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  1. Hi Treasure Ballinger, no sadly there is no IRB info since that is mainly used in the United States. Just to be clear this is absolutely not spam! If you google Utrecht University you will see that it is a very upstanding University. If there is any other thing we can do to assure you that research is completly real, please let us know! We're looking forward to hearing from you!
  2. Hi Dante, part of our research is actually focussed on the benefits of SL for women, because there's almost no literature we can find on that topic. But if you have other suggestions on interesting research topics related to second life, we would love to hear them!
  3. Hi Annika, that's a shame. Thank you for your suggestions anyway!
  4. Sadly we are really not aloud to offer compensation for an interview, how little the compensation may be. It might be interesting for a resident because she could share her experiences. I know that already happens on forums like these, but maybe not so much in scientific communities.
  5. I understand that the best place to find answers to questions about SL is on SL itself. And we will try to understand what goes on in SL by participating in the community. But parts of our research just can't be found in SL. For example, we're trying to find out if women feel more empowered by having more anonymity in SL than in Firstlife. We won't be able to research this without actually talking to residents. So I hope you understand the need for us to interview residents a little bit more now. I do wanna thank you for your reaction Klytyna because this does give us some insight in the life of a female SL resident!
  6. Hi Annika, thank you for your suggestion! The only problem with offering payment for information is that our results won't be reliable anymore. If you have any other suggestions please tell us!
  7. Hi Klytyna, What your suggesting, logging in to SL and do research there, is also part of our research. But we are trying to get our information from different sources, one of them being an interview with an experienced SL user. If you're not interested in helping us, that's fine. But if you do know other sources that could help our research, we would love to hear from you.
  8. Good day Everyone! We’re cultural anthropology students at Utrecht University and we are doing research on the wonderful world of Second Life. We’re researching the way gender affects the manner in which people treat you in your fascinating community. We’re looking for people willing to be interviewed via skype. We’ll keep our participants anonymous, and our finished project will be available to read if you’re interested. If you’d like to help us, please react to this message! Thanks!
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