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  1. William of Ockham suggests that inexperience or incompetence is usually a more likely explanation
  2. The International Forums are here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/119-international-forum/
  3. The International Forums are here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/119-international-forum/
  4. Since the General Discussions forum is being used as an Answers forum why dont you change its name Maybe you should call it Questions
  5. Lindens with little or no experience seem to be moderating the forums at the moment and are failing to follow previously defined protocols regarding informing members when posts or thread are being taken down or modified. Note that this is neither a discussion nor criticism of moderators or the moderation process, merely an observation of fact.
  6. Shakespeare would slap you in the face
  7. I have not spoken to my motherinlaw for three years It would be rude to interrupt her
  8. Silence usually means a woman is eating or drinking
  9. You were not really honored in the first place and now you only have three posts on this forum But if it is important to you why dont you send a twitter message to ebbe
  10. This is not the right forum You should post your problems in the answers forum
  11. It's a shame that its features don't include a grammar checker and a spelling checker though.
  12. I dont think the 16 year old intern that coded the feeds is intersted in coming back to fix them as he was a relative of Rodvig
  13. Your talking about reality Jamie not antisocial networks
  14. The group will disappear if there is only one person in it anyway You would have got a better reply sooner with lots of stuff copied and pasted if you had asked this question in the answers forum
  15. You now have to tell them why you want to edit something. Why I am going to say that a cat ran aross my keyboard and it aciddentally typed rude things Bum See what I mean
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