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  1. It does look like the Lindens are changing the account dashboard. When I click on premium account I see this now. I do not remember seeing that before.
  2. I finally created a free ALT account. The only thing I did was remove a payment method that was not used anymore from my premium account. I also noticed that I had to put in the code and check my email to activate the account. I did not have to do that before when I created a free ALT account. Not sure but I think before it was putting the free ALT accounts in with my premium account.
  3. No payment information on file Linden Dollar Balance US Dollar Balance L$ 0 USD 0.00 Saved Payment Methods You have no payment methods on file.
  4. Dashboard said basic $9.95 one time charge. I cancelled both the basic ALT accounts after I saw the one time charge. The accounts also said upgrade to premium. The advertising pitch to get you to upgrade. Your current plan: Basic Membership Upgrade To Premium Today! Your billing rate: USD 9.95 Basic
  5. Thank you everyone for the information. Very informative. Now I know what to do.
  6. The two basic ALT accounts were made 4 days apart from each other.
  7. The fee of $9.95 is in the dashboard for the ALT basic account. I did use the same e-mail for my premium and 2 basic ALT accounts. I am the only one in the house on one router. I also do not use sharing on my computer..
  8. After making a second basic ALT account I saw a one time charge of $9.95 on the account. I have 1 premium account and created 2 basic ALT accounts. I did not know about the $9.95 charge. The first ALT basic account had no charge and was free. After I created the second ALT basic account it said there was a one time fee of $9.95. I read the pricing for SL accounts and yes it does say the Lindens can charge for multiple ALT basic accounts.
  9. Thank you Emma. I think that might have fixed the problem. I saw a few i/m's in local chat that had gone to my email about a week ago.
  10. I have started to have a problem with objects sent to me while I am offline. I have messages sent to my email when I am not online. I will get a message that will say you have received so and so object from whoever, sign in to except or refuse this item. When I login there will be no message telling about an object sent to me. Not sure if this is happening while I am in world. Has anyone else had this happen? Rc Rexen
  11. Hello Charolotte, You are correct in saying one or the other. openGL and everything you need is in version 11.7 drivers. There is no need to install anything else. You can use just the version 11.7 drivers or just the beta preview drivers. From what I read on the ATI web site version 11.8 has the updates for openGL but I could be wrong. You are very welcome and glad that I could help. Rc Rexen
  12. Hello Charolotte, I think I might be able to help you with your questions. The link provided is for beta drivers for ATI video cards. They are beta so they might help performance or maybe not. I rolled back my video drivers to version 11.7 and there was no difference from the version 11.8 video drivers. I think you know there is the v3.0 slviewer and also a beta v3.0 slviewer and not v3.0 slviewer drivers. I like to uninstall the video drivers before I update to newer drivers. I use the uninstall in the control panel to remove the drivers. Rc Rexen
  13. Thanks Drager. I updated my video drivers to version 11.8 when I saw there was an update. Performance seems the same with 11.8 and11.7 drivers. If you set the antialiasing to 2x there will also be an increase in performance for slviewer2. I also uncheck the anisotropic filtering in slviewer2. Rc Rexen
  14. Hi Velk You might need the flash player for other browsers. I needed to install it for the Damani media viewer I use. It seems like you just have the activex plugin for the browser. The version for other browsers will install a flash player that is not an add on for the browser. Rc Rexen http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/
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