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  1. This can be a painful reminder of the noob days for all of us. Please no throwing these pics up against me. I was young. Allow current noobs to see that here is hope for better days. Kudos to Jen and Katie for helping me out. Late 2012 (just starting to find myself. I thought Sirena hair was GREAT!) - 2016 - 2017 is my profile pic.
  2. For the last 5 years, I have been using an HP g6-1d21dx lappy for all of my SL needs. I have ran this machine through situations one would/should never place a laptop. Dragging it from home in a small gunny sack, under all sorts of weather conditions. Even went as far as having it slide off my car trunk to the ground. It dinged a corner of the laptop with a small crack and slightly damaging the CD drive. I picked it up and fearing I would see a spider web pattern to the screen, lucked out and saw the screen was fine. It currently runs an AMD A63429M APU with Radeon HD graphics 1,60Gmz and Win 7 Home. I upgraded the memory from 4 GB to with an additional 4 GB card, giving me 8 GB memory. The keyboard has been replaced since it got to a point of not able to see the letter impressions. When I log on, it is taking a noticeable longer time to rez/render my surroundings with lots of grey items. I wait until they all load up and proceed. When I TP somewhere, the greyness/wait time returns. My FPS is usually between 10-15 while in low/medium settings. Short to say, I worked this poor thing to its limits and it needs to be replaced. I will use it for other SL activity, but not as my prime unit. That's my Taxicab confession, now I will tell you what I am looking for. A full tower med/upper end refurbished desktop with a minimum 3.00Gmz/8 GB memory and expansion slots for additions (GeForce video card for instance). Should I stay with AMD or run with another brand? What specs should I look for in product descriptions? My geekness level is low, so I come to the masses for an assist. Amazon and Fry's Electronics have some nice deals in refurbished units and they offer some protections with purchases. Walmart does the same, but I hesitate in buying a computer at the same place I can buy milk, bread and a pair of socks. I'm looking at a $300-$350 budget. As for a monitor, not too worried there. I'm concerned with getting the right guts for a much better SL experience. I would love to run as close to ultra as I can with a higher FPS. I miss shadows and point lighting. As sure as I am typing this, there is someone who has done the same and came away happy with their experience. So... Any suggestions? I thank all in advance.
  3. This might be a bit off topic to the original post, but falls in the realms of reviews at MP and I understand LL appreciates good ideas or suggestions. It's well known that gifts to others can't be reviewed at MP by the gift recipient. Only the gift giver (original purchaser) has that ability. Common sense says it should be possible, but at this time, it's not feasible. It would require some coding changes, which I understand. At he same time, a purchaser, in world can't leave a review either. Maybe in the future it can be possible to have a notebook stationed at a front desk (or a designated area) for those who purchase/were gifted the item in world to leave a review there? Those who are considering an in world purchase could simply look at the notebook and get a feel of what others have felt about their experience with the product. As it stands now, when I make a purchase in world, I sometimes will NC the creator/seller and let them know that I'm happy with the product and invite them to tack in on to their MP review area. As for just one star or all five star reviews, I take with a grain of salt. I look at it as the truth is somewhere between two/fours stars. Just tossing this idea out there.
  4. I use the Lara body with ease, much better than the system mesh. However, I tried and purchased a Catwa head and found it not to my liking in the longer run. The cheeks and chin were just too edgy and pronounced. I placed it back in my inventory and am going with the system head, which I have adjusted over time via sliders, to my liking. I am open to suggestions to any way to "adjust" the facial features of a Catwa head. Until an upgrade comes along with that possible feature, I'm happy with my avi now.
  5. I believe the op's question has been asked and answered, outside of the font size/color critiques. With that said, I'll be the first...
  6. W/O naming the sim, just how much L$ was transferred to you before the sim wised up?
  7. This is the only power I pay attention to these days. They keep my television, puter (with Second Life), refrigerator and A/C running. It has been warm here. I pay my monthly bill and they keep me happy. They LOVE me!!!
  8. I haven't the slightest idea how much I made with Linden games here, though I would venture in the low 1000'sL$ over the years. I would use it as a back up way (time killer) when I was lazy to go and get L$ placed on my Paypal account. One of my first serious purchases (via Linden games) was a Tranq gun for 400L$. when I was doing prison RP. I still have it in inventory and occasionally break it out. Sure, it took time to gather the required crystals and redeem them, but all in all, was worth my time. How long did it take? About 6 hours a day/ for three days of playing. I figured the placement of where the good crystals were/are located. I go back at times when the L$'s get low and I need something to use for upload payment (pics, textures, finished mesh shirts). I'll likely replenish my L$'s in a few days the right way with Paypal.
