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  1. It was checked, but I cleaned cache and checked and unchecked the box a couple of times and now it seems to work perfectly again.
  2. Since the latest update I do not receive any offline IM's or Group notices in my email anymore. Does anyone have a suggestion how I can solve this?
  3. Weird things are happening to my private group. I have a group where you need to pay a fee to enroll. Now I'm the only person will the ability to change the fee but from time to time my fee changes. A couple of weeks ago my group description and picture were also gone. I checked it over and over again, I'm the only one who can make changes to the group. Is it a glitch or something else?
  4. Some things you could do: * buy privacy screens * check if her placing advertising is in violation with the lands convenant, if so file an abuse * If you bought it the parcel but the sim is owned by someone else: contact the land owner. * talk to her
  5. I always say "Try before you buy" if that's not possible go and have a look at Marketplace, see if the product is on there and what the reviews say. Especially when you buy something that expensive. I'm afraid your money is lost in this case as the vendor doesn't seem to care about answering your messages. Did you send a notecard? Also check if there is a store policy. Most serious vendors have a policy up in the store or in their group info. You could file a complaint at LL. If they get more complaints about a certain vendor I'm sure they'll take a serious look at it. If it's just one compl
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