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  1. No guts, no glory Dogs offer total emotional devotion. FIEND
  2. That's what I have found. A search on my IP shows me approx. 30 miles away. Sometimes after I reboot my modem, it shows me somewhere else, not close to my physical location. I think to get a precise IP location (correct me if I am mistaken) one must know the ISP being used, then 1) be very persuasive in the request (doubtful unless you are LEO and work close with the ISP security detail) or 2) obtain a warrant or court order to present to the ISP. If someone threatens to claim they know your IP, just "poo-poo" them and move on.
  3. Aim to please. Can't guarantee that som(e)one will come and shake the door to see if anyone is still here. I hope this helps.
  4. Management Consulting ("Those who can, do - those who can't, consult")
  5. I felt that response needed a Thanks trophy. It wasn't a usual answer but a well played answer. Yodeling elephants. Get them in a studio, add a filter or two, maybe some auto tune and sign them to a three album deal.
  6. Frank loves oysters roasted anytime. H E R T Z
  7. All Operators Require Training Annually STEVE
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