  9. Please Linden family, think of the bunnies. Don't consider this thread OT. May we return now to "What happened in history on this date".
  10. You might find it easier for someone who could play the Duke of Ellington with a side of Coltrane. (Too soon, too early? It was there and I'm surprised no one picked it up.)
  11. Stuck at a traffic light, you look around the intersection and think the Burger King would look better on another corner, the traffic light stands could be lowered and for gods sake, retexture those trees some. They don't look full enough. Then the light turns green and you drive on...
  12. Never in my wildest thoughts, did I ever envision "bull semen and bridal registry" used in the same sentence.
  13. I appreciate the responses. It's good to know others have the same feelings about this feature. I have absolutely no use for it. Now if LL can come up with "Possible Restaurants" in my area, "Possible Pets" I may have in the future or maybe "Possible Vacation" dates, I can deal better with it. The idea may look good on paper, but in practice...hello?. I'm not a coder so I has to ask, how would I implement these codes to stop (and delete) any suggested "friends" (should I offer the FB gods a Pepsi?)?
  14. I have two questions: 1) What is the intention of this feature? 2) I found a name listed (I have no idea how it got there) and am unable to delete it. The trash can symbol is greyed out. Anyone?
  15. Open reply page, lower right corner marked "Insert other media". Choose either "Insert existing attachment" or "Insert image from URL". At this time, it appears a radio button to attach pics from one's HD is not available ("HINT HINT")
  16. Some good exploring would be at https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Highlights-from-the-Second-Life-Destination-Guide-12-23-2016/ba-p/3089944 They change the destinations on a regular basis, so be patient. Something will be recommended that suits your fancy.
  17. Looking at your profile shows you to be less than 30 days old. Some sims don't allow avi's less than 30 days old on their sims to help discourage griefers, who are known to be banned as one and create another avi to return and pick up where they left off. Since your rezday is March 27, I'd suggest you go back after you turn 31 days old or more. My $ says all will be good. In the meantime, just wander the grid. There are plenty of sims that will allow you to visit.
  18. I attempt to purchase Lindens and get this: "We were unable to complete your request because: The password you entered does not match our records.Please try again." I have no problems signing in otherwise I'll say it has been a while since my last Linden purchase, so perhaps it has something with the change over (having to resubmit information?). Will I have to resubmit info or try again later? EDIT: I can't help that the field is red. I picked something up while cut and pasting EDIT2: Found the problem. Don't EVER click submit twice. Throws the hamsters running the whole shabang off kilter. Thanks Lindal
  19. Qie Niangao wrote: Diskomo wrote: Hi just trying to drop new purchasess ( apparel) in my Ld home like i have before....never had this issue before? Oh, wait: "apparel". Have you tried just wearing the thing directly? Some stuff isn't packed in boxes or anything, and it may have astronomically high land-impact -- which doesn't matter as long as its worn on the avatar, rather than rezzed on the ground. (Well... it does matter, but only for its effect on viewer lag, not on parcel land impact limits, as long as it's not dropped on the ground.) Highlighting is mine. I have a pair of boots. On the surface, a very nice pair of boots. Problem with them, they have a prim of 130. Yeppers, just a pair of boots. To put in perspective, my house has a prim of 85 and my car has a prim of about 30. Be careful if you take the apparel out just for display. Qie Niangao is correct in the land impact. If you wear the apparel, you should be fine.
  20. I'm trying to change the texure on my Jetranger Helicopter. It does allow texture changes. The problem I'm facing is when I type the commands and hit enter, the texture changes, but in the wrong direction. I imported as is (in a landscape format) and changed accordingly. Now when I change it, it comes as a portrait style with the changes in odd places (Instead of across the sides, it wants to wrap itself around). Any suggestions?
  21. Phoebe Avro wrote: I tested Windows 10 as an insider, I would advise any laptop owner NOT to install it unless the maker of your laptop has drivers for it! I am still using windows 7 Pro on my PC since it works and Windows 10 dose not offer me anything better at this time. I have to agree. My laptop did not care for Win 10 at all. Started running slow and a bit sluggish. I reverted back to Win 7 and haven't looked back. WHEN I get a new machine, THEN I'll deal with Win 10.
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