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  1. I just realized I forgot to change but new toys do that - especially when you don't have to leave the house to go shopping This morning I broke down and got anypose and created my first pose - which I really needed... I think I need to learn something about bounding boxes to actually back up against that elevator. I created the pose against a prim but had to make it phantom. ....probably not a good idea to make this linked door in a skybox phantom So, this is my day...
  2. Yes! My vacation has landed me in Havana for a while (I'm sure the cars blew my cover)
  3. Just skirting the earlier conversation about post processing photos. I never considered this a competition for the most perfect pics...had it been so I would have been kicked out a long time ago I enjoy seeing what everybody is doing and tend to 'like' on the side of 'thanks for participating and sharing' most of the time. I only recently invested in the hardware and tools to make really awesome pics and you know what...I seldom if ever do that anyway. Certainly it's a lot of still learning my way around...more tools means more complication, but mostly I think some people are blessed with a good eye and will always get better pics than me with much lower graphics abilities. In the end, to me this is about having fun and of course a little exploration. Case in point...this pic was supposed to be a simple 'good morning, where's the coffe' post to this thread alone before I got mired in any thing deeper. Point, adjust windlight a little, click, resize and upload. Well, then I felt I needed sunglasses to keep the red and yellow car in the pic I toned them down a bit then I thought it would be nice to add a little distance blurring. An hour later while trying to NOT blur the balcony stanchions I noticed the two cars down the road that had apparently been hit by terrorists I debated about removing them but...this was supposed to be simple and by now, two cups of coffee (and nearly as many hours) were gone..the last one cold. In the end...the raw picture is good enough. Cold coffee is no fun
  4. It has taken weeks to get on this plane and I've kind of been undercover the whole time. I can now show my face again and you...all these empty seats and you want which one?
  5. I should probably suggest Nivaro's Odin. It's a good skin and might be of interest. I simply got tired of trying to find decent hair for older looking avatars....might best go bald Nivaro - Odin The scar is optional
  6. Wait! It was just there! *runs out the door forgetting he just stepped out of the shower and looks* It is still there! How many of these do you have?
  7. So...I'm on an SL 'vacation' and not really in a position to show you what my avatar looks like today until it's time (don't look too close!)...but had to take a break from the break to work on an unrelated photo shoot I want to do and Zeta was kind enough to lend me one of her cars. I promise I'll take good care of it but...did you really think you were going to get it back? (P.S. Thanks for the full tank of gas )
  8. Now you just made me have to look very closely at your left...ahemmm Is that a shadow or a bug or...am I looking in the wrong place?
  9. Speaking of mirrors and taking off, I'm finally all packed ..and dressed too! I'm really quite happy with this image EXCEPT for my jacket. I wasn't fond of it anyway but this makes it painfully obvious and when I get where I'm going...it's not coming back (I thought about changing and retaking the photo but RL and the rain won't wait any longer)
  10. Packing for a trip...I know where I want to go but I have no idea of where the nearest airport is. This should be an adventure
  11. Happy Rez Day Belinda Having read some of your posts and enjoyed your images I never imagined you had only been here a year! (puts me to shame ) Congratulations
  12. OK, as much as I am enjoying admiring and learning from others pics, I've really enjoyed this conversation too. Thanks for starting it, Orwar! Except for one of my images which was motivated by a recent experience - which really turned out kind of disappointing because the image failed to express what I was trying for - I haven't really given much thought to why I create any of the images I do...I just 'did it' because it felt good and I could fill in the justification for it later. I am about to begin a long term project in which the images will play a minor role but now even in that I will be thinking about this much more and have no doubt it will add more depth to my images - if only to me Thank you!
  13. I have my eye on the anypose but am still saving my Lindens after the LUMIPro wiped out my bank account and then I decided to update an alt to help me in my endeavors (maybe I should take up pole dancing? Oh! or let her do that! ) I liked the idea of being able to fine tune poses and not being restricted by the inability to rez (along with the idea of uploading the created files for later use) and have envisioned such trivialities as being able to kneel and take the bottle from the drunk in a recent pic but what you said Scylla, makes me wonder if I'm expecting too much from the Anypose. Is the granularity bad enough that I would struggle to place my hand on an object in a realistic way and not dislocate a shoulder or elbow in the process?
  14. Chocolate? Did you say CHOCOLATE? ...what are we talking about anyway? ...I mean what else is there except chocolate?
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