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  1. This ain't the CIA or MI6. It's SL (Second Life to those in the know). Why does someone need a cover story? If I worked in the funeral industry, I would cop to it. Why hide it? I volunteer (key) what I tell others. If they ask about my RL, fine. It's a safe bet they do the same. We don't need dead drops to pass information.
  2. Mental Hospital TRIVIA: (In 1885, the 13th Territorial Legislature met to appropriate $100,000 for the construction of the "Insane Asylum of Phoenix" in Arizona. It's still the psychiatric choice of confinement if the need arises)
  3. It is possible. Sign in as your usual account then re-click the desktop icon for what ever browser you use (Firestorm for example). That opens up another sign in page. Just enter the alt you wish to have join your main and have at it. Beware, such practice can and will over work your puter drives and fan, possibly overheating. It is not recommended unless you have a top of the line machine with appropriate software that can handle the extra work.
  4. Nope. Picked up a new style at Truth and looks FANNN-TASTIC!!!
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