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  1. It was checked, but I cleaned cache and checked and unchecked the box a couple of times and now it seems to work perfectly again.
  2. Since the latest update I do not receive any offline IM's or Group notices in my email anymore. Does anyone have a suggestion how I can solve this?
  3. Weird things are happening to my private group. I have a group where you need to pay a fee to enroll. Now I'm the only person will the ability to change the fee but from time to time my fee changes. A couple of weeks ago my group description and picture were also gone. I checked it over and over again, I'm the only one who can make changes to the group. Is it a glitch or something else?
  4. If the skull thing is mod, you could ask him to make it invisible/clear on your side. That way he still can look at his (in my opinion) ugly picture from his side but from your side you will not see it anymore.
  5. With no money, but a little time and effort everyone can look good in SL. Various good SL skinmakers and designers have Lucky Letter Boards/Chairs, free group gifts (for some groups you will have to pay a fee, some are free to join) and/or Midnight Mania Boards with their products. A good guideline to find the cheap/free stuff is using the website and group FabFree http://fabfree.wordpress.com/ If continue seeing yourself with a monkeyface it might not be the skin or shape but the combination of both. Always make sure you try on a skin demo before buying one and experiment with different
  6. Jvart, same kind of problem here. I'm on Central European Time and prety much during my daytime most Sims are empty. The really nice events start late my evening. You do have an advantage over me tho. There are way more Aussies in SL than people in the central part of Europe. I'm sure there are some Aussies sims and clubs out there. Search option can help you finding those! Good luck!
  7. I read a lot of people having the same "problem". I don't know if it excists already but maybe you could start a group for kindred souls? Have a look in SL Search -> Groups or start your own, you could organise social get togethers, send out a notice for people to join you at the live music venues or to chat. Just an idea, maybe it helps. Btw I don't think you are a failure! Good luck!
  8. Have your tried this store? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/2826
  9. This topic seems to take an interesting path. Alts... There is nothing wrong with having alts. I assume that in childhood no one had just one barbie doll or He Man doll to play with. However, there are those who have alts for the "wrong" reason. Yes people do use alts to escape problems they have with their main account like being harrased and stalked . That's kinda sad that one needs an escape pod, so to say. Wrong is not the good word in this case Really wrong is those who have an alt just to cause grief, stalk and other stupid things. Those who use alts to intentially mislead and hurt
  10. Facelights should be banned! :matte-motes-evil-invert: No sorry, everyone should decide for their own if they want to wear facelights or not but personallyI don't care about facelights. I even changed my setttings and now facelights don't render. That way I'm not bothered by people lighting up the place like a xmas tree on steroids. I use windlight settings to get rid of those nasty face shadows. Everyone looks better on my screen with the Windlight setting I use, not just me!
  11. I never had a problem editing MP items to a different group. So I have no clue why it is you can't change them. Maybe you should try remove them from you box or merchant folder and re ad them again?
  12. Most of my online friends are 30/40 something. So you would think it's the more mature group. 90% of the people in my group who get "nasty" when I don't respond quick enough are the guys.
  13. I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I decided not to put a message in my profile. Because doing so would be stupid. People acting all crazy like that.. they are the ones that need a kick in the head.. I'm not doing anything wrong by not responding immediately.
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