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  1. Did someone say 'Silly Pic'? Haven't been caught with my thumb in my mouth for a few years, but I still do fold up all funny some nights making for some awkward awakenings... My Avi isn't quite as self conscious so I'm sure this picture won't embarrass her. Enjoy yourselves! Lanas :smileywink:
  2. Place your feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees, keep your back straight, then PUSH with all your might!!! (try not to look too constipated) You may need a few friends to help if the builds are large, heavy, or shaped oddly. I'll be glad to pitch in and help lift if you think it would help. Seriously, good luck and I hope you get some actually useful advice for your frustrating problem. Enjoy the struggle for solutions! Lanas:smileywink:
  3. I've squeezed my creative lemons into tasty lemonade by making animations to fill any of the wishes and desires I hadn't run across searching on my own in SL. It's relaxing for some reason I haven't figured out yet but it only matters that it is. Enjoy yourselves out there in the creative SL world! Lanas :smileywink:
  4. Qavimator and I have had a wonderful relationship and it has treated me well over the years. I'm not familiar with anything else so I can't compare, but I can assure you that if you "don't want to become a pro or spend a lot of money" Qavimator could do the trick quite nicely. I'll be honest, figuring it out was not easy to begin with but that's mostly because of several silly gotchas that once I finally trudged through the tutorials everything became clear and workable. Never fear... Qavimator is here... Enjoy your attempts at satisfying animation! Lanas
  5. Send your physicist friends my way... I've had no trouble finding them, I simply can't seem to keep them from slipping through my fingers. I'll be glad to share them because I agree they would make beautiful presents, but you can see my problem. Perhaps a ginormous net... think Lanas... think! Enjoy your Holidays and this Season of Giving Lanas
  6. I've been looking for all the little people but there aren't any down here. I'll ask them how it's going as soon as I find them... (Sorry everyone... I was looking for a Picture Pose theme and this was too easy. I'm done with my turn on night shifts and finished with my SL 'work' that buried me the last few weeks so I'm free to play. Hopefully there will be plenty of inspiration this week) Enjoy getting to know all the little ones running out and about! Lanas
  7. A very Happy RezDay to you! I finally escaped my turn on night shifts so I can focus on some Picture Pose fun again and this was a wonderful way to settle back in. Enjoy the next 3! Lanas
  8. Been on a loooong work trip with no time for fun Picture Poses, but fortunately I had this picture taken for a postcard sitting around just waiting for this thread. We're a couple of Friends in France... if I remember right we were hit by a bus shortly after this was snapped... don't pose in the street for photos if you have plenty of other fantastic options... I'm sure I was saying we should be over at the cafe, but nooooo, then you wouldn't see the flags... blah blah blah... heh hee... the memories. Enjoy your friends and travels! Lanas 
  9. So Ms Furse, as I was starting to wonder where you’d roamed off to I had a hunkerin’ that you might well have settled in where you’ve always seemed out rightly far too comfortable… …and golly gee darn who’d have guessed, seems as if you ain’t done never left this here VaNiTy ThReAd! What you gots to set your mind to understandin’ is it’s gonna to be gettin’ dark way out yonder here just about forthright, so you oughts to be draggin’ your bottom back to this here civilization promptly young lady! Do not make me rustle up my rough housin’ posse as I cannot be certain that they wouldn’t overly enjoy the task of hogtiein’ your curvaceousness up right tight… let’s just not get there now ya hear? _____________________________________________________________ Ohhh.. ah aahhh… sorry, I got a rather thick does of Texas Time last night with the neighbors and it rubbed off when I finally peeked back at this thread only to see it thriving, and you along with it. Enjoy all the wonderful VaNiTy Lanas
