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  1. Venus Petrov wrote: Good grief. He hasn't even started officially. The announcement was made and he tweeted 'hello' and got alot of responses. So, you would rather he say nothing until after he gets an account. Right. Noted. I can understand him being polite on the disaster in the waiting that is Twitter. I can understand him not wanting to get his entry lost amongst the five index pages of BollySpam. I can understand him not wanting to look like he's checking on Torley's minimal attempts to justify his salary in the Feeds. What I can't understand is him making an account on the oh-so-passé SLU forum and posting there. Maybe Rod, as a leaving gift, gave him some advice on how to alienate the mainstream users. © The Judge
  2. MrZVZ wrote: MrZVZ on SL. PS: Don't be put off by my ESL. ;-) Learn to read the intent while I am learning my way through the massy [sic] business of US English Grammar. I would suggest that you take your request to whatever foreign language subforum suits your actual mother tongue, as any initiative you might wish to instigate regarding "advanced" communication would be rendered risible by your inadequacies in English. "Learn to read the intent" indeed. You need to learn to write cogent English! © The Judge
  3. Is it just me that wants to call him Zoidberg? © The Judge
  4. steph Arnott wrote: You would say that, but then your comment is a [sic] opinion on nothing remotely resembling a fact. FIFY! © The Judge
  5. steph Arnott wrote: NO, does one million United States Dollars make it clearer. It certainly clarifies the extent of your delusions. © The Judge
  6. steph Arnott wrote: I earn over US$1,000,000 year talking and writing the way I do. You have problems with numbers as well as letters, do you? © The Judge
  7. Jo Yardley wrote: He is communicating with users on Twitter. I know, should use the official website for communication and SL forum and such, but at least he is talking. Next thing you know he'll be insisting we post on his wall. You know, that social platform that doesn't allow avatar accounts. Not communicating via an LL channel starts him off with a black mark in my book. © The Judge
  8. Jo Yardley wrote: Let's hope his communication skills are up to par. ...Dres So far, so good. Jo, he hasn't said anything. Press Releases are written by the Marketing Department. Although I was interested to see that they fell into the trap of admitting that LL produces games. Amateurs! © The Judge
  9. Dresden Ceriano wrote: jujmental wrote: Storm Clarence wrote: Is "Ebbe" his screen name or user name? His real name - he's Swedish. Another ******* ESLer as my friends Rudi and Pep might combine to say. © The Judge Let's hope his communication skills are up to par. ...Dres Maybe he's actually MrZVZ from this post . . . © The Judge
  10. Storm Clarence wrote: Is "Ebbe" his screen name or user name? His real name - he's Swedish. Another ******* ESLer as my friends Rudi and Pep might combine to say. © The Judge
  11. "BranchOut is the largest professional community on Facebook" Figures. He was VP Media Engineering at Yahoo. Which means nothing, so presumably he is a marketer. © The Judge
  12. IvanTwin Rogers wrote: This is a horrible ANT, in the restaurant wall Of course it's an ant. It's a restaurANT. Waiter, do you have frog's legs? If so, hop off and get me a steak and chips. © The Judge
  13. I think they may be confusing ACSD with BDSM. © The Judge
  14. Since the massive marketing machine that is LL managed to issue just 9 Press Releases during 2013 (Nine, count 'em, that's less than one a month!) then it's hardly surprising that they either can't be bothered or are still working out what to say. Actually, Senderov has merely raised higher the brick wall of non-communication that Viale started building once he had realised that LL's management was unable to offer cogent responses to informed criticism. If you don't say anything you can't be reminded you said it when you realise how stupid it was and try and pretend it didn't exist, which was Amanda's moronic take on corporate revisionism - spot the similarity to Suspiria? Once Rod's hubris at not being able to smooth talk the customers dissipated, and he closed down his communications channels (email, feeds, Twitter, blog etc) and his attempts to find sympathy elsewhere (sympathy from SLU; snigger!) foundered on public outcry at his hypocrisy, he was on the slippery slope of having nobody among the SL customer cognoscenti (well, nobody significant) to applaud his efforts at product diversification, which was seen merely to result in diversion of scarce resources away from fixing SL's problems. I presume that he was fired as a result of a board schism (Will Wright disappeared at the same time) which resulted from a disagreement over the direction of LL, and the dilution of the likelihood that SL would offer a mature model for a "3D" Virtual Environment that would be the paradigm user interface. That the remainder of the board don't seem to have a clue how to progress SL into a browser based, smartphone and tablet dominated future would have been an embarrassment that would not have stopped Rod and Will from wanting to further the gamification of SL, which leads down a blind alley, of course. I confidently expect LL to appoint as CEO a futurist of some sort (assuming they can find one who isn't making a fortune helping the US Armed Forces create super-soldiers and robot drones) since they have tried the original optimist entrepreneur, the merchant banker and the game designer. The alternative would be a competent marketer, who would monetise the game inworld. Sorry, I just used the two words "competent" and "marketer" in the same sentence . . . © The Judge
  15. LaskyaClaren wrote: Vous êtes très chanceux d'avoir des voisins internationales! Une des choses que j'aime le plus à propos de Second Life, c'est qu'il me donne autant d'occasions de rencontrer des gens de partout dans le monde. J'ai des amis de presque tous les continents sur la terre! Ce que nous devons faire est de démolir lignes interdiction plutôt que de les construire. Je comprends que c'est ce que vous faites. Je vous félicite. Voulez-vous un Coke, au fait? :-) Part of your post reminded me of a recruitment advertisement for the Armed Forces: "Go to exotic locations, meet foreign people - and kill them!" This is an English language forum, as indicated by there existing multiple subforums specifically for those who wish not to communicate - or attempt to do so - in the world's most ubiquitous and unforgiving language. Having said that, at least it is possible to ignore posts obviously written in a foreign language, while those who believe - erroneously - that they can write comprehensible English (whether ESLers or simple semi-literates) can waste a considerable amount of the time of less perceptive readers, and generate conflict of misinterpretation. I would not dream of telling people what they should do, whether it be not posting, reappraising and improving their English or literacy skills, using spelling, grammar, and style aids or starting every post off with "I be not an good English" as a warning; what I would say is that if you continue to post nonsensically then be prepared to have it ridiculed and your opinions dismissed as the ravings of a subnormal intellect. © The Judge
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