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  1. LL announced a their own mobile client (beta). Not sure if android or iOS or both. Just be patient 😴 Monti
  2. All other viewers (PC, MAC) are using the original source code with modifications. Developing a mobile viewer must be done from scratch (if you charge for it you are not allowed to use LL source) Monti
  3. Monti Messmer

    SL for Android

    End of story: LL wrote in their news blog that they are planning a mobile viewer beta in the "future" no one really would start writing something that would be "killed" after they release theirs. Monti
  4. Hi, there are already limited viewers available for mobile devices and LL wrote that they are soon starting a mobile viewer beta. Maybe not worth invest time and money because you won´t be able to compete with them. Anyway the basic knowledge can be found http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Current_login_protocols That´s for a start. But be aware that all public information about LL protocols are way out of date and they won´t provide any more information. Monti
  5. Hallo, wenn du die Objekte "IN" SL erstellt hast wird das kompliziert (nicht vollkommen unmöglich) aber nutzlos weil die neuen Features nicht benutzt werden. Wenn die Object extern in z.Bsp. Blender erstellt wurden ist das einfach da man nur den passenden Exporter auswählen muss. Leider gibt es aber für das uploaden von content in Sansar seltsame Vorgaben zu erfüllen (zumindest ist das mein Stand des Wissens) das es einfach keinen Sinn macht. Monti
  6. Hallo, mir ist keine Einstellung bekannt ein Profil für eine bestimmte oder alle Personen zu sperren. Man kann eine Person blocken - trotzdem bleibt das Profil sichtbar. Einzig man kann sein Profil von der Suche ausschließen. Kann die Person dir keine IM mehr senden dann ist das in den Preferences -> Privacy -> only friends can IM me (sorry benutze den englischen viewer) Normalerweise wenn jemand ein Profil nicht sehen kann hat er Verbindungs-/Geschwindigkeitsprobleme. Dürft mich gerne korrigieren sollte ich da falsch liegen. Monti
  7. Hi, check this page https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201541
  8. Hi, if you need a transportable machine it won´t be a real gaming machine (reasons are well explained before) If you want to play be lazy on the couch, you need a mouse with room to move, headset ... Playing with the gamepads is just - yikes About SL: a big screen, good cooling (because SL is Hardware intensiv), good keyboard (if you buy a laptop test the keyboard BEFORE) The only advice for a mobile machine would be, look at the grafx card, if it says BLAH BLAH "Mobile" - it´s not going to be a good one but will usually work. The immersion with a big screen and a good headset, plus the much better graphics AND sound, can´t usually be achieved on a lappi. (I remember a friend that played on an old laptop, the grass was just a green flat, trees just upright logs ... after she updated it was a complete new world) Monti
  9. Hallo, ein paar mehr Details wären schon nötig. Welcher Viewer Kabel oder WLan (bei Nutzung von WLan ist das oft schon das Problem) Laptop oder PC (wobei eigentlich nur, schafft dein Computer die Mindestanforderungen....) Schon mal versucht auf einen anderen Sim einzuloggen ? Monti
  10. LL <-> user communication is horrible, always was. Monti
  11. Mesh bodies and clothes. It´s new revolutionary - good or bad who knows. Monti
  12. Hi, i think this feature could be abused to easily to massIM residents without even login. However i can understand the problem when you cannot login and just want to let people know about. Maybe you can email with at least one of your SL friends to make them let all know whats up about you. Monti
  13. Hi, you need XQuartz installed and running and mono and disable rootless mode (whatever the last means) I´ve messed around with all these long ago and never got it running nicely. If parts of its where starting at least the "3D" mode never worked. The last entry from 8th May 2018 only says something bad has happened and i heard about a ban for the creator (but thats rumours!). All downloads, forums and stuff has gone since then. Monti
  14. Aww no i´m sad because you call me no one (anyone). There won´t be a full viewer on iOS as there is none of Android; why ? The time needed to implement the OpenGL rendering would need a big team - and i guess people want it for free. Plus: Apple will drop OpenGL sooner or later and all work would be for nil. Android devices have a partial 3D viewer but thats working with > 5 years old code. A full viewer need a dedicated graphics card - you cannot run SL on integrated cards too. You can but you do not want to. Monti
  15. With implementing Mesh (real mesh) into SL lots of people who never spend an hour online started to create and make money of their creations. The days i started created clothes i was a "user" for over 5 years and learned the problems with high-res textures and this BEFORE create. Monti
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