  10. Danger danger, just be careful with any new investment in video cards if you're buying a new computer or trying to improve the one you have! I don't know enough of the details but here's a link to a recent post where it seems some of the best equipment out there isn't behaving nicely with Second Life so beeeeee careful! http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/Viewer-3-performance-issues-ATI-Graphic-cards/m-p/1178327/highlight/true#M8818 I've attached a link to my post from a while back where we'd gotten a marvelous new computer that wasn't too ridiculously priced (HP close out sale) and it made SL smooth as glass for me and I didn't have to do anything other than put on Phoenix and turn up the Look Amazing Dial. I think I put everything up to the tops except the 'view distance' but I'm not on now to check. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/I-want-my-avatar-improved/m-p/1094345#M9589 Enjoy your quest for SL marvelousness! Lanas 
  11. I was really hoping Hitomi was going to come back and share where those tricks are hiding a little more specifically... did you ever figure it out to your satisfaction? If not I'll get serious and try to figure it out... would be worth knowing. Lanas
  12. I'll keep my eyes out to see if you get the news you're looking for, but I've been at this a while and have made AOs with and without freely moving heads and I suspect you can't fix it yourself. That head movement either has to be put in a position by the animator or allowed to run free as in your case, but once that decision is made it's stuck unless you upload a new animation. I actaully prefer the natural free movement typically, however I go halfway usually by leaving the head free while tipping the neck to one side or the other between anims. That way you get the free natural look without the wild swings that might be bothering you. I'm just guessing on that, but if the swings allow you to look nearly over your shoulders then the animator left both the head and the neck free. We'll see if you get another answer... but that's my two cents. Fingers Crossed Lanas
  13. Oh ohhhh... I found another way to shake the eyes free that hasn't failed me yet! Ran across it by accident working on some anims and photos the other day, but its worked three times in a row now consistently. Just put on an Emoter HUD (freebie ones work great) and play a smile or any expression and whaaalaaaa my eyes moved natural again. You may even just be able to play the expression with the viewer, I haven't tried that since I just use a HUD to make expression combinations for pictures, but I wanted to share the tips, works great so far. Enjoy your freed up eyes Lanas
  14. Thanks for the slightly sinister and mysterious Picture Pose inspiration... good luck unraveling the riddles Lanas
  15. What's worked best for me the fortunately few times I've had to monkey with myself like that is being in a 'quite' place. I have a home (more like apartment) in an extremely quite sim with no real 'lag' that ever bothers me. When I've logged on as an egg and appeared in whatever busy place I was at and went through all those step you mentioned, I'd occasionally end up with your result (although I have no fancy fingernails... but that should be on the list huh?). The only other evidence that my suggestion may help you is that I have a builder friend who has the wackiest avatars and he becomes an egg far more often than anyone I know. I offered my apartment up to him for his reconstructive surgery and he can fix himself far more quickly and permanently at my place than in the ridiculously busy sandbox we're usually in. Enjoy some 'low lag' somewhere!  Good Luck! Fingers Crossed! Lanas
  16. Share a gift with a Noob, you never know how or when it’ll pay you back. You could think of it as SL Survival Insurance, especially if that Noob becomes fantastically wealthy or turns out to be cleverly skilled (may even be tax deductible if you save receipts). Hopefully you have a fond memory of how it felt when you got that wonderful outfit, first L$10’s, or some wacky bit of furniture or fun toy from a stranger. Happiness from gifts is contagious. Enjoy some generosity Lanas
  17. Optimistically speculating here, but perhaps all that money actually went into a space age Teleportatron that is beaming things to Mars in preparation for colonization? There was plenty of jibber jabber about the $600 toilet seats actually only being a few dollars while the rest was funneled into ‘Secret Projects’ until the scrutiny became too much and then they came up with some other silly cover story. So perhaps the Teleportatron has eaten up $800 billion while Iraq is actually on budget and very soon you’ll be hearing about the salvation of humanity that all those resources have been spent on. Another possibility is that the United States will simply innovate it’s way out of trouble as its historically famous for. I mean with achievements like Second Life who couldn’t believe that possibility Enjoy some proper ranting, but don’t lose any sleep (sleep is priceless) Lanas [Edit]: I’m not as naive or frivolous about such a heavy subject as my post may suggest, but I’m painfully aware that few debates about huge dollar dramas are resolved satisfactorily… especially when the majority of us will never be privy to the actual beneficiaries of the expenditures… Sad, but horribly true… I’m perpetually hoping for the least expensive peace, love, and happiness… 
