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  1. Being the one that never, ever wins anything, I was pleasantly surprised to login last night and learn that I had won two suits Hoorenbeek was giving away. That surprise was somewhat tempered by the fact that some of my first mesh clothing came from them and for the most part, I was seldom happy with the fit. I've noticed some improvement over time so I was hoping that these actually fit as good as they look in the ads. Shock! it fits quite well! Now, if only they had given me these before I was locked up in the apartment All dressed up and no place to go
  2. geez! You all need to get a life...I'm gone for a day at a time and it takes me forever to get caught up each day ! ...oh, yeah, this is our life now Starting my day practicing social distancing (I'm actually quite good at it by now ...and watching the sun rise..
  3. That's cheating! You left the kick-stand down ! 😀
  4. When the SL chores are done for the day but you can't get to the skin fair (because it's full...again..still) ..and nothing awaits in RL except more chores...finding some shade under a tree seems like the best option
  5. At least you're building places to rest in
  6. Site for next photo found: ✔️ Poses created: ✔️ 2 Female models ready (clothes, hair, makeup, nails, shoes..who knows what else): ✔️ 1 Stray cat: ✔️ 1 Male model...clothes...nothing else..can even be barefooted and bald ⁉️ One person's challenge is another's adventure...right? ..and so is my avatar today...
  7. Not to worry! Mine makes up for it ..yours looks great though and me, after days of searching, i finally found the place for my next photo which I usually differentiate from my snapshots here because these I put minimal effort into editing. I really wanted to play with the black dragon poser for this but the horse wouldn't stand still so I could pet it. Next best thing, find out that I knew how to play the guitar...at least I got no complaints from my fan.
  8. ...but only if you tell us where you got it
  9. So, part of ..ok, most of my enjoyment of SL these days is creating and photographing the characters of a story I'm working on. I'm too cheap to have an account for every one of them unlike some people I know . Today I felt the need to get some new threads for 'Robert' so this is my avatar today
  10. More shopping today..and getting lost. This must be what keeps me young Came across this interesting display at Fuji Kyoka and spend some time contemplating the message. The clock coming apart and...all these little balloons struggling to rise...(which are not good for the environment!) Perhaps it is foretelling the end of the world
  11. And so an evening of setting poses seems to have evolved into naked twister
  12. Feeling the urge to wipe the dust (and whatever else) off the book and spill some ore words upon the page....but not without pics! I finally found where to save the camera position in BD and grab an image to share...before heading off to work
  13. Day 2 shopping for clothing and a set for my next photo. Stopped by Burrow's along the way. Nobody I knew and it's like a library in there with all the whispering so I continued my quest for a Japanese themed setting fit for tea. Don't know where I took a wrong turn this time but...made more friends @ Pine Lakes. Who knew it could be this tough?
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