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  1. Management Consulting ("Those who can, do - those who can't, consult")
  2. Victor in September takes algebra. DOGGY
  3. I felt that response needed a Thanks trophy. It wasn't a usual answer but a well played answer. Yodeling elephants. Get them in a studio, add a filter or two, maybe some auto tune and sign them to a three album deal.
  4. Patty Loves Eggs And Tomatoes C H E V Y
  5. Frank loves oysters roasted anytime. H E R T Z
  6. Admit it. You saw this one coming. Twilight Zone
  7. All Operators Require Training Annually STEVE
  8. Larry ordered tater tots online. TEETH
  9. The rum's under the house C A R L Y *grinning innocently* I have no idea to what you are saying...
  10. Reality: anyone knows elephants swim. TAFFY
  11. To Run Over People Everywhere. KITTY
  12. Are you using a credit card or a debit card from a bank? LL will not accept "off the shelf" debit cards available at Best Buy, Walgreens, Walmart, 7/Eleven ad nauseum. The Lab wants to be paid NOW, not in 5-10 days as OTS cards tend to do. I suggest getting a PayPal card. I did find that the temporary PayPal card will work as long as you register it with PayPal. When you purchased the card, you dump $20 on it on top of the purchase price. PayPal now has that $20. Register online the pertinent info required to activate it and you should be good to go. Get $15 worth of lindens (there is a service charge on LL's behalf). Be advised, I'm speaking from my experience with PayPal, so mileage will vary. A few weeks later, I was mailed a permanent card (with a different account number). I am currently using a bank debit and have no problems getting L$'s. Haven't used the PayPal in a quire awhile. I'm sure someone will pop in with other suggestions.
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