  18. Oh I do hate to admit it because obviously a great deal of work went into that creation, but I completely agree with Kylie. Amazing, but likely to be completely misunderstood out of context (although I lived in Southern California for a few years and I'm very familiar with the 'Burning' theme from my friends who'd drive out there... so I do get it... and I do know the circus in the desert that the whole affair becomes so the video isn't a completely random affair, it makes sense in context). The fun part for me was turning the noise music way up and watching the cats freak out in the corner... that's what inspired my silly pose! Anywho, this title just caught my eye while I was looking for today's 'Pose to Picture to Post' challenge, so I'm done, had fun, no offense intended to the wildly creative Burning bunch. Enjoy your Burn... don't hurt yourselves With much admiration for the creativity, Lanas
  19. Whew, turned blue and still no fix from LL... so I'll take your advice and I'll stop holding my breath
  20. "ROLE-PLAYING-PHOTOGRAPHER"... That is so clever cute and insightful... You can substitute just about anything in for "photographer" and it just gets funnier... A bit sad too actually... But much funnier than sad :-) Enjoy your role playing! (Just be honest about it with the customers... I'm still snickering) Lanas
  21. Thanks Lyra... I was hoping that wasn't the answer simply because of the 30 day monkey business. Obviously if its that important to me I should be doing the footwork, but I do try to keep the shop housekeeping chores to a minimum. Now if there were a simple answer to fix my Marketplace chores laziness I'd be up for any suggestions in that critical department as well. If there's a Linden listening please add recipient search to transactions or give us a year or two of the searchable sales ... pretty please? Is it more likely that LL will fix it or that I'll get over my chore laziness? Thanks again, Lanas 
  22. Occasionally I get questions or requests from folks who have one of my creations like "I never received the delivery" or "Opps, I broke something, may I have another please (No Trans items of course)". I'm completely willing to help but once in a while I'll have trouble finding their transaction because they were the 'recipient' of the item as a gift. Any clues or suggestions for some simple searching specifically by recipient? (I'm fully prepared for the disappointment of finding out it's impossible because I think I've heard hints of that problem in other threads but I'm optimistically asking the professionals in the audience... Fingers crossed) Lanas
  23. Who wouldn't take Wings seriously? Enjoy whoever you are and whatever you want to be! Lanas
  24. I'm finally back from my trip so I could jump back onto the Magic Second Life Big Box Computer Tour Bus in our living room and I saw that you'd asked for 'Specs'... I know the TV is a Sony Bravia (says so on the front) although there's no size on it but 40 something inch is what I recall when we had the budget debates. (I also saw that I'd been yelling in big fonts while on my laptop cause its sooooo smmmallllll and hard to see... sorry everyone) As for the computer it's an HP Pavilion Elite HPE on the front label and I cut n' pasted the 'properties' for you in case that helps. The properties said 'HPE-250f' which I Googled to see what it might say and it had all the "ATI Radeon HD 5770 Series Graphics With 1GB DDR5" type answers you're probably looking for but there was so much that I didn't know if you'd be interested in that I didn't cut n' paste, but you can obviously look. What I think is most important, but probably wasn't on your interest list either is the IKEA chair that makes it soooo comfortable, so I threw in a picture of that from their website. There's a perfect height coffee table that the mouse, and a tasty drink, sit on and the keyboard in your lap is fantastic as well. We picked up the keyboard and mouse together from Sam's a while back, its the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 package. Notice the 'Comfort' theme... ahhhh Enjoy the Specs (I'd recommend this wonderful setup to anyone!) Lanas 
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