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  1. Friendship Seven (The name of the Mercury spacecraft that John Glenn flew in when he was the first American to orbit Earth)
  2. Curious if you can refer me to the case law supporting your statement. I'm not saying you are wrong or I am correct, I would like to read the ruling and get a grasp of what the Judge ruled. ETA: This thread has taken a great turning route to what was being discussed from the OP. Let's all take a breath and enjoy some kitties. Doncha feel better now?
  3. Trademark office? McDonald's once had a very distinct look and feel to their restaurants. Still do really. Whataburger does as well. And then there is Taco Bell Not an attorney but I would say if the OP could show injury to finances or reputation, based on a building design being copied in RL, HE or SHE (see what I did there?) might have a case. If it involves a building that only exists in SL, accept it as a compliment to intuition and design abilities.
  4. You may wish to elaborate some information. Is WHAT illegal?
  5. During a dinner break at work, I drove to a local fast food place to grab something to eat. On the news/talk station I was listening to, they mentioned Second Life and how one could be so p*ss poor in RL but have a fortune in L$ online. The hosts were laughing and whooping it up over this concept. I was intrigued enough to check it out when I got home for the evening. It took about six months of on/off/on in sporadic fashion to finally grasp the idea of what was happening (learning curve can be difficult). Eventually, I located a region I liked (HOME!) and the people were nice and more or
  6. Not an editor but I did do dubs and ingesting of taped matter to a server that ran commercial breaks. Much like here at SL the saying is "demo, demo, demo!" before purchase, I'd run video signals through a scope for black and chroma levels before sending it to the server. Too much chroma and TV sets would be abuzzing (before HD). Crush the black levels and the images would appear muddy and no real shadow. Levels were to be proper for clients as well as subpoenaed material from news for court testimony.
  7. Reality everyone. Never take sh**. F R A U D Kudos to Lindal for the idea.
  8. Tell them their black levels were almost crushed, the chroma was off and the "chicky-boom" style music died in the 70's. Lose the old VHS cam and get an HD one, with better direction and lighting.
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