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  1. Hourglass for me. Although a pretty slim shape. I have considered others, but sticking with Hourglass for the foreseeable future I think.
  2. I drive a lot in SL. And I mean a lot. Does that make it a driving game? I also build a lot. Does that make it a building game? And no, I don't call it a "game". But to each their own. Live and let live
  3. I kind of thought. Even better explanation. Thanks so much!
  4. You know, the term "bake(ed)" has had me confused for a while. In one sentence you made it a little clearer.
  5. I spent a lot of time at Caledon Oxbridge when I was new to SL. I found the instructors to be nice and extremely patient. I still remember chats with fellow students fondly from back then, we would hang around after classes and even go exploring together. Not just building classes, a lot of other stuff you need to know in SL as well. Just do a search for Caledon Oxbridge with in-world search. They have help in several languages. I did a lot of exploring alone as well. And a lot of fishing. Not so much to earn Linden dollars, but mostly to experience new places. I stumbled upon places and activities I really liked, and from there my social circle just grew slowly but surely. I still consider many people from back then close friends.
  6. If it's nude only, I'll go nude. If it's clothing optional, I'll wear a bikini or something similar at first. Might drop the top if I feel comfortable, and the bottom eventually. Stuff like sandals and jewellery/accessories still counts a nude to me. BTW I always read the rules/NC if at a new place, doesn't take that long and makes the stay more pleasant for everyone. If there are a lot of people fully dressed there (usually guys who do that), I'll usually not stick around either.
  7. Facelights and Xcite bits are fads that are gone I hope. I have been quilty of both. But huggers? In the right context I find them cute (in the right context, mind you)
  8. One thing we do agree on: If you ask someone how they are, you should probably be prepared to get an honest answer I just read a "how are you" as hi or hello.
  9. The first time an American asked me how I was (RL) I must admit I was a little baffled. Felt like a very direct question. I think I just said hi other something like that. But I was very young then, and I am not from the U.S. I thought a lot of the world had moved beyond that by now, however, and would just reply with a "nice to meet you" or something. I most certainly have, long ago. But seems like it stil persists. Folks, there is no fakery involved. Most of the time it's just polite conversation. But I guess Americans need to wrap their minds around that it can still be perceived as rather weird too.
  10. Valid enough questions. Hi or /me waves (as in gesture) is just fine with me. How else are you supposed to approach someone? Just don't stop talking if I answer. Silence is a major turnoff. Have something more to say. Compliments are old school, but still work. If you have an RL pic or RL info in your profile I'll politetly respond to you and move on. No matter how you look or your age etc. It's not about that. RL stuff sometimes happens in SL, and can be very nice. It's even happened to me. But it takes time of time, a lot of time. It's supposed to, the way I see it. Live your SL for a while first. It's SL, not a dating service.
  11. I alwyays log out if I leave the (RL) appartment. I mean, almost everything is turned off then anyway. I was out of town 10 hrs for work today... Log off while sleeping 99.99 % of the time. Don't put my avi to bed if I am alone - just usually make sure I at least have some clothes on in case of a restart. I usually just TP home and log off. Sometimes (rarely) I don't even TP home, but mostly. But I have a special someone where we like to go to sleep together sometimes. And if we both have the next day off, wake up together. It is really something to experience. For me, at least. But sure, forgotten to log out a few times too. In my own home or worst case that of a good friend. But that's unintentional, though
  12. Some of my fondest memories are pre-mesh, even though I'm pretty young in SL terms. Having said that, I'd never go back to system feet. Or hands, for that matter. I started out with mesh with Slink feet and a system body. Then Slink hands, still with a system body. Had that for a while. Now I'm full Slink Hourglass, but with a system head. Comfortable like that, and still haven't found a mesh head I like better. And I've demoed a bunch. It was a gradual process for me. So I didn't find the learning curve very steep at all. It's still continuing, of course, but I'm comfortable where I am right now. So just take your time. Don't delete anything, you'll probably regret it. Edit: Oh, and auto hide with the newest updates and clothing is just fantastic. So those just starting out now might actually have it easier than ever before.
  13. Number one for me is shops that don't update their LMs on the MP. Or that don't even update their MP if they don't have an in-world store anymore. For individual listings, if there are many, it's understandable, but not for "In-world store". You shouldn't have to check your map and "about" every time you first TP to a store to see if you are landing in a private residence or a weird place instead.
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