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  1. hmmm never heard of making profiles invisible. status, yes, but profiles? are there viewers that allow that? I noticed the ones with those words (this name is unavailable) on profiles often made empty just like someone I knew. the person used to have a profile filled with stuff but after a while I saw it has that same thing on the web tab of their profile, the profile has no other stuff in it already, so I kinda concluded it might be because the account has been deactivated/deleted. but I posted the question here to be sure. thank you for the reply Alwin
  2. hi there! just wondering...been seeing this "this name is unavailable" in some of the profiles of people and I kinda feel those are the ones which are no longer used? ones that have been deactivated/removed? is this correct? EDIT: Had an experiment. Those profiles are no longer active.
  3. thank you for the help I appreciate it a lot just one more question tho, are these the only icons we can use?
  4. first off, thanks for the reply but... I tried this and it only shows a grey box/square and no picture
  5. I have seen people attaching icons/images in their profiles and am not referring to profile pictures or photos we put in our picks. I already found out how to put hyperlinks in but I'd like to know how I can place those icons in the profile window as well. anyone kind enough to share the 'secret'? :D I'm using Firestorm viewer, btw. thank you! --- I replied to you Ohjiro Watanabe but I'm not sure if I did that correctly as there's no 'reply' or forward button to click on here? XD I think I recall someone telling me to hit "permalink" to send back a message to someone so that's what I did. anyway, I said in my response that I tried what you suggested but it's only showing this grey box/square after I hot OK (to save changes). and thanks for the reply :) --- @ Ohjiro Watanabe yes I use the default skin for FS and I used the 'Female' icon file to test. --- Oh, it appeared now! ^_^ thanks so much! another question tho, are these the only icons we can use? can't we use our own icons if we have saved somewhere else?
  6. hi ^^ well, these friends am referring to I added just a few days ago.. none of my old friends I have issue with. I do see their names on the left panel of our SL web account but not on the other window (where we see the 'feed', 'about', etc)... I see their names in-world but NOT invisible so I don't think they're trying to hide from me teehee thank you for the message!
  7. thanks so much I do hope this gets fixed soon.
  8. Hi! I noticed days ago that a friend of mine who I added a week or so is not in my web browser. I keep seeing the ADD FRIEND button too when I check on his profile (in the web). We are friends in-world and we even tried deleting each other and adding back to see if it will fix the issue, to no avail. so now we can't see each others stuff on our web profiles because it is saying he and I are not friends :P so we try adding again, accepting the friend requests but it's still saying ADD FRIEND. I thought this is just an issue with one friend but then I found out there's another friend now XD so two of them with the same problem. I don't see them in my friends list in my web browser but we are on each others lists in-world. I already asked Firestorm group support about this but I was told that the viewer has no connection with LL's web browser when it comes to this glitch/issue(?). kinda makes sense since I do see both friends in my list through my viewer but if the web browser is saying they are not my friends then it's a problem regarding seeing each other's stuff that we put on the web profile. may I know what is causing this if anyone knows at all? :) and is there a way to fix it or is it like an on-going issue with other people which we just need to wait to get fixed BY LL? I've already tried relogging a bunch of times too (to 'refresh' things) but it's not just doing anything >.< thank you for reading! :)
  9. Hi ^^ thank you so much for taking time in helping out. It's much appreciated. Will update you when I get the time to do these. I haven't played SL in other computers when I started experiencing this so yes I do need to try it on a different machine, provided that any other people would let me download stuff on their PC^^ hihi. yes, I know the orange cloud is when an avatar hasn't fully loaded yet, I did mention that and correction, I do not log in with a different avatar, I still use just the same account and just change the avatar into a completely different one. someone told me to try that coz he said there might be something that got attached to my 'everyday avatar" that isn't visible (maybe a script or something like that) so I tried changing into a new full av using the same account but it still happened. so anyway, I'll try if I can do these sooner than later just busy in RL when am not here ^^ thanks so much again!
  10. Valerie, my problem is not to test anyone's patience (people who willingly reply to my threads). I believe I am the one so frustrated here because LL is not helping in fixing the problem and if I am a different person I could have been bad-mouthing them already but that's not the case. I'm simply hoping they would hear this out because it's been months and it still is happening and yes it is a full-blown test for patience. am not saying Dilbert don't 'deserve the kudos for being patient" I just don't see why you look at his replying to me as something in need of patience when am not even being rude or like some people who post here, childish in their asking for help and solution.
  11. haha I almost forgot this ^^ thanks! or they could've simply called it REPLY >.< I already tried JIRA but they said my prob is not for JIRA. sheeeeesh. first I tried SUPPORT (after lots of inworld reports) and SUPPORT says they can't help me UNTIL I UPGRADE TO PREMIUM ACCOUNT. wow. so I went to JIRA and I got hit like a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth without stopping unfortunately. darn.
