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  1. Thank you! I fixed the problem easily after you told me those simple instructions! Thank you so much! I just have one more question though, do you happen to know where I could go to find some good modding tutorials or overviews?
  2. Hello second life users! I recently joined second life and bought a curious chinchilla avatar model with a nala the lion mod kit. Everything appears to be working fine but I am having issues with the eyes. I have these really thick black lines covering up my eyes that I cannot seem to remove. It appears to look like an issue with the eyelashes but I am not sure seeing how I just started modding yesterday. Also, the curious chinchilla has some slight cheek fur located under each ear. I cannot seem to remove them from my head which is causing a problem since the textures for the skin are being condensed onto the furry part of the cheecks and is messing up the look of my character. If you happen to know what is going on with my avatar please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. If you want pictures of my avatar issues just friend me and I wil send some pictures to help you understand. Thank you so much for helping a noob! winter sonnet
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