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  1. Doubt it´s against the rules as long you do not show others involved without permission. But it could be selling SL goods on a RL market; i remember this was against the TOS. Anyway it´s what all SL escorts now do ... But why would someones spend real money on a toon when could watch 100s (1000s) real girls doing this stuff ??? Very desperate Monti
  2. Lumiya mobile client no longer on 3rd party viewer list?

    Another clearance. To get "your" viewer on the TPV list your account must be in - good standing. I guess that means, if you are banned from SL, your viewer will be removed from the list. Wouldn´t untrust Lumiya now, just not update it anymore - if the creator has interest to do so anyway. Monti
  3. At least it makes things more complicated so i´m stuck with my system avatar. Thinking about the tons of people with low-end PCs not able to see grass and water effects, pointless to render the spots on my avatar ... nvm. Monti
  4. Why report is useless ?

    If "someone" unbans him and it´s not mainland (guess not) Linden cannot help you. Contact all persons with unban powers and ask why they remove "him". Monti
  5. The new Marketplace Features coming - Merchant Survey Requirement

    The only survey they will do is with a few of their most-loved merchants ... All new features and betas will be tested by the elite merchants and they have a head start when it goes live. If´s not about paying a higher commission they said it´s for premium members; but i don´t see why premium members should have marketplace advantages. Monti
  6. Poor Utilization of Newer GPU's

    Game ? nvm I cannot think of ONE online game (MMORPG), thats what SL is technically, that runs without lag and disconnects. The difference on all this things is: Content is pre-rendered and doesn´t change much. In SL the avatars change, the world changes the buildings change .... Some things could be changed and updated to make it less worse but think about people that cannot afford high-end machines or running SL on laptops ... SL always had the benefit or running on "small" machines too, ugly slow less fun, but running. Monti
  7. Suggestion - Auto-Translate

    Hi, it might be ok for reading posts but please stop using auto-translate for reply to posts. Things i read, translated to my language, usually do not help much. Translate complex things isn´t working automatically even MS currently had a break-through with automated vs human translation Monti
  8. HUD not visible

    And always ask the creator who made money on the product and should know it best Monti
  9. A bit confused about the new rules

    Doubt they will do bigger Linden homes because they want premium people spread out on mainland to make it more "used" Monti
  10. If you don´t want combat remove the damage to avatars on the sim. This will make it impossible to hit people outside worded RP. Make the rules clear to this people (notecard, signs and teleport points) and if nothing helps -> eject ban Monti
  11. SL vs RL - general thoughts

    Hi lets see 1. SL and RL are mixing very often, yes i´m open about RL with FRIENDS! No not telling RL people about SL, if they do not know it it´s pointless 2. No, i can do things impossible in RL (jobs, dances ...) but else it´s me 3. I have spend more time in SL than good but suddenly a few things put me off SL and now i´m very rare online 4. Yes it did in good and bad (do not ask ) 5. SL only is impossible for me because i do not RP feelings, that´s why SL relations are hard to manage when they go too deep 6. It was do things i cannot do in RL 7. Yes
  12. Pocket MV isn´t available anymore, for whatever reason. However, it still works. LL, won´t make an official app because it´s not easy or cheap to release apps on whatever app-store. Plus you need developers .... Monti
  13. Check the TPV link given earlier and you will see there is a text-only viewer for iOS devices. MetaChat iOS - TEXT ONLY - Second Life® client. And this is not about dominant or not, it´s about the complexity to port windows functions to iOS. Android viewers "easily" can use part of the code from original viewers or the great great openmetaverse library whereas iOS doesn´t understand this code. Windows phones. Well ... MS is even more rough and strict about developing apps for their devices. (XBox too) Monti
  14. Sandbox Island nur für Idioten ?

    Und den Namen aus dem Post löschen sonst gibts einen Ban auch wenn das idiotisch ist. Monti
  15. Avi not loading completely

    Hi, without defending LL or whoever. IMHO, only non-active (empty) sims are parked in the cloud and the asset-servers stay the same as always. This can make things slower when entering an parked sim but for the rest it´s just the usual lag thingie. Best is what anna2358 said because some things are harder to load -> extensive use of huuuge textures and stuff. And of course, do not use SL via Wireless it´s not designed that way. Monti