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  1. Trying to post pics from SL and get an error message. I click on the status tab and it takes me to my FB account. Just won't accept pic posting. Any ideas?
  2. I'm looking for sims that offer a variety of backgrounds and settings to practice my SL photo ability. Waterfalls are fine, but a tad on the cliche side. I'm searching for scenes dark in texture (not lighting wise), with foliage and perhaps some old buildings/fencing/bridges (weathered textures). My landmarks used to include some sims, but one day, I got this idea to clean out my LM file and deleted them (that how it always works). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I just purchased a D-100 jet from Dani's and first off, I'm very happy with its performance. My problem concerns re texturing or re wrapping the fuselage of the aircraft. It comes with the proper templates needed, but the method used requires some heavy thinking,; the templates are not similar to some that allow you to redo simple changes and be done. Sooo, is there a Youtube lesson available (I looked but didn't find one, maybe I looked in the wrong area) or maybe someone has repainted their D-100 and can offer some tips?
  4. Still grey here too. I did try upload one pic and it was refused due to size. I edited it down (Gimp) and it was accepted. So a size limit is still in effect. I did crop it in such a way from seeing it while hovering over my profile pic. But when all is said and done, it's nice to be able to move the pic around for the best view, but you have to be able to see it in the first place.
  5. I tried that. I noticed the adjustment arrows don't show up and the "Done" button is greyed out (never mind the page reads that it accepted the pic). I hovered over my picture here and still see black. I understand it's nothing more than a cosmetic device offered here, but if it's offered, it should work, am I right?
  6. I deleted my cover photo, not knowing the pic would show upon hovering over the avi pic on these forums, but the question remains. If I re add a cover pic, how would I adjust it to my liking if I can't see it? After all, it is considered a profile page. Sometimes (but not all times), SL/LL forums can be baffling.
  7. At one time, I had a cover photo included in my profile here. One day and since, the area has remained dark and empty. When I try to update it, it doesn't take. Has the powers that be in these forums change the requirements to upload a cover pic? It's not a deal breaker by any means, but the cover pic did lend itself to covering an other wise dead area. Anyone else have/had this problem and what did you do to remedy it?
  8. Finding that one angle and lighting can be a pain.
  9. Just relaxing and reading posts in this forum. Nothing special.
  10. There is a General Lee wrap on sale at MP for a SZYM Intruder, ver 6.1.1 The seller decided it best not to show a display pic. Not a bad price, but not my thing.
  11. I received an IM the other day while checking out a new golf course, from an individual asking what I thought of pervy old men. Knowing where this would go, I simply amswered "I don't". He got the general idea where this "conversation" was NOT going and wished me a pleasant evening. It had been a while since I was IM'ed in such a way. I just sighed and thought "Chassie, ya still have it!!! YES!!!". I shot a lousy round with friends, but it did make my night. As Klytyna mentioned, get thicker skin. It's gonna happen.
  12. And toss in a "No Opinion" button too? I'm taking Pamela's lead... "- - - - - - - - - - - - -"
  13. This ain't Mayberry if that's what you were looking for.
  14. Actually, I believe the proper term is Hebephilia. That includes children between 11-14. It differs from Pedophilia ( the primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children) and Ephebophilia, which involves young adults ages 15-19 years of age. Just an FYI.
  15. Sirena hair was my first. I thought it as da bomb (that phrase is no longer in my vocabulary, for obvious reasoning. Do people still say "groovy"?). Still have a copy in my inventory for special occasions like Halloween. I'm hardcore Truth now.
  16. Full agreement there. Those days were wild until the edge of the envelope started tearing. One observation: I see the OP left their early stuff out. Never too late to do so Vin. Coolness!!!
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