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  1. LOOK AT THOSE FACES!!!! I want them both!!! Hey Johnny
  2. I'm sure there be much more to be said. Topics just don't go "poof" cuz the OP says so.
  3. Pam prank (Spray on a tile floor and wait for the frivolity and 9-1-1 calls to begin)
  4. Cowsills Hair ("Partridge Family" was based on this family band)
  5. Lucy. Pulling a train. I could see Peppermint Patty or Sally doing such a thing. But Lucy? Another childhood memory of a beloved comic strip now shot to sh**.
  6. See what I did there? Anyone? Is this thing on?...*tap tap*
  7. "Don't worry Wilson, I'll do all the paddling. You just hang on." Cast Away
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