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  1. Acho que estou com um problema parecido. No meu caso, eu usava NET VIRTUA 15 MEGA e não tinha problema... daí, troquei para VIVO/GVT 50 MEGA, e o Second Life conecta, mas cai em menos de 5 minutos. Tô sem saber o que fazer.
  2. I'm being disconnected from second life.

    Hello! I'm facing a problem with Second Life ... I am being disconnected 3 to 5 minutes after login. Sometimes I am asked to verify my connection to the internet. This problem appeared after exchanging internet bandwidth services before 15 mega and now 50 mega. It is noteworthy that: I have no problems with the internet in other things, just SL; I've tried using other viewers; Clean cache frequently; My computer has all the prerequisites for use of secondlife; I can usually access by connecting through the Internet of 15 mega of my mother, but I can not in my 50 mega. I would love to be helped with this as I have stopped with SL because of this problem. Sorry, for grammatical errors or nonsense words ... I used a translator. P.S.: This is the message I get when I'm disconnected: "Ah no! You have been disconnected from Second Life. This region may be experiencing problems. Please check your internet connection."