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  1. Im not Bigger Halfpint damn those displaynames Hellespont Bigger although is my friend your comfussed about our in-world resident anti-viewer2 meeting
  2. @Esbee Linden: First of all a reply on what Esbee Linden is posting here in overview. A Cleaner User Experience and More Customization Options in Preferences A cleaner user experiance will be for a lot of people to see that sidebar go away compleetly, it is and stays unbelievable what a joke that "feature" is really. Support for External Text Editors when Working with LSL Seems to be ok in this post ill come back to this point when i tryed it myself, Promice i give it a fair chance. Graphics Improvements The only graphic improvement i see and notice is a 10MB cach instead of 1MB, For the
  3. Wacko viewer this is even worse then 2.3 im going back to 1.23.5 that seems to be the more stable viewer with the best funcions and now i go delete sl from my pc because 2.4 overwrights my v1.23.5 thanks for the extra work!!
  4. Your so right with that Burnman it is insane what they are doing lately with all the changes, lets hope the clear minds soon and become like we use to have SL befor this all happend. Im running viewer1.23.5 aswell because i simply hate the interface of viewer2.0/2.1/2.2 etc what ever it is on now 2.2 right i cant keep up every time i logging there is a new one there to anoying blocking my loggingscreem saying download avaidable but i know better then that, No problems with v1.23.5 works fine runs stable more stable then 3th viewer partys for me so no need to change and i hope to enjoy my sl as
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