  12. I am still experiencing this problem. I am sooooooooooooo tired repeating the story. OMG. What can we do to fix this? Please anyone? It's so frustrating getting this ORANGE CLOUD named ( ??? ) ( ??? ) which makes me CRASH in an instant. It's double the frustration when I buy a home and I experience this in that place reason why I can't have a peaceful stay coz it will make me crash over and over. Sheesh LL please hear me out and fix this. PLEASE. TO DILBERT. thank you for your reply but those are not the answers, unfortunately. I've already been told about those last year by the PH/FS support team and those aren't the reasons why I keep getting the ORANGE cloud. they said so coz we did some tests to see if it will get fixed if I perform those relogging, clearing cache, setting to LOW (graphics), setting the particles to a minimum too, etc. to no avail. and no, it's not white, it is ORANGE. the same kind of cloud we see when someone hasn't rezzed fully. and yes I've been told too that maybe it is just a duplicate of myself which can be possible too and the reason for that I DO NOT KNOW. what I want to know is what triggers this and how to REALLY FIX IT. I do check the avatar ID when I see that cloud and most of the time YES it has the same avatar ID as mine so yes too, it might be that it is me too but why on earth is it happening? no it's not the router as I have done those things on it, but really it hasn't been fixed by just tweaking those. and one more thing, when this occurs, it has specific places where it is likely to happen. I have been to places where it never happens. and when I go back to places where I experienced it, I am to expect that it will happen again. so am pretty sure there's just something that triggers it. this started happening when I went to halloween sims last year, one of which people were freely to rez things on the land. is it possible that someone might've dropped an item which when picked up by others, will somewhat cause the avatar to attract certain bugs/glitches? coz I am positive that this only started after I went to two of these sims. and the other sim is where I got these "stars" while walking pass them and at first I was clueless as to what they are, my landlord then told me "those are harmless" as they 'use them too'... these stars are from a company called BLETAVERSE. is it familiar to you? if so, are they really harmless? coz two things I did while visiting those sims where hunt for halloween prizes then the stars thing from BLETAVERSE. so both can attach stuff on my avatar right? people even told me maybe someone gave me something that's causing this but why hasn't it went away even if I am using a totally different avatar, like no trace of the one I used in those sims? So am like getting confused too coz if it is indeed ON MY avatar or in it... could the BLETAVERSE thing do this since "I got those stars" but they are not really in my inventory OR can they be invisible/ undetected scripts? I am just so tired telling the story over and over and not getting this problem fixed. *sigh* TO DILBERT: LOL no it is simply orange because it is orange :P and not coz it was Halloween that time. Maybe coz of the viewer I am using that it is an orange cloud and not white. I am on Firestorm, if that helps :) Yeah it's a possibility too that I may have picked up something, but as I've said, even as I use a totally NEW full avatar, it still happens. it still happens even if am using an avatar that has no trace of my "default" everyday avatar/look. if indeed I picked up something, it may be in the inventory and going through 20k+ items in it and search for something I don't even know what to search for has been so tiring. too tiring to look for something when i don't even know what exactly it is that am looking for :P Previous posts and detailed info about these encounters (links) below. Thanks :) http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Abuse-and-Griefing/this-hasn-t-stopped-been-bugging-me-for-over-a-month-now/qaq-p/1733055 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Everything-Else/Can-anyone-actually-help-me-solve-my-problem-please/qaq-p/1708451 EDITED for everyone who just posted messages :) As I mentioned a few times already, this only occurs in the familiar sims I have already been to then at some that I just discovered, which may or may not give me the same annoying prob. and when I go to the same place where I already know that it happens, there's more chance of it happening again and there are places where it NEVER happens. So simply put, this has got nothing to do with my connection or the ping or my server because IF it is my computer that has the problem then I should have been experiencing this since I joined SL but this only started November last year I think. and again, in the same places where I already experienced it. I did the clean reinstalls over and over after removing other viewers and cleared cache and all the other stuff other helpers have advised me to do but I do experience this still. it's more frustrating when I find a parcel that I love and wanted to purchase then I'd encounter the orange cloud in that place, so it's already a sign that I shouldn't go back to that sim :( thank you for taking time in helping out, I appreciate it ^^ have a nice Sunday!
