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  1. Monti Messmer

    groups are missing and can't TP

    Maybe not using wireless internet ? Bad connections result in sloooow loading everything, or maybe your computer ? Hard to tell from a single line. Monti
  2. Monti Messmer

    Dringend Hilfe gesucht - Fehler im Spiel mit Anhänge

    Oder frag den "Hersteller" der hat ja auch Geld bekommen und sollte Service leisten. Monti
  3. Monti Messmer

    Second life for tablet/pc.

    Hi, there are text-only viewers and at least one with limited graphics. Look on the Thirdparty Viewers Directory; but don´t expect nice and smooth graphics ! Monti
  4. Monti Messmer

    Mojave and 3rd party viewers

    Beta OS should not be used in production environments. Anyway, all TPV, based on LL code that´s 99% or more, update their viewer after LL release a working viewer. In the next days all TPV will automatically update with the new sources. Still this may work or not because not even all apple software works on the new release. Stay tuned ! Monti
  5. Monti Messmer

    SL = Video Game

    Technically SL is a game but it is not designed to work as a game. All "game modes" are added later on, falling damage, hit damage .... and nothing works in a real MMO. If MMO's allow content adding then this content is uploaded and pre-rendered. In SL, before mesh that happened often, people build inside SL while you where watching things grow. Game or not ? SL is what you make of it, there is no fixed definition. It started as a game but developers never had a complete game-mode in mind. For me it´s not a game because all the "games" added by users are just rubbish because of the SL technology. Race games, Ego-shooter ... if i want to play these games there are hundreds even free that can do this better. Monti
  6. Monti Messmer

    blender vs sl tools

    Hello, today most if not all things are build with mesh (technically prims are mesh too but nvm). Ingame build tools aren´t used anymore so you have to go the Blender way and import items into SL. There are tons of YT videos and tutorials on the net howto. But it has a steep learning curve. Monti
  7. Monti Messmer

    Mrs, Sir

    Maybe, if having problems with Firestorm, asking in the Firestorm group or forum ? This is the LL - SL forum - this thread should already be flagged or removed *ducks and runs* Monti
  8. Monti Messmer

    Could SL be....

    Because no other "game" uses the SL engine, or at least not anymore, this is technically impossible. And with raise the hardware limits for SL, lots of people had to leave because they use ancient machines. Monti
  9. Monti Messmer

    Radegast for MAC

    It works but you need to install some depencies (libraries) to make it work. Quartz (only one version it looks) and some others. Actually i never got it working because it never compiled fully. Monti
  10. Monti Messmer

    Banned from the Offical Second Life Flickr feed

    Taking into account that SL is used world-wide, use a burkini will make all happy. It makes me laugh that 13 yr old, roaming the internet, could be offended by "painted" nudity while they have to look at in a museum because it´s art. Maybe some people need to update their view of the world to realize - we have the internet where you get everything everytime. Want it or not. Monti
  11. Monti Messmer


    Do not simply wear things someone or something has given you; just for the future. Monti
  12. Monti Messmer

    program to replace Pocket Metaverse for Iphone

  13. I doubt that LL implement Metal in their viewer, because right now the MAC viewer is really just a port with some mono .... stuff to make it work. This would require to create a whole new graphics engine only working for the MACs - so 2 Viewers to maintain. They could have made a real MAC viewer long ago without needing all that helpful stuff and thus being much faster and robust. Monti
  14. Monti Messmer

    Am I crazy?

    Hi, thats bad buisness. I would never send something - for that amount of money anyway - to an offline person. Always IM before and make clear that they received it. SL isn´t always that reliable. This sound just being ignorant. Taking the money rushing some work and tell the customer to get lost. You can´t do anything and i´m shocked that even on SL we need contracts that are water-tight like the 1000... pages of FB TOS. Monti
  15. Hi, ip adresses are openly used all over. A DJ or music/video streamer knows it. Google knows it, FBook, WApp .... The IP adress is not you, or owned by you (usually) it´s your internet provider. About privacy: My Ip adress is about 200 miles away from my real home, so theres millions of people you had to ring at the door. HTTP request are made to "outside" servers to read data from a database for whatever reasons. Opensim, well ... sims (grids) run by whoever not even a legal company, is always a "risk". Hiding the ip adress is cutting your internet. The logs must keep them for research, legal inquiry by police ... Short: you cannot hide them Nothing to do with the new GDPR, i think. Monti