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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Symmetry/170/77/58 I can't play much anymore so I'm trimming off some unused land. This is a general area plot, next to a road and brick sidewalk. There are very few neighbors and its surrounded by abandoned land, so you can expand if you want to.
  2. Hello! Selling this rectangle shaped land: 5040m of land and 1730 prim. I could also set up a rental for http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pudding Hill/226/42/90
  3. I switched to yearly with no problem or loss of my $500 stipend. The support agent I asked said that they would restore if if I did lose it, though.
  4. Hi! I'm interested in them all. I'll pop in-world as soon as I can to check them out. Hopefully I can grab at least half of them
  5. Hey all. I've been was messing around with Mused Milk Made and somehow I got introduced to the things I've listed below. They are either games or RLV toys. For example, in Muffin Milkers you try to be the best cow you can be. In Mused you try to milk and drink the most. ATLust seems to give you some stats and some desires and you get points for fulfilling them. Then, you use those points to enhance your character. I haven't used that one yet, but it seems fun. I'm not sure what the Bimbo Implant is. But it makes you talk dirty, tracks your libido and hooks up with pregnancy apps, too. I've purchased it, but have yet to really play it. Anyway, can anyone recommend any other fun things to try? Or is there a keyword to search the marketplace for more? I'm curious and would try anything at least once. But I tend to like the ones that put my character in an adult situation and promote lots of interaction. Bonus points for the more gamey ones. Like if there's achievements, goals, stats, boosts and maybe some sort of management and/or punishments. Like in Muffins game, there's a leader board, but if you try to milk too much and mismanage your boosts, you may get addicted. With Mused Milk Made, if I don't pump, then my boobs get huge. Or, the Nanite Controller system, you have to recharge your batteries and occasionally do maintenance to yourself or have someone else do it for you. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stepford-Bimbo-Implant-Transformation-Mind-Control/19336457 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NS-DAX3-Mini-Controller/12980621 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ATLust-Fertility-System/15603164
  6. Hi! Is there anything like this zoobies for non-human avatars? I have a fairy-type and a half-dragon avatars, so I was wondering if there was a version out there for us fantasy types. I looks like fun. A non-breedable interactive pet would be OK too.
  7. OK. So as of right now, my land is set to my group. I think I should also deed it to my group, too? I'll go look up the difference. I'll set up a "tenant" role and and all the objects that are deeded to or set to group are safe. So when they decorate, they should keep themselves as the owner? I noticed when I place stuff in it automatically gets set to my current group. Sorry, I don't t know what I'm so confused. I think I may just be over thinking things again.
  8. Hello! A bought some land and I am considering buying the land next to me if I can. Its abandoned land so hopefully I can get it. Anyway, 2 of my projects involved renting out land: one is skyboxes and the others are small bits of land that people can sell things on. I think I get the basic idea of how to do that. Parcel out the land and invite the tenants to join the group that can place objects. But I'm a bit confused. How I do place items that I don't want picked up by tenants. Like if I'm renting out an apartment, that comes with a bathroom and a pool. How do I make it so the kitchen, house and pool are not picked up or returned?
  9. i don't know. I want one, but I don't want to give up my house boat. I hate making decisions. Plus, I may just hold up to see if there will be themed houses, like the fantasy homes from the previous version of LH
  10. I didn't know that. That was pretty cool. I have some in my inventory from years ago. Poor babies; they may be dead now. Papillions are great and addictive! Its kinda like a breedable mixed with an idle game. Some plants feed bugs and fishes, while bugs pollinate and weed the flowers, kill spiders, gather resources, etc. I got a moon pool to catch magic and I'm not sure what to do with it, but its pretty - I have no idea what it does. And now I'm out of prims. Also, can't wait for the Amaretto Dragons!
  11. I;ve been on the hunt for the perfect dark skin and was having a bunch of trouble. I couldn't get a match for the body and head and it got frustrating. Soooo...I just leaned into my fantasy roots and why I am on SL: to play fantasy dress up, lol. Here's version one.
