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  1. umm...that's not the garden where the gator lives, is it? (pretty pic )
  2. A quiet start to the day, making a list of what needs to be done but probably won't because I'll spend the morning prioritizing it (shopping? decorating? inventory pickup? dance? pics? figure out how to get rid of old groups I created but no longer use?) and sipping coffee outside Burrows while wondering if the rain will start before I get around to mowing the grass...yes, it's Sunday morning Update: and then after years of wondering, I found out how to get rid of old groups. It only took seconds of searching. This has been a fully successful day already
  3. This is a gorgeous image, Panteleeva ...as if all the flowers were just painted around you.
  4. oh...I'm sure it's the books that I'm missing 😉 😛
  5. Not fair! I can decorate all I want but mine will never look like this ! 😄 It is a great image though 🙂
  6. Thank you for letting me visit your place and see what a great decorator you are, Saskia ...and of course, for getting me started on installing those kitchen cabinets and appliances 🙂 Somehow, as usual, I have ended up with extra pieces! Luckily they came with a manual 😉
  7. Did you lick the plate that clean too? 😄 (and thank you - I was wondering if you rented it out)
  8. Thank you! That's a beautiful and well thought out place you have there and the interior decorations are complete and first class. I swear I didn't touch anything - not even the doors but I did cam in ad get creator names and oh...happened to notice the cake gone. I swear it wasn't me 😄
  9. I see what you're trying to do there, Carolina - but you look much better in front of that window than I do lol. I will say that this build does lend itself to lots of photo opportunities 🙂 ( I think I may need help decorating this room too from the look of things 😄 )
  10. Hi neighbor! 😄 is this an Onsu build also? I looked at several and don't remember this layout.
  11. After walking around my house, banging my head into the walls trying to figure out from where you took this picture, I finally found it...the bedroom! 😄 If you have attacked them yet, I'd love to see what you're doing with the kitchen and bathrooms. After hours...no days..of shopping, I still haven't decided 🙂
  12. I haven't seen you in like...forever!, Han. It's nice to see you here 🙂
  13. How does my avatar look today? On the rare occasion they let me out of the closet, I think I'm the most 'normal' in the room...but then that makes me abnormal...
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