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  1. yes i did both suggestions: i am on newest version and some days ago already checked-verified email...i will wait let's see if that issue will fix itself
  2. lately when i try to send a snapshot to my usual email, appears a message 'enter a valid email'. That did not occur in the past. Someone into the same problem? Thanks for it in advance!
  3. I am since 2007 into this world, and was rated 'Honored Resident' before updating sl community. Why now I appear rated as a 'newbie'??
  4. Do you know how a disappeared full sim can be salvaged with the same name and localisation? Thanks and sorry for my inconvenient question.
  5. In January, historic sim called "breezes", disappeared, as SL terms make it difficult to tear in parts, in case of budget problems to maintain entire sim. Just wanted to show my most deep pity, for losing a sim on which I had special devotion, the one on which my sl experience was being fulfilled since mid 2007. :(
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