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  1. Venus Petrov wrote: You are absolutely correct. Why *would* anyone get bent over how many 'loves' any single post gets? Or kudos, for that matter? In the grand scheme of things, these are nothing more than playground fodder. ETA: SLum has already seen spamming. It aint pretty. Miss Petrov, you have the floor to explain your remarks vis-a-vis the philosophy espoused by our esteemed former leader. :matte-motes-inlove: The Judge /will be interested to see if this post gets removed for advertising. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  2. Tari Landar wrote: most of the "trending" isn't advertising in the least So at what point does the advertising become unacceptable? Does it have to be as annoying and persistent as the tv programme spammers for LL to do something about it? Or not as is pretty evidently the case at the moment. :matte-motes-smug: Do you agree with the suggestion that advertising of land, products, events, personal services should be untrammelled? Do you think that real world goods and services (like the tv spammers) should be allowed in the feed, because at the moment it seems unlikely that LL has any contingency plans in position to prevent such an outbreak? Do you think that two "loves" is sufficient for a comment to qualify for publication to *all* feeds, or might you perhaps consider that an effective way of restricting such potential promotional opportunities would be to stop residents loving themselves and require a significantly higher number of loves before considering the item as Trending? Do you think that perhaps it might make more sense to categorise comments so that some intelligent selection criteria might be available to residents to positively subscribe to? :matte-motes-sarcasm: If you don't have opinions on these issues, or perhaps won't or can't express them, then perhaps your contribution to this thread is less than desirable, and can be safely ignored while others discuss the validity of the OP and, if I may be so bold, the useful questions I have raised above. :matte-motes-sunglasses-3: The Judge /is looking for a smiley with a wig.
  3. Tari Landar wrote: In order for someone to be "gaming" something, don't they have to prosper from in it some way? Though typically it's a monetary gain, it can apply to other gains too, I suppose. Do you understand the concept of advertising? The Judge /knows that half his advertising is wasted //so he doubles his free advertising.
  4. I recommend you try making your own. That way you have only one person to blame if you don't like the shape. Make different ones for different skins AND different hairbase/hair combinations. Because the hairbase can make a huge difference to the way your face looks. The Judge /knows that one man's meat is another man's poisson.
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