  13. I have filed reports upon reports about this ( ??? ) ( ??? ) that appears as a cloud and attaches to my avatar. it is not me, it's another "entity" that clings to my avatar when I am fully rezzed. whenever this thing appears, I crash immediately. I have been experiencing this for over a month now and it is so traumatizing. when I see it, security orbs cannot detect it, people can't see it (just me!), can't see it on the map too, BUT the radar will tell me when it enters and leaves the sim. It has different avatar keys. but the most disturbing part was when within all those appearances, it has my exact same avatar key. I've reported in-world lots of times and even here in the website but no solution yet :( I have asked so many people who might know what is happening and the last resort was, it's a griefer. they say griefers can track someone, stalk them, and do all sorts of bad things to them, which is what is happening to me. I am so so so sooooo tired telling my story over and over and not getting any solution really. My previous reports and posts here are so detailed and am just so frustrated having to repeat all that and get no good news = SOLUTION. sigh. this all started in a previous parcel I was living in and it made me move to another since it happens there a lot. i thought it only happens in the old parcel but even when I moved to a new place, it still happens but not as often. can anyone enlighten me how to deal with this please? I really am so tired of this problem :( thank you for reading! FOR Rolig: hi! thank you for your message. I did file one at JIRA too and they closed my case in a snap. they simply dismissed it saying that my problem is not for JIRA but I should file a ticket at the SUPPORT option, which I did BEFORE filing in JIRA but got the same treatment. they just pass me around >.< FOR Lindal: hi there! thank you for taking time to read and reply to my prob here. well, as mentioned, there was only one time when the avatar key was same as mine, the rest are different :( so I really am clueless as to what's causing this and what triggers it even. FOR Charolotte: I have uploaded a photo or two just recently but that didn't solve it and I don't use any other viewers than FS. thank you for posting in my message :) ---------------------- EDITED 01.25.2013 It's been months and I am still experiencing this problem. Can someone from LL PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me why this is happening and how to make it stop?!!! This is very frustrating! And I mean SUPER frustrating since I have filed countless reports about this last year and I still don't get any REAL HELP that will FIX THIS permanently. Yes, permanently because when I joined SL I didn't encounter this super annoying problem for months, it only started late last year and didn't stop since then. PLEASE LL FIX THIS. PLEASE.
  14. Hi there! :) I already filed reports about my problem and I am just being passed around, not getting any solutions, and it's driving me nuts already :P I filed through that 'contact support' portal and tried JIRA, both cases were closed. I really don't know what kind of issue I have since the people I asked about this are all new to it too. I'm so so frustrated now for not finding the solution for this. I'd really appreciate a solution to this as soon as possible. Anyway, here is the situation, for the gazillionth time.... TAKEN from the report I filed in JIRA just minutes ago: Been happening for more than a week now. I was at my SL home just chilling. I was alone and listening to music. Then this orange cloud appeared, same with the particle cloud we see (orange one) when we are still rezzing, or not rezzed fully. I thought someone accidentally TPed in my home because it happened before BUT this one is just a cloud and has a name: (???) (???) on its profile. The profile NEVER loads completely, so it is empty except for the name (???) (???) and its avatar key which is: 91ac8e33-9877-4f66-b630-73ff6a2cc249. My security orb don't detect it, I can't see it on the map, BUT the radar will tell if it enters and leaves a region. So I am so confused if this is another avatar or a bad script or something else. I really am clueless as to what triggered it. At first it only happens in my home. I stay a lot in the home so I didn't experience that in other sims until a few days back. Now it happens in some sims too BUT I noticed that it only happens when within a day, I visit my SL home, where it originated. So I did an experiment and didn't go to my place for a day. I didn't crash nor saw this orange cloud during those times. Then to prove my theory more, I did 2 days. I didn't visit my place for 2 straight days but when I went back to check if it will happen again, I went back there and I crashed. And another time, when I TPed out FROM my place to another sim, the cloud seemed to attach on me and so I saw it in the sim I TPed to. When I have company in my SL home and it happens, they do not see it. I am the only one who can see it, which makes it more weird. I am so clueless as to what this is. A bug? A glitch? A bad script? I really don't know. I have filed reports in-world too when I get the chance to take a snapshot of the cloud. At times it's tough clicking on IT because it is clinging on my avatar and when I get to click it, sometimes it goes away fast or makes me crash. There have been times too that it stays longer than usual. Kindly take note that the orange cloud's 'avatar key' and mine are only different by one character. See below: orange cloud's key: 91ac8e33-9877-4f66-b630-73ff6a2cc249 mine: 91ac8e33-9c77-4f66-b630-73ff6a2cc249 so it is major creepy because it's as if almost trying to really destroy my avatar by attaching this close. This is the scenario when that cloud appears. It's following my movements and opposite my fully rezzed avatar is its profile. It's empty and it's not really loading. I just wish for a solution for this soon as I am growing tired searching here and there for people who can really help :( Thank you for your time reading! :)
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