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  1. I tried making faces, but I got sent to the corner to put my nose on the wall... I've learned my lesson... well, I told them I learned my lesson... anywho Lanas
  2. This catchy tune was on at the gym the other day while I was doing my thing... whhhaachhaaa. I hate to admit that I really like it because its actually a very mean song if you take in the lyrics, but it just makes me move, shake and wiggle... so what can I do... I have to admit I like it cause it moves me Enjoy the wiggle! Lanas
  3. I'll add another vote for cool nights sleeping under thick fluffy quilts... aahhhhh.
  4. Oh, the exciting Noob days of camping... oh ohhhh... 1...2.......3... oh ohhh I just need a few more... just a few... mmmmm... oohhhh I can't wait... 8..9........10! L$10!! now that beautiful dress will be mine! (noob standards apply regarding the beauty of the awfully colored and worsely detailed L$10 dress of course) Enjoy your Noobie memories! Lanas
  5. The most amazing thing that ridiculously improved all the avatars I see was a new big box computer that my husband plugged into the TV. Now I get to sit in a comfy chair with a wireless keyboard and mouse while watching SL come to life in way more beautiful ways than I could have ever expected. I know that's not where you were going with this thread, but since I'm stuck on a work trip away from home with my laptop I'm seeing the sad old SL I was used to and just had to comment (sharp edges, awkward shapes etc). The great news is that there's something you can personally do to improve things without waiting for LL. Perhaps LL thinks they've already done a good job and they're just waiting for all of us to get computers that bring it to life? I'll keep my fingers crossed for the mesharoni and plenty of polygons, but in the meantime I'm thankful for what a new computer did for me and might be able to do for you. Lanas
  6. Miyo, Thanks for the vote of confidence regarding the Joys of Sandboxing... it is true, and it has always been enjoyable time well spent! Maybe I'll see you with your toes in the sand one of these days Enjoy all the creativity and inspiration you can find! Lanas
  7. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: ...see Second Life for what it is: An MMO platform that allows us to live our fantasies and socialize with complete strangers from a safe distance... As I was trying to reconcile my deeply intuitive feeling that all these permutations of Alts and partners was indeed "cheating" with my nearly complete lack of concern Ishtara's comment basically nailed it. I figured out that it didn't bother me because I don't personally participate in any of these convoluted situations, but if I did I would certainly take a mature understanding and healthy dose of realistic expectations into the affair. Perhaps the SL brainiacs could come up with a clever 'maturity meter' or 'intentions/ulterior motive breathalyzer' etc that would check appropriate boxes in residents profiles so some flavor of 'informed consent' could be accomplished. Like Ishy suggests, you could then look, see, understand, and play with "fair warning". Silly suggestion on my part, but I wanted to thank Ishtara for making sense out of what I thought were conflicting feelings. Lanas
  8. Probably far to simple an answer, but you're here and I'm here so we are the target audience. I'm little bits and crumbs of plenty of these posts, but I'm also full of contradictions to many of the stereotypes and descriptions of the typical resident. I suspect most of us are very unique and have very personal reasons for being here since SL is not a win, lose, chase, dodge, puzzle, suspense, roleplay, live, die, collect, build, fantasy, romance, sci-fi 'game' all by itself and on it's own. It takes all sorts of us to turn SL into all of the things it is for reasons and motivations that are all our own. The fun for me has been watching dreams, wishes and 'communities' come, go, and grow into completely unexpected things. For a few cherished quite hours a week I get to play, visit, and share in a world that expects nothing of me other than what I'm comfortable contributing. Enjoy being part of the Target Audience Lanas
  9. Jumpman Lane wrote: ...Just go out and enjoy being noob-horny... That is probably the most useful, clever, insightful, helpful, and appropriate advice for Aleesha... Jumpy is a genius With all sorts of sincerity, Lanas
  10. Second Life can be confusing enough... this whole idea sounds like it could hurt your head really bad trying to sort it all Perhaps the only real cheating in the situation would be cheating yourself out of a ton of simple fun by having to keep track of who's whose and what's it's whatever (although in all seriousness I'm nearly both feet into the quite simply 'Its Cheating' room). I know, I know... the roleplaying is all the fun for plenty of folks and I won't even begin to question that, but diving into tricky relationships does seem just a touch confusing... I have enough trouble with SL scripts so SL Alt relationships to unwitting partners would be a bridge too far I suspect. Good luck, sounds hard... Anywho, its your SL, Enjoy it!
  11. I've been lucky enough to shake them loose a couple times by TPing out of the skybox I was in to a shop or sandbox that I knew was on the ground. If that didn't do it then I was stuck with your frustrating relog solution. Not that it helps, but I've noticed it happening more to me and one other friend when we were in a ridiculously high skybox... so avoid being too high unless of course that's where the fun is. Good Luck! Lanas
  12. Where do we plead to get last names back?... I know that's an old worn out argument... but it's so sad seeing so many strange combinations of letters and numbers floating around out there as 'names'... just doesn't feel neighborly... I'll quite whining and go quietly into my corner and shed a tear or two.
