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  1. Since I went and created a new land group I no longer need to allow roles in the group to rez but, I did copy your information down for future use. I assume that was my problem, since I was the land owner and not the group that it was not allowing the actual roles in the group to work. It makes since. I was setting the group but I was not deeding it like i thought i was. Thank you for the information. I might end up doing it that way just don't need to do it right at the moment.
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rosies Paradise/213/69/22 yes, correct it shows me as the owner and that the land is set to group. so is this why the land group settings as far as in the roles not working ?
  3. Ok everyone keeps saying the land is set to group is that not the same as deeded ? From what i am understanding , for the group options to work poperly as far as setting the roles to rez and some not to rez that the land has to be group owned. I noticed that I owned the land, not the group , even thow the land was deeded to the group it said i was still the owner. From my understanding that the group needed to own the land for this all to work properly. I really don't know but its getting really confusing to me. all i wanted to do was keep my group that i had set for the land and j
  4. Well, I was never able to actually get it to work so what I ended up doing was making a new group for the land and just deeding it to the new group. I will be more carefull on who I add to this group. It actually solves my problem but still makes me wonder why you can't just have one set role in the group to rez and the other roles not to rez.
  5. Ok, so is this why its not letting people with the correct tag not to be able to rez or maybe i should give it more time , like 20 to 30 min. to take affect. Someone told me that maybe im not giving it enough time to take affect before we try to rez ? THe land is already deeded to the group so the group must have already been set. From what your saying.
  6. Ok I have already deeded the land to the group , not sure what you mean by setting the land to the group ? Sounds like I should have done that first ?
  7. ok with the Group Build unchecked , all three things unchecked on the land. No one in the group can rez but me, even tho i have the create objects checked in the role that i want to be able to rez. So for some reason their is a conflic somewhere. I have 4 people in that role and none of them can rez, even tho they are wearing the correct tag. If i check the group build in the land , then everyone in the group can rez even tho i only have it set to just the one role. don't understand why its not working. I have the land deeded to the group. everything seems to be correct.
  8. I tried it without the build in the land and it would still would let everyone in the group build even tho I only have the one ROLE in the group marked as to build. I will go threw and double check it again shortly but just seems like its not working properly. Than you for the info , i will double check my settings again.
  9. I have set my land to group and yes, deeded it. I have three main roles in this group. Everyone FOOF Worker Owner I have set (Everyone) to just send and receive notices, join group chat, voice chat everything else is unchecked. I have set (FOOF Worker) to same as above plus always allow create objects , everying is checked for Owner. My question is, I would think that just people in the FOOF Worker role would be able to rez on my land, but everyone in the group is able to rez. I have even unchecked the Build, Object Entry, under land options.
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