14. FairuzaB wrote: I'm sure their E-peens are large and hard FairuzaB wrote: How hard is it to treat others with kindness and respect? On the charge of demonstrating overt self-condemning hypocrisy within the space of four sentences: GUILTY The Judge
  15. Phil Deakins wrote: I actually RICed one of my own posts in this thread. On the charge of completely having lost the plot: GUILTY BUT INSANE The jury is now discharged; please send in the Sickologist The Judge
  16. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Mind you, the druids do wear skirts - well, dresses - as well as the silly hats so perhaps they appreciate the vertical wind. On the charge of a fundamental misapprehension: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: True Druids don't wear ANY clothing during their rituals.
  17. Phil Deakins wrote: I remember writing what you said I wrote, but I don't remember what it was about - that's true And you're right. But it's not easy just to accept something at face value when the face value is so unbelievable On the charge of rendering any communication with him absolutely pointless, as not only does he fail to remember why he wrote anything, he also refuses to accept what is written if it doesn't accord with his "beliefs": GUILTY Phil Deakins wrote: I've seen Celest say that she doesn't understand something that everyone else who stated one way or he other does understand. On the charge of rewriting history, or perhaps being cognitively unable to retain a memory of earlier posts which confirm that others had also confirmed that they did not understand: GUILTY Phil Deakins wrote: I remember the 'clique' idea from the RA forum but I wasn't a subscriber to that belief. What I've seen in the two threads here, though, does suggest the possibility of a clique-like thing, although I prefer the word "nest". On the charge of attempting to impersonate Humpty Dumpty ("When I use a word,' Phil Deakins said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.") GUILTY The Judge
  18. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Madelaine McMasters wrote: PeterCanessa Oh wrote: (because it's too bloody cold and boring around here!). What? Don't you live where the Druids once danced around a fire in the woods, telling scary stories? What could be more fun than that, except maybe doing it all while wearing a cozy bumblebee costume, complete with springy antennae? Actually, I grew-up near Stonehenge :-) On the charge of not explaining to gullable foreigners that historically Stonehenge had nothing to do with the Druids, the concept of which is a "modern" reinvention - 18th century - by a less than sane series of weirdos who had a tendency to wear silly, but ear-warming headware, those who didn't conform being deported to America where they established the KKK, and who only first started playing hide and seek there on Salisbury Plain in the 20th century prior to being deported to America where they invented the KKK: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Like Buckingham Palace, Shakespeare's Second Best Bed, the ArchBishop of Canterbury and the Loch Ness Monster, there are a number of British traditions which are even younger than the USA which we keep going to extract tourist dollars; some we even sell to ingenuous Americans, like the original London Bridge, which is not Tower Bridge, which is what the guy thought he was buying.
  19. Phil Deakins wrote: he was drumming up support in his feed On the charge of malevolently, or perhaps merely incompetently, restating provable historical facts: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: The antagonist actually invited anybody who might be able to support Phil's false memories to post; nobody did, because Phil had fabricated those memories, as was confirmed by several of those who were around at the time, including one particular individual who was engaged at the time in a running war with Pep, and had in fact posted memorably, and with some relevance to this thread, a post consisting solely of 38 repetitions of the word "TROLL". The Judge
  20. Phil Deakins wrote: This is a general language sub-forum. On the charge of posting arrant nonsense: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: The only generality in this forum is in the widespread use of colonial dialects. The Judge
  21. Phil Deakins wrote: I'm thinking that perhaps those who criticise another person's English are those who aren't top notch at it themselves, even though it's their native language, and they delight in picking on anyone whose English is worse than their own; i.e. it probably makes them feel superior. On the charge of not terminating the sentence after two words, thereby giving everyone a good laugh: GUILTY On the charge of confused thinking regarding the suggestion that those who criticise another person's English are not competent in the language, which might be imputed to mean myself, which would be a contempt of court, as well as perhaps the most ridiculous thing ever written: GUILTY On the charge of incorrectly suggesting that it might make such persons feel superior: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: It does not make one feel superior; one simply is superior. The Judge
  22. steph Arnott wrote: How many alt's have you got? On the charge of discussing alts in the forum, an indiscretion that has been specifically stated is considered as a breach of the ToS by previous Community Managers, and is punishable by disciplinary action: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: I am a single and a singular forum personality; I have no alts; I have no need of alts; alts are for those who wish to cheat on their virtual partners or who wish to support their own nonsensical views. On the charge of insertion of a superfluous (grocer's) apostrophe: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Ignorance compounded by laziness, as described previously. The Judge
  23. Hippie Bowman wrote: Just for the record. I find the way that Trinity talks and types delightful! I have never had any problem understanding her. Peace! Strike that from the record! Obiter Dicta: You can not insist that you understand her; you can only state that you believe you understand her. Which probably says as much about you as it does about her. The Judge
  24. Phil Deakins wrote: @Aislin: I'm sorry that your thread turned out the way it did. I take the blame for it. It was coincidence that I was reading an old page of posts right after I'd read your first post in this thread, and what I read in the page matched what was in your post, so I posted here about it. Because of that, the others came in to 'have it out' with me, and the thread turned into something that you didn't want or expect. My apologies for that. The jury will please disregard this testimony, as will The Judge. Stupidity is its own punishment. The Judge
  25. Perrie Juran wrote: Why is it OK to deride an ESLer for their poor English writing skills? On the charge of mis-stating the actual problem: GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Poor English writing skills should be derided whether or not the writer is an ESLer; the in-forum demonstration of poor writing skills is inexcusable given the supporting facilities available online, not just in terms of spell-checkers, but also by the provision of grammatical and even style checking software. As an example, After The Deadline is a free and universally available browser addin that is compatible with the forum post drafting capability, that provides opportunities, in a convenient and simple to use way, to enhance the expression of personal opinions in a more comprehensible fashion. If you do not do so, your arguments may be derided because they are not comprehensible and because their expression suggests a less than impressive cognitive basis. On the charge of being too lazy, or too uncaring regarding potential readers, to review and revise their incoherent posts, I find the majority of posters GUILTY Obiter Dicta: Both ESLers and semi-literates appear to suffer from a similar problem; not only do they not realise how badly they write, but they actually seem to believe that they write adequately. The Judge
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