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  1. I tried a few different snapshot sizes today and still I cannot post them to my profile feed. No error was raised by my viewer. Conclusion: Unlike other things, Snapshot size does not matter. :-) I hate to agree with Avery and since Marianne's educated guess is that 3 or 4 are the possible answers, then the next possible step is: Next Step: buy a garlic necklace from the marketplace and wish others have similar problem to grab LL's attention.
  2. I have been posting at least twice a day for the last 4 months and nothing was saved despite the fact that my viewer gave me no error, no warning, no failure msg. The problem is systematic and I discovered it yesterday when I tried to change something on my web profile (I do not read our own profiles often). It could be: (1) my viewer (I have already informed them about this issue). (2) something on my settings/preferences (3) LL voodoo (4) ????
  3. I have been posting snapshots to my profile feed without any problems for years. Today I realized that nothing was uploaded for the last 4 months. Has LL changed something? Could something in my preferences/settings be the problem?
  4. How can I add/amend captions of photos that I have already been posted in my web profile?
  5. I have just purchased 2,000L$ from LindeX and my balance reflects that purchase. When I go to the sell option it tells me that my sell limit is 0.0L$. Why? Date / timeDescriptionAmountEnding Balance2016-10-18 16:34:11LindeX Currency Buy - order_id=XXXXXXXX$8.06$0.002016-10-18 16:34:11Payment of 7.46 EUR, Electron ending with XXXX($8.06)($8.06)
  6. Finally found the error with the help of Rolig Loon. Thank Rolig! I ddid not have time to sanidize the code, but the following is what I was using to prove the concept as a part of a bigger project. //Make an object (container) and add in the content 2 objects the the names "Chris'Hook1" and "Chris'Hook2" //whem you click on the object (container) the 2 objects should be copied to the inventory under a folder with the name "Chris'Hook1" key OwnerKey; key WhoClickedKey; string HookBackName="Chris'Hook1"; string HookFrontName="Chris'Hook2"; GivenTheHooks() { //Hooks not attached on the avatar. Offer the Item from the container. //Before offering it, check if item exist in the container llOwnerSay("2 HookFrontName=" + (string)llGetInventoryKey(HookFrontName)); llOwnerSay("2 HookBackName=" + (string)llGetInventoryKey(HookBackName)); //THIS DOES NOT WORK --> if((llGetInventoryKey(HookFrontName)!=NULL_KEY) && (llGetInventoryKey(HookBackName)!=NULL_KEY)) //BUT THE FOLLOWING DOES if((llGetInventoryType(HookFrontName)!= INVENTORY_NONE) && (llGetInventoryType(HookBackName)!=INVENTORY_NONE)) { //Check if the permisions are correct if ((llGetInventoryPermMask(HookFrontName, MASK_OWNER) & PERM_COPY) && (llGetInventoryPermMask(HookBackName, MASK_OWNER) & PERM_COPY)) { //Do the offer. The item will be offered in a folder llGiveInventoryList(OwnerKey, Chris'Hook1, [HookFrontName, HookBackName]); } else { llInstantMessage(WhoClickedKey, "1 Something went wrong. The hooks do not have the right permissions to copy."); return; } } else { llInstantMessage(WhoClickedKey, "2 Something went wrong. The hooks are missing."); return; } } default { touch_start(integer total_number) { OwnerKey=llGetOwner(); WhoClickedKey=llDetectedKey(0); llOwnerSay("1 HookFrontName=" + (string)llGetInventoryKey(HookFrontName)); llOwnerSay("1 HookBackName=" + (string)llGetInventoryKey(HookBackName)); GivenTheHooks(); } }
  7. I did more testing on the above. It looks that when the content of your object ends ups in the customer with No Motify, Copy, Transfer, then the content is not recognized (even though it is there with No Modify), ie. llGetInventoryKey(HookFrontName)=NULL_KEY Am I expected to pass the contend with modify permission when ideally it should be no modify and no transfer at the hands of the customer? This can't be right!
