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  1. Driving on the Mainland can actually be fun, believe it or not. For some reason a Legends Bike, KCP/ACS, behaved better than my JFC or Moto Bazzi bikes. Usually the other way around on the Mainland. There was acutally quite a bit of traffic too, so had some interesting conversations along the way even. Not a bad trip.
  2. SuperFish HQ: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Liome/71/66/21 Not updated on the MP, but found it
  3. I agree. Just keep your inventory organized from the start. At least try until you can't anymore...
  4. One thing that might have changed is the Marketplace. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ (LL link, don't worry it's safe). I was unaware of it at first, so just saying You can find a lot of nice free/1L stuff there, and if you go to the respective in-world stores, many with free groups, there are many gifts to be found, still some nice stuff for the standard avi many places as well. There are some reasonably priced and even free (sometimes for a limited time) mesh avis around, but my main advice would be: Don't be in a hurry. Try to enjoy and rediscover, and find out what you want to do and where you want to go. As for Lindens. You won't earn much, but fishing is actually a nice thing to do if you don't have any L$ at all while discovering new places, and while browsing the MP and the forums. I think SuperFish still give a few worms to fish with with their free pole (on MP). Turns out they do. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SuperFish-Rod-HUD-Pack/7481949 Won't get you rich Edit: They give out 10 free worms everyday as well, as well as some other stuff that's new to me but might get you a L$ or ten. Just checked in-world, and they still actually do.
  5. With rose tinted specs I still see my early times in SL as the best ones. That's because everything was new, I was extremely lucky with the people I met who took very good care of me, and I fell head over heels in love (we are still very good friends). I looked fairly decent back then, face wise, as I was gifted a shape that was easy to tweak to my own liking and the maker was a very talented guy. Was happy until I really discovered how my feet looked. Once you see that, it cannot be unseen. So Slink feet it was, when they came out. Difficult at first, but I got it eventually. Then the hands some time later. Kinda the same thing, only less urgent - they are less bad than the system feet. But I never would have gone back after that. Later it was "let's try that Slink Hourglass". Would never go back pre that either. A mesh bikini that actually fitted? Hallelujah. But when I comes to mesh heads, I've demoed lots, but never found one I like. I still have my system head, and the same shape that was gifted to me way back then. Works great with Hourglass, and system skins that matched it got lots better too (thanks, 7DS). I still get compliments on it. Wear what you like, I will never judge either way, but I spend quite a bit of time in shops, and many of the mesh heads people use just do not look like in the ads, many just look weird and lifeless and very similar. System heads can look at least, if not more, life like (in some cases, of course). Maybe I'll start to see that differently with time as well. Although I'm in much less hurry to get a mesh head now that BOM has arrived. What I guess I'm trying to get at is that I can see several sides here
  6. Duh, nevermind. I actually had to log in to in-world search. Solved.
  7. Hi, wondering why I only get access to General in Catznip in-world search. I have G, M, A enabled in Preferences. I get all 3 in search when using the LL viewer (and on the MP). Tips, anyone?
  8. Hourglass for me. Although a pretty slim shape. I have considered others, but sticking with Hourglass for the foreseeable future I think.
  9. I drive a lot in SL. And I mean a lot. Does that make it a driving game? I also build a lot. Does that make it a building game? And no, I don't call it a "game". But to each their own. Live and let live
  10. I kind of thought. Even better explanation. Thanks so much!
  11. You know, the term "bake(ed)" has had me confused for a while. In one sentence you made it a little clearer.
  12. I spent a lot of time at Caledon Oxbridge when I was new to SL. I found the instructors to be nice and extremely patient. I still remember chats with fellow students fondly from back then, we would hang around after classes and even go exploring together. Not just building classes, a lot of other stuff you need to know in SL as well. Just do a search for Caledon Oxbridge with in-world search. They have help in several languages. I did a lot of exploring alone as well. And a lot of fishing. Not so much to earn Linden dollars, but mostly to experience new places. I stumbled upon places and activities I really liked, and from there my social circle just grew slowly but surely. I still consider many people from back then close friends.
  13. If it's nude only, I'll go nude. If it's clothing optional, I'll wear a bikini or something similar at first. Might drop the top if I feel comfortable, and the bottom eventually. Stuff like sandals and jewellery/accessories still counts a nude to me. BTW I always read the rules/NC if at a new place, doesn't take that long and makes the stay more pleasant for everyone. If there are a lot of people fully dressed there (usually guys who do that), I'll usually not stick around either.
  14. Facelights and Xcite bits are fads that are gone I hope. I have been quilty of both. But huggers? In the right context I find them cute (in the right context, mind you)
  15. One thing we do agree on: If you ask someone how they are, you should probably be prepared to get an honest answer I just read a "how are you" as hi or hello.
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