  13. Absolutely L$10 is not irrelevant!... although it's not too much of a bother for me now, so I really shouldn't toss fuel on Josh's fire and simply stay comfortably in Chelsea's quiet resignation camp... but I can remember way back to when camping to reach L$10, one single linden at a time, really made that L$10 all sorts of relevant Sorry to poke... but I kinda sorta felt Josh's pain Enjoy and fight to protect your precious $Ls everyone! Lanas
  14. I'd be all sorts of interested in learning some magic to fix what you're talking about, but alas I'm not sure there is a perfect solution. Fortunately there's some easy scripts for furniture, and anything for pure poseballs is no problem, but even if a hug script compared avatar height you'd still have dangly different arms to deal with (although it would be a great start I suppose). The best I've come up with is if you're doing something for a particular community of giants for example I've simply had them send me an example of their shape and through trial and error on the 'Beta Grid' I've made their 'pick up and choke the little guy' animation sets specifically for them. The problem with making specialized animations like that is that you have to sell them to giants who want to pick up and choke little fellows... less L$'s for you of course but its still all fun and creative therapy. It is just impossible from what I've experienced to begin to predict how some of the arm, height, shape combinations will connect in a handshake, kiss, or hug but I'll share what I do to try my best. For animations for 'normal' sizes and situations I actually have three male and three female shapes that I try them on just to see how bad they sink in the floor or where the hands end up on the hips or where the lips meet in a kiss and I try my best to get a happy medium where the animations looks great on all of them, but honestly it's reallly realllly hard if not impossible. Usually I end up with a great animation set for the middle 'average' pair of shapes and then the bigger and small sizes end up at least not looking ridiculous, and that's when I call them done. Perhaps a pro like Medhue or someone else will chime in and I'll be all ears, but short of a miracle from them those compromise tips are the best I can offer. Enjoy your animating! Lanas
  15. You'd mentioned a few days of 'intense playing' so I have to say make sure you get your sleep... nurse's orders!...being too tired makes you and the things you do very silly sometimes. Your troubles also made me grin and think of this old song I used to hear at Grandma's house... "Thanks for the memories...la la laaaa.... and the gift L$s". The gift L$s part isn't in the song of course, but I'm sure they made for better memories Good luck with yourself and always remember that this too shall pass... Lanas
  16. Couldn't resist... I was looking for a theme to meet my 'Create a Pose & Picture' challenge in under 15 minutes for the evening and this one just caught my eye. Took a couple extra minutes to tuck some smoke in a can... but still just couldn't resist. (Frustratingly I couldn't find a cave since I was in a hurry... but isn't a sports car close enough?) I don't have anything substantive to add to the conversation since our travel for work schedules seem to hide any pouting cave dwelling silliness while we're apart for several days, but I suspect he has it in him (we're typically separated for several days at a time every few weeks). I'll be sure to keep a can of Smoke 'em Out at the ready if this bad behavior does sneak into our relationship during weeks that we're together!
  17. Glad you liked it Muffin, seemed like you might. @Tristizia, I'd so like to be into the In-World SL shop right now, but alas I'm on the road and MarketPlace is all that can scratch the itch at the moment If you're ever on a sad slow laptop that just won't take you on an SL trip then MarketPlace can be a tasty distraction... try it, you'll like it! Enjoy Lanas
  18. I started out frighteningly social, peeking into everything, jumping on every poseball, chit chatting with anyone who poked me... that lasted for two days Then I sobered up from the winter holiday splurge that got me started and I learned some animation tricks... now I spend the majority of my time 'working' alone in the 'Beta Grid' (you're really pretty much alone there and it's very quite). But I always come back to the real, and pleasantly social SL, because everything I'm making and everyone I'm working with are real people who are really fun to be around. It's just nice to have the option to flip the noisy or quite switch. So short answer: I'd stay if I were all alone because the 'creation' is therapy, but it's more fulfilling and rewarding when you share and know others enjoy the effort. Enjoy yourselves, even if you're alone
  19. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/19MC-COVERALL-02-KhakiLadies/1700899 This is still on my 'favorite' list because I've only been window shopping until I can actually get back 'In-World' after a trip I'm on, but it may work for you. There's a gentleman's style and various colors as well. Looked well done to me. Enjoy your shopping! Lanas
