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  1. The rum's under the house C A R L Y *grinning innocently* I have no idea to what you are saying...
  2. Reality: anyone knows elephants swim. TAFFY
  3. Are you using a credit card or a debit card from a bank? LL will not accept "off the shelf" debit cards available at Best Buy, Walgreens, Walmart, 7/Eleven ad nauseum. The Lab wants to be paid NOW, not in 5-10 days as OTS cards tend to do. I suggest getting a PayPal card. I did find that the temporary PayPal card will work as long as you register it with PayPal. When you purchased the card, you dump $20 on it on top of the purchase price. PayPal now has that $20. Register online the pertinent info required to activate it and you should be good to go. Get $15 worth of lindens (there i
  4. Beat me to it. I would have gone with "gold grill". Gold Rush
  5. Posting a response in another thread reminded me of this classic.
  6. Howling Mad I had a response ready to go covering "lone...", but nooooooo, Madelaine snuck one in. Such is life.
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