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About Me

Found 25 results

  1. For some reason the forum turned condensed mode off. Now am stuck on the space wasting normal mode. It does not read nice anymore. Using a small screen, so condensed is more important. I only need to see the topic headers, everything else you can call screen littering. More people problem with condensed midd or know how to fix it ?
  2. After editing a post I can't do it again if I need to update something about it weeks later, ( especially when it's been replied to ). Why is updating a post only allowed 1 time / after it's been replied.?
  3. Hello! Can I post in connection with my questions the tags with the names of forum participants who are competent in a particular area and asking for help? In the case of for example, if I can not get a response for a long time.
  4. ...Something like a "Place Your For Sale Stuff Here" post somewhere if it's not land, to give everyone the opportunity to post their stuff just in one section to not bother the other forum spots?
  5. ...Explain it to me like I'm 5, pretty please and thank you.
  6. “Discuss the best ways to connect to other Residents.” …..................... Last night, after a good meal and two glasses of wine, (one white, one red), I was in a relaxed and contented state of mind, and my relaxed RL mind was reflecting on the intricacies of SL and its many layers. We see a regular stream of friend requests here in the forums, and yeah, I get that in world it can be hard to forge lasting and real friendships. But occasionally this happens and when it does, it can be both long lasting and fulfilling. I’ve seen this even in the short time I’ve been around. But there’s another way, and it’s here in these forums. By engaging in discussion here, connections are made with others and sometimes those connections will strengthen and evolve, especially where there is common ground. My own motives for posting here were to seek help, and I was overwhelmed by the kindness and acceptance I experienced as someone very new. This only encouraged me to become more involved with the forums, and it has become very much a parallel world to my in-world SL. I love this community and how it extends into the virtual world through the Forum Cartel and the Breakfast Club. It’s my go to place of choice when I get a few minutes on my phone. OK, at times it can get a bit heated, but every forum I’ve ever been part of has been similar. I don’t engage in ping pong posting simply because I’ve seen elsewhere how it never ends well. But back to my original thinking..........here is the perfect place to engage with people, and get to know them. Then when you encounter their avi in world. You already know who they are and how they think. The vanity threads have been pivotal in how I’ve evolved in a short time, and a regular source of new ideas for outfits. They have also drawn together a group of people who share the obsessions of shopping, outfits, taking photos, and chatting endlessly. That would have been so hard to achieve just in world! Our Angels Group is only at the beginning, and has huge potential in the future! For me, this community is a fundamental part of my SL experience, and it has given me more friendships and fun than I’ve built up in world, although I also value my in world friends very highly. So a huge thank you to everybody who has ever given me any help or advice. Just thought it was worth saying! 😁
  7. OK, I just noticed that out of the 14 sub-forums in Answers, my icon shows up as the latest responder in 7 of them. The rest of you better get busy or I am going to become the undisputed Empress of Answers.
  8. The forums seem to have just changed to a mobile-first format. Less info, hamburger menus, more clicks to navigate. Or is that a mode selection somewhere?
  9. The forums here could use a "vehicles" section. SL has active sailing, flying, and driving communities, but they're not on here. Comments?
  10. So, using a certain search term, people are able to access my real world information. I'm trying to get around sites and asking them to remove it. I would link the url here, but then if people do digging then it will show up and they will know another account I use. But anyway, is there a way to censor/remove old archive pages on my other account?
  11. Post your pics of the Halloween party here. The Pictionary board was a blast!
  12. A few friends and I have started a forum in the hopes to meet more people on SL. We have met a lot of really interesting people through our time in SL, but we're hoping to meet a lot more. If you are looking for friends, or just a forum/store to check out, please give us a chance. We're sure that we'll be great hosts c: If you're interested, please visit us at: http://friendomart.forumotion.com/ or at our main store here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena Black Pearl/66/168/2017
  13. Good morning my fellow Forum Cartel types! The Breakfast Club lands at my place this morning, KONA Stream Studios on Aracar Mountain. Enjoy the park, the mountain peak, or visit my private studio in the sky. Breakfast is served from 8AM to 10AM SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aracar/150/99/99 Music provided by me, via KONA Stream http://cabhs30.sonixcast.com:9802 - for SL parcels http://listen.sonixfm.com/8776 - for external players www.konastream.com - Our homepage
  14. Ive just come from the 'Cats cause bdsm' thread after reading this! "Hey all as fascinating as this topic is, I have the unfortunate job of being the buzz kill here and reminding you all that while we love the level of participation in discussions we are seeing from everyone that we really need to try and keep the topics to something involving Second Life. These are after all Second Life forums. That being said, I am going to close down this thread, feel free to boo me, I understand, but I still like you all!" HERE Whats up with that? I thought the 'general discussion' thread was one place we could talk about anything, not necessarily, only SL based topics. (bdsm is a very SL subject anyway and I have a Firestorm cat who is very sweet in a demanding way, not that I got to say that). Sometimes its a relief to chat with friends about 'other' things. I say BOO @Tommy Linden
  15. LiveReport

    Where is my stuff?

