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  1. hi! i will try this too after observing if clearing my cache fixed the problem already. i'll try to log in tomorrow again during the hours when i find it toughest to get in. if it happens again (can't log in), then creating this "sort folder" is the next step i'd try but if for whatever reason it won't work, i'd have to let LL check my inventory for me. thank you for your time and input, much appreciated. keep safe!
  2. thank you for this thorough explanation and suggestions. i will try clearing my cache and see if that would fix it, otherwise, i'll contact LL, file a ticket, request for my inventory to be "de-flattened" if they see that it's what it actually needs for the issue to be resolved. stay safe!
  3. hello there! i haven't heard of "flat inventory problems" before and thank you for bringing it up. i would try sending a ticket regarding this. i appreciate your time reading and replying. thank you and stay safe!
  4. hi! i'm in Asia so i'm not quite sure if my troubles have any connection with the others in Europe and yes i do find it strange that it's just my main account, which is the only active account i do use for years now, that's having this problem. i did try sending a message from my alt to my main days ago to somehow try to shake it a bit IF and only IF the cause of it not logging in is maybe it's kinda "stuck" being online even if i have logged out. but, unfortunately, that doesn't fix it thank you so much for the message, i appreciate it. i hope you're well!
  5. because i was still trying to figure out as to what might be causing it since i can log in at other times. it's not like i never logged in the entire month of july and august. i have logged in some days but i still keep getting this issue until now and it is worse today, that is why i decided to reach out here and ask what might be the problem. i have been trying to log in since morning, it's almost evening now, haven't had a single success. i'm not the type who just contact support the second i encounter a problem without trying to fix the issue myself first because if that would be the case,
  6. hi! my main account won't log in. this issue started last July. out of desperation, i tried using an alt's account, which i haven't used in a long time, just to check if it will do the same. guess what? this account (alt) logged in without any problems. i'm using the same computer for both accounts, so i don't think internet connection has got something to do with it. i haven't used my main account as much during these past months as much as i have before the pandemic, having to do other things at home, aside from work. i can't be "banned" wherever or for doing whatever in SL, i don't rea
  7. hmmm never heard of making profiles invisible. status, yes, but profiles? are there viewers that allow that? I noticed the ones with those words (this name is unavailable) on profiles often made empty just like someone I knew. the person used to have a profile filled with stuff but after a while I saw it has that same thing on the web tab of their profile, the profile has no other stuff in it already, so I kinda concluded it might be because the account has been deactivated/deleted. but I posted the question here to be sure. thank you for the reply Alwin
  8. hi there! just wondering...been seeing this "this name is unavailable" in some of the profiles of people and I kinda feel those are the ones which are no longer used? ones that have been deactivated/removed? is this correct? EDIT: Had an experiment. Those profiles are no longer active.
  9. thank you for the help I appreciate it a lot just one more question tho, are these the only icons we can use?
  10. first off, thanks for the reply but... I tried this and it only shows a grey box/square and no picture
  11. I have seen people attaching icons/images in their profiles and am not referring to profile pictures or photos we put in our picks. I already found out how to put hyperlinks in but I'd like to know how I can place those icons in the profile window as well. anyone kind enough to share the 'secret'? :D I'm using Firestorm viewer, btw. thank you! --- I replied to you Ohjiro Watanabe but I'm not sure if I did that correctly as there's no 'reply' or forward button to click on here? XD I think I recall someone telling me to hit "permalink" to send back a message to someone so that's what
  12. hi ^^ well, these friends am referring to I added just a few days ago.. none of my old friends I have issue with. I do see their names on the left panel of our SL web account but not on the other window (where we see the 'feed', 'about', etc)... I see their names in-world but NOT invisible so I don't think they're trying to hide from me teehee thank you for the message!
  13. thanks so much I do hope this gets fixed soon.
  14. Hi! I noticed days ago that a friend of mine who I added a week or so is not in my web browser. I keep seeing the ADD FRIEND button too when I check on his profile (in the web). We are friends in-world and we even tried deleting each other and adding back to see if it will fix the issue, to no avail. so now we can't see each others stuff on our web profiles because it is saying he and I are not friends :P so we try adding again, accepting the friend requests but it's still saying ADD FRIEND. I thought this is just an issue with one friend but then I found out there's another friend now XD so
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