  8. I put on the market place an Object1 (container) that contains another Object2 (content).I set the permisions as follows: Object1: Next Owner - No Modify, Copy, No Resell/Give away Object2: No Modify, Copy, Transfer The customer ended up with the following: Object1: No Modify, Copy, No Transfer Object2: No Modify, Copy, Transfer I think those were the right permisions in order to be able to pass copies of Object2 to the owner. However, the following line fails: if (llGetInventoryPermMask("Object2", MASK_OWNER) & PERM_COPY) llGiveInventoryList(llGetOwner(), "MyFolder", ["Object2"]); Any ideas why? *****Note: I isolated the code below and used the same permissions and pass it to a friend and works.Why not through the marketplace? default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(0, "Touched."); if (llGetInventoryPermMask("Object2", MASK_OWNER) & PERM_COPY) llGiveInventoryList(llGetOwner(), "MyFolder", ["Object2"]); } }
  9. Thank Rolig and Innula for the help. Please note, however, that before I posted the original question I tried the hide/show method and soon realized that it is not practical when you have a list of 15 or more child objects that the users can choose from to add just 1 or 2 today and probably different ones tomorrow (ie. you can never detach and soon the user runs out of attachment points). I have also started coding an RLV-based solution. However, I stopped because I haven't done any serious coding on RLV and I do not want to end up with another working, yet unsatisfactory solution. My primary concerns are: 1) What happens when the owner has RLV off or a viewer that does not support RLV? 2) What happens if the user does not have an #RLV folder yet? Can I create it though script? 3) Do the @attachover and @attachthis create copies like the llAttachToAvatar.? 4) I identified the following steps in achieving what I want with RLV and it looks that I will have to rely heavily on arbitrary(?) timeouts since most will be happening in Asynchronous mode. (a) Check if already the child object is attached on the avatar (@getattach[:attachpt] top/down or @getinvworn for bottom/up approach) -- Async (b) If not, Check if #RLV already contains the child object -- Async © If not, issue an @acceptpermission=add and send the child object in an #RLV subfolder (@??? ) -- Async (d) Wait for successful completion of the above (I gathered that RLV will not return a success/fail for a command and I will depend on timeouts) (e) Issue an @attachover or @attachthis to force attach the child object - Async (f) Verify if attached ( llGetAttachedList) before using the child object -- Synch I just hope you have in mind a more robust solution that the above.
  10. Not a good solution to rez it first, since not all sims allow that. The solution of copying it in the inventory first and then attach it is also something that is not working and it is a little awkward. *First, the owner is required to accept their own child object. I believe that, since I trust the Main object which I have attached, then I should trust the content too. The following works but is awkward: default { touch_start(integer total_number) { //if Child object name is BALLinBOX exist, then (1)copy in inventory //get the UUID of the person wearing the MAIN object. if (llGetOwner()!=llDetectedKey(0)) return; //allow only owner. integer i; integer found=FALSE; for(i=0;i<llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT);i++) { if(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,i)=="BALLinBOX") { //Child object name is BALLinBOX exist. (1)copy in inventory. llGiveInventory(llGetOwner(),"BALLinBOX"); //Found. Exit the for-loop. found=TRUE; i=llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_OBJECT); } } if(!found) llOwnerSay("Child object with name BALLinBOX not found."); } * Second, you can not automate the AttachToAvatarTemp when the chlid object is copied in the inventory, because the CHANGED_INVENTORY will not be triggered if it was caused by a script function or a user taking advantage of llAllowInventoryDrop. The following does NOT work: default { changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_INVENTORY) { //Request permision to (2) attach on the avatar. llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(),PERMISSION_ATTACH); } } run_time_permissions(integer vBitPermissions) { if(vBitPermissions & PERMISSION_ATTACH) { llOwnerSay("Permission to attach accepted."); //(2) attach the Child object with name BALLinBOX on the avatar. llAttachToAvatarTemp(ATTACH_LHAND); } else { llOwnerSay( "Permission to attach denied." ); } } }
  11. I wear an object (main) which contains an object (child). Is is possible to click on the main object and attach the child object on my avatar (on a different attachment point and not necessarily creating an inventory copy- attach temp is just fine).
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