    What happened to all my old post when the new forum was created. Other avatars had all their stuff migrated to the new forum but my post are missing. Google search show they were once there... but all the link are broken is there any way to get my stuff back?
  16. My searches are getting no results and the Forum Feedback thread seems to be gone. So can anyone tell the "rest of us" how to get the multiquote to paste in after you have your quotes. Not working for me ^^. Thanks. Here is what I am talking about. Not really sure what I am doing wrong; likely something VERY simple.
  17. Wow, looks like the forum is look even better as ideas are starting to roll in. Such ideas shown in this issue: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-100663 What do y'all think of the new forum read/unread icons?
  18. There are many wonderful things about the new forums, but the attaching photos is very problematic. Sometimes (well often for me) we need to continue writing after adding a photo. OR we need to add one photo, explain what that is about, add another and explain etc -- especially when we are trying to help someone learn how to do something. I have had issues with this from the beginning and if we CAN type after adding a photo (even editing later doesn't work for me) then I guess I need some instructions. Instead I had to add a second post just now which certainly isn't the best method. So, if an embedded photo option could be added to the toolbar buttons that would be great. I guess I could upload the photo somewhere (I don't use a picture storage place) and then link but really, I just want to be able to upload screenshots quickly when explaining how to do something and ALSO be able to continue on with the explanation. Thanks for considering.
  19. hi, i was wondering if there is a place on the forums here where people can advertise their MP and in world shops? i looked at all the threads but haven't really seen anywhere. any ideas? thanks.
  20. Am not getting used to it, this forum have configured the enter key wrong. When i now oress enter i get empty line. Am told you need to use shift-enter. first that's not logic and normal on forum. second, on tablet shift-enter is not practical. So i want to have it on this forum so enter just brings me to the next line without any wrong actions that add a space. you see it already happen in this post to, useless linefeeds. This really the only big mistake on this forum, it's also a not normal functionality that no other forum use. Linden lab, please fix this.
  21. Wondering if anyone else has experienced disappearing threads in this new forum setup. Yesterday morning I made a lengthy post in "Favorite Destinations" regarding my latest project. The post went public just fine, saw approx. 30 views and even a "Like" by the end of the night. I went to check the post this morning, and the thread is gone. Not moved elsewhere, completely removed. The thread has vanished from "Favorite Destinations", and there is only this error code when I follow the notification link. Can anyone tell me what is happening? I haven't used the forum much since the re-design, and this is making me want to use it even less. Is this just a glitch? Did I violate some terms I knew nothing about? This is not my first rodeo, so i'm just looking for some clues/answers.
  22. So I just posted this in the ANSWERS section, but seeing as the forums are a spectacular mess right now, i figured this deserved a spot in the Feedback category as well. Apologies for the re-post, but this elf is getting a little frustrated... There have already been ideas about LL removing my post, due to it threatening their "Destination Guide", however I remain skeptical. Since I received no notice from a mod or elsewhere about the post being taken down, I am simply looking for an answer if this topic simply glitched out of existence, or if my content was somehow inappropriate for the subforum I posted to.....
  23. I am since 2007 into this world, and was rated 'Honored Resident' before updating sl community. Why now I appear rated as a 'newbie'??
  24. Mich würde mal interessieren wie EUCH das Forum gefällt. Ich selbst finde das Design etwas zu grau in Grau aber ich denke ich kann mich auch damit anfreunden. Im allgemeinen finde ich es schnell und übersichtlich, besonders weil ich jetzt Foren abonieren kann und auch als Gelesen markieren kann. Das ich Anhänge erstellen kann ist jetzt auch etwas was ich richtig gut finde. Was denkt Ihr?
  25. I have a number of forum post where I've put video tutorials on how to make things or do things in SL. None of the videos are there now, and pretty much all the links around the web pointing to these forum posts are now completely pointless. Seems strange that I see many product review videos still in the forums, but the actually useful videos are now gone. Why was all this time spent making product review videos available, but it seems no effort to salvage video tutorials? Will we be able to embed video again soon, or do we all need to wait for LL? It only makes sense to allow embedded videos, as then users are coming to the forums for this stuff, instead of places like YouTube.
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