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  1. Will the new Kindle Fire HDX support Second Life viewers? It has a 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 GP.
  2. I al also receiving ExDepart gifts as fast as I can delete them. Also, a friend of mine is also receiving them with me as the owner and I receive them where he is named as the owner. It started when we both went to JStyle together.
  3. There was a previous poster who has a valid point. Premium members aren't given enough information after joining. I moved into my house but I have now idea who to contact with questions. For instance, there's a control panel by the front door. If I click it I'm given a link to a page that gives me no information. Also, how do I find out how many prims I am using? We are giving you money for memberships. Can't you take better care of us?
  4. I understand that many whose first language isn't English may make errors, Many are typos but many are simple spellings errors. Even the web site has many errors. I would think that the web site developers would be professional enough to know that they should use spell check and proof read. Honestly, it isn't hard to look up a work on Dictionary.com. Does this annoy anyone else?
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