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  1. I'm glad they came out and said something. I didn't even think about the strain on the Linden servers until another resident pointed that out in one of the complaining threads. I want a house much as the next gal, but I felt like using a ton of third party addons to continuously refresh the pages to be a bit much. Honestly, I feel like they could have released teasers up until the actual launch to get us hyped and possibly gauge demand. By actual launch, I mean releasing enough for everyone who wants one - or at least a very large amount in waves that come out on an actual schedule.
  2. Why did they do away with last names anyway? I left for a few years and when I came back everyone's name was different. I remember creating my first account (this one, lol) and choosing a new first and last name for my second life really added to the immersion.
  3. I bought a ABC horse recently since I wanted to get back into racing and possibly breeding. I tried riding around yesterday and now I remember why I stopped! Animations are not good at all. Has anyone ridden amaretto horse? I just want a fantasy horse to ride around.
  4. Oh wow, mermaid RP sounds wonderful!
  5. I messaged you! A new friend and I idled at Hells location and met up with some players. Contact me later and we can get you in too. I can also send you the info notecards that I picked up, too
  6. I was talking specifically about the L$3000 items. I took notice of them since I was interested in crafting. But, like I said it looks like an optional item. Now I know you can just mine and craft on the main demon place. I actually met up with some players yesterday and got into the game. After reading some notecards it seems like a really nice game. I really like how you are required to roleplay if you want to advance in the game. I agree, I don't think humans should have to pay. I haven't checked, but I feel like the Human HUD does cost L$. I seem to remember paying back the
  7. Hello all! I read a lot of the downsides of the various HUD games, but I really enjoy certain elements of each game. For example, in The eternal conflict, I like that there are resources to collect, craft and trade. I don't mind having to find someone to drink from (or whatever you have to do) every so often either. Can anyone tell me any good things about the various games or point me toward one I may like? I'm looking for some SFW (at least nonsexual) casual RP and a group that knows how to separate IC/OCC The Eternal Conflict looks fun, but expensive. It's free to start and I'm assu
  8. Hi! I'm out house hunting. I wanted a Linden Home but in the meantime, I was out looking at my other options. I just want a small apartment and the ones that I found only offer 100 prims. So I was wondering what you creative folks could do with that. Thanks~
  9. Yea, sure. I'll change the price and set to sell to you. If you want it sold to someone else I'll go ahead and change it next time I'm active in game (I sometimes leave my avatar to idle while I'm at work.)
  10. Thanks for the link to the car! I've never had a vehicle in this game and I'm excited to try it out. Can't wait to tour Bellisseria (how do you guys spell that right, lol!?) or better yet get my own place to decorate! Also, can anyone suggest a good starter scooter?
  11. Hello, I am selling my chunk of mainland. There's a cool lake there, too. I terraformed to have a small island in the middle of the lake where I placed a cool fountain! Customer service once allowed me to buy up some the neighboring abandoned land, but I had to scale to back down to 1024. But, there's tons of land around the borders so I'm sure they can do it again. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black Mire/41/177/23 Contact me whenever! I'm usually idling and will get back to you soon.
  12. I have the super old account that gets L$500 a week. I'm paying the quarterly now, but I've been wanting to go to yearly. BUT, I've remained on the quarterly because of my fear of losing my stipend. Has anyone had success in this situation? I'd like to take advantage of the old annual pricing for one more year at least.
  13. Hello! I'm a newbie to all of this and I was wondering if I could build a bot out of my alt that just sits online and does these things for my main: listens to group chats and sends my main avatar IMs when certain phrases are said. Even better, they can post notices in my group. I can send my alt an IM with a group surl and it joins that group. Basically that's all I want to do. I'm not really an alt-aholic and would like to keep my main groups that I chat with and use often on my main avatar. I try to join clothing/shoes designer's flickers and facebook pages to keep track of
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