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  1. Hi, just one thing people on here like to forget. You must own all songs legally and have the permission to play them in public. In some countries you need to register and pay. In my country this license goes around 1000 € + per year with lots of paperwork behind. Monti
  2. Monti Messmer

    Mobile app

    Hi, there are already 3rd party mobile viewers available if you cannot wait. (at least one is deprecated but still working - android) Don´t forget the LL mobile viewer was announced only for iOS (not Android) and is only a messaging (text only) client. Right now with the changes for LL maybe the "new owners" will force the mobile market ??? Monti
  3. The Sansar mobile viewer only has 2 or 3 .... fixed view angles/positions per "event". It´s not free roaming. Because Sansar focussed on VR and that´s not working on the mobile viewer either do not except too much from it. Monti
  4. Check the TPV viewer page SL Third Party Viewer Directory All LL accepted viewers are listed there. Monti
  5. You answered it yourself. "This is so good game and on some computers are so laggy." Because a 3D viewer on mobile devices would be even more laggy. Mobile devices network cards are tiny slow things that could barely/if handle the amount of data to transfer. There was/is a 3D viewer available for Android but not maintained anymore because free developers do not get any help or information. Anyway there was a Browser-viewer in the works, search the forums, and there might or not be an iOS viewer with limited 3D coming ... Monti
  6. Monti Messmer

    Login Issues

    Hi, i read about changes to enable web-login with a specialized upcoming viewer ... Maybe that´s related. Try to logout of your dashboard (internet browser) and see if that helps ? (just an idea) Monti
  7. No, because using mobile networks use cells. Each time you switch a cell (especially when moving fast) your viewer can lose the connection, even only for a tiny break and the servers can log you out. This is to prevent loss of money inventory and avoid attacks to servers. Testing SL with a cell-phone it can work on 3G when you limit interactions .... but you cannot move and switch cells. SL was designed when no one thought about smartphones and laptops used when roaming around. Basically SL is a MMORPG like WoW ... and thus not made for mobile use. It´s not a speed thing more
  8. Just to add - it´s not only SL related. Every webpage on the net can get your ip. It´s not really a privacy thing. Right at this moment checking my IP you get an access point around 50 miles away in a big city while i live more "country-side". (this varies from 10 to 100+ miles) Monti
  9. Hallo, es gab Probleme beim einloggen weil SL Serverprobleme hatte. Das war wohl am ganzen Wochenende. Ansonsten, was meldet denn der Viewer wenn sie sich einloggen wollen ? Geht einloggen hier im Dashboard ? Einfach immer neue Accounts erstellen hilft nichts. Sollte ein Ban vorliegen gilt der für die IP und nicht nur den Avatar oder die email. Dann hätten sie auch eine email erhalten. Monti
  10. Hallo, am besten immer an den Verkäufer wenden, der hat ja auch L$ bekommen. Ansonsten mal "reset scripts". Objekt auf den Boden legen und im Menu den Befehl ausführen. Manchmal hängen sich SL skripte auf. Je nach Viewer und Sprache muß man etwas danach suchen. Monti
  11. Hi, does Windows see and use the Network card. (This is important because the viewer does nothing to your configuration) Maybe you need drivers and/or disable the onboard card in bios. Last thing could be the PCIe configuration in your BIOS does not allow new cards but that depends on the BIOS. Monti
  12. LL announced a their own mobile client (beta). Not sure if android or iOS or both. Just be patient 😴 Monti
  13. All other viewers (PC, MAC) are using the original source code with modifications. Developing a mobile viewer must be done from scratch (if you charge for it you are not allowed to use LL source) Monti
  14. Monti Messmer

    SL for Android

    End of story: LL wrote in their news blog that they are planning a mobile viewer beta in the "future" no one really would start writing something that would be "killed" after they release theirs. Monti
  15. Hi, there are already limited viewers available for mobile devices and LL wrote that they are soon starting a mobile viewer beta. Maybe not worth invest time and money because you won´t be able to compete with them. Anyway the basic knowledge can be found http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Current_login_protocols That´s for a start. But be aware that all public information about LL protocols are way out of date and they won´t provide any more information. Monti
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