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  1. Heroforge is great, but read the fine print on the colors if you go for that option. What you see isn't exactly what you get.
  2. I love to voice and actually really have no issue being on cam when I get to know people. However, I don't ever make those a requirement for getting to know or hang out with people. I don't really understand the whole verification angle really. People are welcome to hit me up for chat in text, voice or anything. It's just fun to chat.
  3. I like getting a message when my hair or body dropped off on TP. Those cases where I look fine but everyone else see's me funny. Like Paul I just refresh attachments and say thanks.
  4. I have always wondered why Linden Lab keeps this rule "To own a Homestead Region, you must also own at least one standard Private Region." Homestead pricing is super approachable and I think a lot of people would pay the 150 setup and 109 a month to have a private estate with just one or maybe a few homesteads. I know these can be rented, but the ease and convenience of having it all in one estate and billing direct (vs converting lindens) is just preferable to me. I thought i would put this out there for discussion, see what others think. I would love to see this added as a feature of the pre
  5. I am a guy, that plays as a girl for the exact same reason. I am on most days, feel free to give a shout.
  6. @Oz Linden I will stick with a display name then.
  7. I am one of the few Resident residents who feels the display name method is far superior to the last name option. Now if Linden Lab lets me pay for the ability to have a totally unique official last name I might change my mind. Otherwise, i am happy to keep on trucking with my display name and leaving usernames to the systems end where they belong.
  8. Welcome welcome. Always happy to see new faces here.
  9. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spruce Springsteen/163/159/54 is set to allow me to change the access settings.
  10. i can definitely set ban lines on my alts log cabin region, though that option is not available on my House boat region.
  11. These are looking good. I noticed a number of people talking about rotating the houses. I noticed on mine that the ability to rotate is built into the house controller.
  12. I have had and interacted with various child and child like avatars over the years. I would say i am pretty far on the child avatar inclusion/not creepy side as one can get. I agree very much with the comment above that what makes an avatar a child avatar is certainly a topic for discussion and needs to be better defined. I am happy to chat about it if you are still looking for people.
  13. I am and identify as male in RL. Gender doesn't matter as much to me in SL since it can be changed with a literal click of a button (which i do to varying degrees often). I always assume its easiest for people to refer to me in SL by the pronouns that most closely match my look on any given day, which is usually she. However, I don't really have a preference one way or another. I make my choices on gender more around the fashion/fun side of things than any true gender identity.
  14. I think there is a lot of panic, and a lot of misinformation. I will put out a few things that are keeping me relatively calm through the changes that are happening in the US and around the world. This is how I approach my time dealing with the virus and its impact on the world. 1. The best media is the access most of us have to the information directly. Don't read or watch mass media reports instead read what the CDC, WHO and your government is saying directly. Watch the US Governments, your state and local governments press conferences (or your local equivalent) every day. Don't wait fo
  15. I am still hoping that the option for owning a homestead without a full region is a perk of the uber premium account package they have been talking about.
  16. I would call it, perfectly within the rights of the person paying the bills to require whatever they want. I don't think anyone should be required to get a mesh body but certainly understand why some people have it as a rule
  17. I have many mesh bodies. I like many use maitreya a lot for convenience. I like Freya and Hourlgass as well with a slight nod towards freya. They also get a lot of support. I would love to see more support for tonic fine though it's a bit of a niche body. I don't use is, physique or Venus much primarily because of accessibility of stuff. But I own them all. I don't have nor will I likely get Legacy. I am considering Alice.
  18. Get a tool like LastPass and use it for everything, 100% of the time. Not only will it save you this trouble but it is also just one of the best things you can do for online password safety.
  19. i would do the cache clear as was suggested. The server should have them in the correct place and hopefully just needs to update your viewer with that information.
  20. I would echo what @Orwar said and focus on finding places where people with shared interests congregate. It can be very difficult to break into pre-established groups at places like clubs. Spend some times browsing the groups that are around in SL. There are groups for many, many things not just parts of SL. If you are looking for specific suggestions for things you enjoy feel free to reach out and I can try and point you in the right direction.
  21. I personally think all the work on last names is a colossal waste of time, and totally the wrong way to go about naming. Relegate usernames to where they belong, in transaction details, and allow people the flexibility we already have with display names. The downsides in allowing renames are so huge IMHO that its not even worth discussing (anything with a script that relies on knowing your user name....like re-delivery). But that's just me. I will go back to being perfectly content with my Resident last name. : )
  22. Large roadside parcel in Jeogeot. Only parcel on the region, great performance. Up for sale as one parcel, not dividing, for 1L$ per m2 (9504 L$). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paduk/179/208/65
  23. Can you imagine a Bellisseria with 100's of 1000's of peoples!! Belli would swallow up the grid!! Chomp!
  24. i have thought about this since it was first brought up and while in incredibly poor taste on the games creators part, there is nothing inherently "adult" about a condom. I am not even sure a child avatar simply holing a condom violates terms of service, and certainly receiving one in inventory does not, and having an award tier called that doesn't at all. I think this is more of awareness and a vote with your dollars campaign to get the game designer to remove their exceedingly poor attempt at humor from the game. I was was on the fence but thinking about playing the game yesterday, until I h
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