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  1. Thanks for posting an answer, yes I am aware of Tuesday rolling restarts and it did say they were done for over an hour before I logged in and now almost 2hrs later same issues. I don't think it's my connection because my partner, who is in a different country in RL also had the same exact issues, although I did try that also prior. I can't get anywhere else, only log into home all the time and not able to TP out but perhaps someone could suggest a location I can put into the log in screen. I will try asking for a restart should support get back to me, also had already submitted a ticket Open to any other suggestions Thanks again!!
  2. When I logged in I was just a cloud, the just my head came in. I wear the mesh bodies, had my slink on and could not change or update appearance, could not add or remove anything, cannot rezz anything, my inventory seems to be up to date but my group list is showing 0, friends list doesn't fully load, no names show up and when I try to IM anyone the IM box does not come up. My name isn't showing up on my profile, just my key number and the same with my partner. My partner, is having all he same issues, as well as, his inventory is not loading. We cannot TP out, we are both just clouds. The name on my parcel, which I own, is listed as the original default name that is was before we changed it. We can IM each other but noone else. Things I have tried that have not made any difference... - Reset to default avatar - Added back shape and skin - We both use the newest version of Firestorm and I even tried installing the newest version of SL Viewer, ran that and had no inventory, was fetching forever and still all the other issues that I had with the Firestorm Viewer. - Tried TP'ing to FS Hippo Safe HUB but could not get there, first try I got stuck in the TP abyss somewhere and then crashed, 2nd time TP abyss again and then back to my parcel. - Submitting a support ticket (not too long ago so haven't heard anytihng back yet) Not sure if everyone is having this issue today or if its related just to my parcel, region as cannot IM anyone other than my partner who is on our parcel. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please even reply to let me know if you are having crazy SL issues also :) Thanks, Hayley
  3. I am also looking for customized tattoos. I someone know of anyoone or can steer us in the right direction that would be great if you could contact me. Thanks!!!
  4. @ Marcus...thanks sooo much for sharing the step by step instructions on how to do the bulk editing with everyone. I wasn't sure how it was done.
  5. HayleyDixon


    Good point by Lindal!!! I would try filing a complaint with Linden, if you haven't already, could fall under an abuse/fraudulent type thing complaint.
  6. Hehe guess me and the button like yours I'm paranoid also and will be checking mine too!!!
  7. I changed a few of mine, just the rating, didn't edit it and seems to be staying for now but I put a ticket in. Not sure if that's why, it's just a matter of time before it changes back or just got lucky. Hope everyone's is fixed soon!!
  8. Yes, same thing has happened to me more than half my items were taken off due to this. I put in a ticket and posted something also. Was led here by Aeromia who answered my post. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Fashion/Maturity-Rating-for-Phat-Cute-Azz/m-p/2770064/highlight/true#M11414 hope this works and it doesn't happen again. THANKS!!! I notice a few items the other day had been changed to the adult setting and took out the reference to XXS size and that helped briefly but now today more where take off listing completly, everything that refers to Azz, I guess, is not letting me change it and if I take that out, it will never come up in a search when someone is tooking for clothing items for that. UGH!!! Gonna try again now.
  9. Thank so much Aeromia, I did a search on it and couldn't find anything related but you have helped!!!! Very naughty indeed!!! Giant Kudos to you!!!!
  10. I'm getting all my products with the Phat / Cute Azz taken off SL Market place for maturity rating. Is anyone else having this problem an what are you doing about it/ Need help, I don't think a clothing item should have to be listed with adult maturity. Thanks!! Hayley
  11. No, you will not lose your Avatar, lord knows with the amount of times I've fallen offf the second life world, dropped houses on myself, crashed air crafts and the like, if I keep coming back so will you. When I played this at a friends it would briefly go black and I'd be TP'd home. So no worries its virtually impossible to kill off your avatar on SL. And yuck, I soooo don't like zombies!!!
  12. Thank you Daunte!!! An actual answer to the question. I have been trying to find the same thing and stating the obvious, that it's not that simple and needs dediction, time and a lot of learning doesn't really help much. You however, listed step by step instructions that once someone get a bit more knowledge will be able to use as well as, a link to help with the learning curve process. Thanks sooo much!!!
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