  20. I have to second Marianne's suggestion to use Nam's skin Windlight monkeybusiness. I'm not on right now and can't remember how many Nam's variations there are, but there's three or four if I remember correctly. You'll likely enjoy one of them and you'll just end up using it most of the time since it makes everyone look a smidgen better in my opinion. You may have all your sliders happy already and it's just the light that's doing you wrong. Like yourself I used to be frustrated with bad shadows and a completely different look when I finished with the 'Appearance' work so I started carrying around this botched sculty attempt of a Magic Light Wand in the picture. I tucked a little soft light in the top so it acted like a face light most of the time but without the otherworldly glow from nowhere that I didn't really enjoy if I was using a proper face light. That Wand light made me look almost as good as when I was adjusting things in the 'Appearance' just like you'd mentioned. With the Nam's Windlight fun I really don't need the Wand anymore, but I'm so used to carrying it I just still do for fun... Its somewhat of a conversation piece now anyway. I know I give up some of the more subtle shades and shadows with the Nam Windlight, but I'm so much happier overall its worth it for me. The almost strange Nam glow makes for a somewhat 'Heavenly' Second Life. Good luck playing with your Windlight... its painless and fun! Lanas
  21. http://www.youtube.com/user/phoenixviewersl This is a tutorial video demonstrating how to easily set up your Firestorm viewer to look and behave more like Phoenix and other V1 viewers. ______________________________________________________________________________ Merkin, this may be an early Christmas present just for you... You didn't mention playing with Phoenix or Firestorm (or I missed it), but this may be your easy answer... I looooove it! I even played with Linden's Snowglobe forever just because it 'felt' right even though the 'Official' viewer had moved on... and on... and on... Jessica, the project manager, clearly had you in mind since she mentions working hard to make Firestorm "very V1~able". Clearly there's hope for you and so many others like us. Get all the Mesharoni support you need and all the V2/3 features you want while feeling like you never left V1 (that's a little but not too much overboard... anywho) Try it, you'll enjoy the refreshing V1~ish favors! Lanas
  22. The title says it all... I was just working on some animations with a funny prop that had these sort of spiral horn things on it and I had a flashback to Harbinger's Haven Sandbox. Quite a while ago I remember sitting hypnotized watching this MadCow fellow craft the wildest things with effortless ease. I finally got up the nerve to ask how in the world he made those horns since I couldn't see any instructions for them on all the helpful boards on the walls. I'd already tried just about everything with no luck. His answer was quick and clear and next thing I knew I had several of my own giant wooden horns sitting around with no possible use other than the pride of creation but I was so very happy and proud. Eventually I found uses for that wacky building trick, but most importantly my flashback made me remember how fun it was to get help from a genius and how friendly the folks seemed while we all played in the 'Sandbox'. Which brings me to the question to see if anyone else has fond memories of places where your creativity blossomed or you were taught that skill or trick that changed your Second Life for the better~~~ Where'd you learn to do that?
  23. As I read this OP I'd just left a Freebie Free For All place helping out a friend. That was the first time I'd seen plenty of Newbs in a while and given what I just saw and Giadda's comments all that stuck in my head was~ Mine, mine mine.... mine.... MINE Mine... :smileysurprised: The experience was just like being caught in a huge flock of those silly seagulls from that Nemo fish movie... sadly hilarious OP Giadda. p.s. I escaped with only a half dozen friend requests, and surprisingly I didn't get the 'hyye beby where do the sexts wit me?'... although it was only a four minute 'exposure' so they may have simply been waiting for me to do the friend acceptance. Ohh, to be a Newb again... Enjoy the Newbs, you were them once (although maybe not quite so Newbish) 
  24. Ishy, I know I think differently from others... or was I just hoping I did... maybe I don't... but wait everybody does, right? What was the question again? Sorry Mr Bekes, not trying to mock the question it's just that I always get a snicker out of Ishy's comments. Maybe Willow will even show up to make me smile. Amazing, skilled, and inspiring characters are all over SL. If you don't have any luck in the forums just hike around some sandboxes for a while. Enjoy your endeavors!
  25. I keep hearing a little voice telling me to post something here, but all worthwhile advice has been shared in several heartfelt and well written bits already. I don't even have strong feelings one way or another other than to caution that this is a 'Second Life' so it would be reasonable to think that what you see, hear, and read in SL may not be at all close to what you would touch, taste, and feel in RL. I'm a perpetual optimist at heart so I'd like to think that plenty of good and great could come of RL/SL mix and matchs, however several thoughtful posts have already admitted that SL allows them a social outlet that they're unlikely to be capable of in RL which seems intuitive but is probably all too easily forgotten in the heat of an SL 'relationship'... enough already, I'm blathering and swore to myself that I wouldn't. I'll simply leave cliches behind~ "Careful what you wish for..." "The grass is always greener on the other side, until you jump the fence and see the weeds up close."  "Some people wish they had that life... other people have that life, and all they can think about is how to get away" Enjoy your SL! Lanas
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