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  1. How to connect to sl with CyberGhost 2017

    Hi, the SL client needs a direct connection to the servers. VPN´s kind of resend packets and delay them this would make the client think the connection is unstable and cut the connection. Even if you can connect, it wouldn´t last long. "Normal" internet use is ok but i think most/all online-games (real-time) having troubles with vpn. Monti
  2. Big Store using alts for 5 star reviews

    Hi, all stores (not only SL!) pay for reviews, some even delete bad ones and only keep the good. Do you really think Am.... eB... only has real reviews from real people who bought the product ? That´s all talkin abour RL so why would it be different in SL. It´s a million dollar fake review buisness. Monti
  3. How to stream to Karaoke?!?!

    Hi, besides how to use BUTT, what is a question for the BUTT forum not SL, the lag between playing a song and when people hear it is around 20 seconds. How would one sync the voice to the music ? If you are playing the stream and streaming to the sim, that´s possible but still weird because either you hear the local sound or the delayed stream. This means you hear your voice around 20 seconds after talk/sing. Trust me this is a horrible experience for new DJs. After all this wouldm´t be Karaoke where one plays the music (stream music) and another sings to it (stream voice). Monti
  4. BSOD

    Which operating system ? Blue screens in Windows 10 ???? Memory could be a problem also. This is more a hardware thing so better do as cykarushb said or contact the hardware vendor (forum). Monti

    Hey ! Why es "he" a scumbag maybe she did something bad right before Christmas. To answer the question: Dashboard - account - partners Monti
  6. Anyway, calling cards are not removed automatically and i wouldn´t want it. That´s a feature not a bug Monti
  7. Can a music stream other than mp3 be played on SL?

    Hi, i have formerly used OGG. The problem is the viewer must be able to use that codec. With OGG i had massive problems with Linux-users. MP3´s can be streamed at the highest possible quality, nothing else you listen to on music-streaming plattforms ... but than the listeners have a massive amount of data to download plus the data for SL. On slower connections this would simply stop the music or end in hiccups (start/stop) For the common listeners with "normal" ears, MP3´s with 128 mbps are absolutly enough. Internet radios use that too. Monti
  8. Selbstständig machen (Abrechnung)

    Leider ist das zumindest bei Apple nicht so. Alles was man bekommt ist eine Liste wie viele Apps, diesen Monat, verkauft wurden und in welches Land. Ein richtiges Formular ist das nicht und der Betrag ist nur "geschätzt" ?!? Mal sehen was das Finanzamt mit mir macht, ist ja bald Steuerzeit Monti
  9. Selbstständig machen (Abrechnung)

    Hallo, such dir einen Steuerberater für Internet-Jobs. Das gleiche gilt für Einnahmen aus App-Verkäufen aus den App-Stores ... Niemand dort stellt eine ordentliche Abrechnung zur Verfügung. Die Einnahmen müssen eine gewisse Grenze (hab ich grad nicht zur Hand) übersteigen um eine steuerliche Relevanz zu bilden. Danach kann man nur die Zahlungseingänge, auf einem gesonderten Konto, in das Steuerformular eintragen. (Einkünfte aus selbständiger Arbeit) Vielleicht hilft auch ein Besuch auf dem Finanzamt, manchmal trifft man dort sehr freundliche und fähige Mitarbeiter. Leider ist die Rechtslage hier sehr vage, also mit Vorsicht zu genießen. Monti
  10. Resident forcing AFK avatars into Sex

    Surprises in virtual worlds will enver end. Not a fan of him but listen to Einsteins famous saying "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the former. " Monti and out
  11. Multi-threaded client and SL and Sansar

    Hi, what do you mean with multi-threaded ? Of course a lot processes run in the background, more or less same time. The official SL client starts several background tasks for rendering a scene and still stays responsible for chatting ... Maybe i misunderstood your question, but it´s close to weekend so Monti
  12. Do people read profiles before asking stupid questions ? No A collar can mean alot, but a BDSM collar, means only a few. There is no definition of what it means, that differs from person to person. You could ask, what does it mean to use a female avatar in SL? The answers are so wide-spread ... uncountable. Monti
  13. Becoming a DJ

    Hi, some clubs have their own streams. Not talking DJs are - in my opinion - uselesss. Thats like turn on radio. I do not mention the license stuff and this because you should already know about. Monti
  14. An SL relationship, what are your thoughts?

    Hi, quick guess. 1. His RL partner is around and he doesn´t want to tell about SL relationship 2. You´r not his only one Please append reasons for this to the list. Anyway this is odd and a point to move on. Monti
  15. SL performance has drastically gotten worse?

    And check your connection if it´s WLan, forget about. This did work years back but now the traffic has increased because more and more people have WLan´s around you and more "things" in our homes use WLan connections. Well, thats a reason why i cannot run SL via WLan anymore. Homeautomation, Alexa n stuff. Monti