  12. So, I just got the Genus Classic and I like it so far, but the mouth will not stay closed. It also has this weird open/close action when talking. I don't care much for that I just don't want to walk around with my mouth open all the time. Can anyone help?
  13. I would love to use GeforceNow. I play almost everything using that now.
  14. Well, I know some link to databases, but I was wondering about servers and whatever else goes into running games. Is all of that handled in the game world? I was curious because I somehow found the location of the "server room" of a game I play and there was so much going on. I have a game idea that I'd like to get going and I've always been curious about how the bigger games and breedables work.
  15. Came here to say this. I am not a fan of adults playing kids because they always seem weird. Or maybe they are RPing annoying kids, constantly playing crying/laughing gestures or talking weird. IRL I talked to my kids like their were little smart humans. The only person I baby talked to is my dog, because the she's the most precious, goodest girl. Yes, she is... And I can't help myself, lol.
  16. I haven't been paying too much attention, but I still get notices from the main group. They regularly hold classes and they coming out with breedable dragons Edited to add: Here's the new forum. https://www.themysticalamarettofamily.com/ with news on the new releases, etc.
  17. Does anyone play? How do you like it? Before I took a break from SL, Legends was just announced and I thought it was pretty cool. I already play DFS and Beyou and having fun. But I like trying out new games. I found a few HUD games that encourage exploring for materials/points for crafting and trading. But most of those games' playerbases are near to zero. I checked in today to see that legends has crafting and questing. The costs seem a bit high, but if they are a one time purchases, I may give it ago. Anyway, does anyone have a review on the game? I googled and it just pulls up old regular bloodlines info. Or, maybe no one is blogging about it?
  18. I bought Kupra and I like it, but I'm tweaking with it to be more hour glass and less pear-y. The only issue that I have is that it feels like my head is too small and shoulders a bit too narrow. But I think because everything else is so big.
  19. When I first got into SL, I was really into fishing. I think Magic fishing and Fish Hunt. I used Fish Hunt mostly because they also had other things like a breedable and farming worms. I always wondered if someone could actually make money fishing and growing and selling or using the worms. Also, it seemed more like the gold rush - meaning you'd make more selling the pick axes than actually mining. So, another other idea I had was to sell space for people who farme or wanted to sell their breedables. I dunno... d
  20. thanks everyone. I found some really cool things. I can't remember the name, but they share a location with Unorthodox.
  21. I'm a complete newb to RPing on SL but I'd like to get into it. I've gotten really into the Beyou system (when you are basically playing a sim and have to eat, keep yourself clean,etc) When I first got into SL, I joined a family and I thought it was just some cool people to hang out with. But it was more of a recruitment funnel for a vampire game and weird and sex thing. I also had to wear a collar that took away a lot of SL freedoms. Of course I was out of there when I found out that's what was going on. I'm OK with adult stuff, but I don't really care for how collars work. So, anyway. How does family RP work? What do you guys expect from a family member? Any thing else you'd like to comment or suggest? Thanks!
  22. Sounds like fun. I had a weird experience with families when I first got into SL, but I still like the idea of it. I have no idea what it means or what I have to do, but I'm interested in learning. Right now, I just play BeYou and DFS by myself and would love some supernatural friends/family to hangout with.
  23. I'm actually interest in knowing more. I'm looking for a way to earn some spending cash.
  24. Basically the title. I love the hair so much. Does anyone know where to purchase it or something similar? Thanks!
  25. Hello all! I finally started decorating my home and am having so much fun. I have tried out a bunch of the room additions, but none really fit the idea that I have in my head. Are there any kits that are like build a room or something? I saw a "Build a deck" and I would love something for my the top of my houseboat. Or, I have blender and sketchup and willing to learn. I have no idea where to even start though. Also, I placed a wreath on my door. Is there a way to attach it so it moves with the door? Thanks!
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